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Do you want to make your Penang Name Card Printing look outstanding and creative? Our Penang Name Card Printing can be created according to the preferences or specifications of the customers in various shapes, sizes, letter types, fonts and colors. We now provide design services for Penang Name Card Printing to solve your problems! In addition, we provide an elegant and memorable Penang Name Card Printing services to reflect your product logo and ensure that the final product can be safely delivered to your doorstep.


What is the standard Penang Name Card printing Size?

Size in Millimeter (mm) = 54mm x 88mm

Size in Centimeter (cm) = 5.4cm x 8.8cm

Size in Inch (") = 2.12598" x 3.46457"

Width & Height depends on your Penang Name Card printing design Portrait or Landscape Display

Print standard size is also one of the easiest ways to make a good first impression, like Penang Name Card Printing which is 54mm x 88mm. But if you really want to become more outstanding, you can think about one of the many custom-shaped Penang Name Card Printing available in our company which known as die-cut Penang Name Card Printing. A die-cut Penang Name Card Printing has the advantage of being special and grab the eyesight of others.

What type of Penang Name Card Printing?

Classic design is the best choice for you if you are looking for simple Penang Name Card Printing or you are from a conservative industry. The card contains all the basic information necessary without any artistic elements. High-quality paper can be used to attract people. If you want to go beyond professional, the ideal choice is classic Penang Name Card Printing.

Penang Name Card Printing in wild format is suitable for you if you are looking for something special. Brochure can be made when you are using foldable style Penang Name Card Printing. Another option is a smaller Penang Name Card Printing which is smaller than the standard size. These are good ways to make your Penang Name Card Printing noticeable but consideration must be given on how to Penang Name Card Printing can be stored.

You can design Penang Name Card Printing which contains only social network pages for users who only connect with social networks. Any people do not connect with possible partners using their phone or postal address. If you are such a person, you do not need to include any contact details you do not intend to use. When creating a Penang Name Card Printing one of the most important things to note is that it will make it easy for people to interact with you. You should include the URL of your Facebook page and Twitter account for people who spend hours on social networks. You can also include your Penang Name Card Printing information in your IM.

Penang Name Card Printing can also take the form of objects, which are related to the types of services and products you provide. If you force the auto industry, the Penang Name Card Printing can be shaped like a car. This type of card will definitely impress.

Production Process of Penang Name Card Printing

Penang Name Card Printing are seems easy and small, but actually it is a bit complicated to create them. Here is the reason. There are a lot of steps before the Penang Name Card Printing deliver to you. At the same time, you need to take part in the preparatory work of making Penang Name Card Printing.

Before you start printing the Penang Name Card Printing, you need to what is the method for printing the Penang Name Card Printing, the level of difficulty in printing, and material of the Penang Name Card Printing, especially the Penang Name Card Printing with higher requirements and complicated.

It is also a complicated progress when it comes to post-processing of Penang Name Card Printing. This procedure required professional equipment and skilled operators. Long time ago, we had to go to a Penang Name Card Printing printing shop to print the Penang Name Card Printing by ourselves, and we need to go back there many times just for the one single box of Penang Name Card Printing.

We are lucky that everything become more easier with the help of Internet. We can enjoy our coffee and find the best way to make Penang Name Card Printing in the same time. If there is no example of Penang Name Card Printing you prefer, you can also prepare your own Penang Name Card Printing designs with your own ideas.

By designing your own Penang Name Card Printing, you can skip the part of proofreading. In the meanwhile you done designing the Penang Name Card Printing, you may want to find out the process of creating the Penang Name Card Printing. We will continue the explanation at below.

Penang Name Card Printing introduction

Deliver your card to the recipients for convenience and memorise during the formal introduction. Penang Name Card Printing usually includes the provider’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo), and traditional contact information such as street addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and websites. Before the advent of electronic communications, Penang Name Card Printing may also contain telex details. Now, they may include social media addresses, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the past, many Penang Name Card Printing were simple black text on white film, and Penang Name Card Printing printed from engraved plates had a unique look and feel, which was a sign of ideal professionalism. Professional Penang Name Card Printing usually contains one or more eye information to capture the visual design

According to the layout of Penang Name Card Printing

That is, because of the different layout of the usage method, Penang Name Card Printing can be made in different styles. Penang Name Card Printing paper is divided into ordinary Penang Name Card Printing and folded Penang Name Card Printing according to whether they can be folded. Due to the different bottom surface of the printing reference, ordinary Penang Name Card Printing can also be divided into horizontal Penang Name Card Printing and vertical Penang Name Card Printing.

1. Horizontal Penang Name Card Printing:

A method of printing Penang Name Card Printing with a low wide edge and a high narrow edge. Horizontal Penang Name Card Printing has become the most commonly used Penang Name Card Printing, the printing method due to its convenient design and cheap typesetting.

2. Vertical Penang Name Card Printing:

Use name card printing with narrow sides at the low end and wide sides at the high end. Vertical name card printing is not suitable for personalized name card printing design due to its complicated layout and few reference design materials.

3. Fold Penang Name Card Printing:

A foldable Penang Name Card Printing whose information recording the area is half of the ordinary Penang Name Card Printing.

How to Design a Name Card Printing Penang That Gets Noticed

A good Name Card Printing Penang will convey your overall business picture — not easy, given that the card measures just 2 inches by 3.5 inches.

How in such a small amount of space can you get a message across?

You can't expect to have your Name Card Printing Penang say the entire story about your business. What you would expect it to do is to show an impression that people would remember professionally.

The Name Card Printing Penang's colour, wording and texture have much to do with its appeal and its ability to communicate the picture of your client.

Use common sense when you are designing your Name Card Printing Penang.

If your company markets toys and games for children, you could try using vivid, primary colors and words written in the script for children. On the other hand, you want your Name Card Printing Penang to reflect professionalism and authenticity if you operate a financial consultancy company, so stick to typical looks like black printing on a blue, beige or white backdrop.

Of course, skilled designers believe that businessmen do not try to create their own business card, but many cash-strapped business owners have little choice.

Look at all the Name Card Printing Penang you get, and imitate the cards you prefer. If you are in a creative company, such as party planning or retailing, you may have more leeway but generally keep in mind the simple instructions:

-Use your logo as the basis. Make it the largest element on the card.

-Keep it simple. Do not cram too much information on the card.

-Do include the essentials -- your name, title, company name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email and website addresses.

-Make sure the typeface is easily readable.

-Stick to one or two colors.

Once you've got Name Card Printing Penang, make the most of them:

-Always give people more than one card (so they can give it to others).

-Include your card in all correspondence.

-Carry cards with you at all times, in a card case so they're clean and neat.

Name Card Printing Penang needn't be ordinary. If your industry makes a creative flare, then here are a few suggestions to try:

-Use 4-inch-by-7-inch cards that fold over (like a mini brochure), cards made of plastic or cards with photos on them.

While being more common than regular Name Card Printing Penang, cards in non-traditional shapes are getting attention. Try for example a teddy bear shape for a day-care facility, or a party planner birthday cake.

-Textured paper can, as can colored paper, add to the value of a card. Stay generally with pastel colors which improve readability.

-Thermography, a process producing elevated, glossy printing, adds value to a coin. Both embossing and foil stamping are two other printing procedures that can bring visual appeal to your card.

How To Make Good Name Card Printing Penang

Choose the size and shape that best suits your needs

Before sitting down to design a Name Card Printing Penang, be sure to know the size and orientation of the Name Card Printing Penang. This will not only affect the size and amount of information you can include, but also convey some information, such as whether you are a regular user or a bold non-compliant person. Horizontal rectangular cards are a format familiar to most people. Vertical cards are less common and can be used to distinguish you from competitors. If you want to stand out is your goal, then you may also need to consider the use of special plastic Name Card Printing Penang or "three-color layer" ultra-thick Name Card Printing Penang with a striking layer between the front and back. Make sure your business is somewhere between underestimated and bold.

Choose the design that suits you

Choose colors and design elements relevant to your business industry to make your Name Card Printing Penang easy to identify and represent the products or services you provide. If you sell luxury goods such as jewelry or evening wear, you can use metal foil details to express. Or, if you are good at stone masonry or carpentry style, you can attach a photo of your work to show your area of expertise. Choosing surface treatment and paper materials can let your customers know whether your company is the most affordable solution or the high-end service you provide. The paper material you choose can also suggest that you are a new and interesting new company or an old company with decades of history.

Be consistent with your website and other promotional material

This way, your customers will more easily remember and recognize you. If you do not have a website or other marketing materials, but your company has a fixed logo or is known for something (such as your logo, building, employee uniform, etc.), please try to integrate it into your Name Card Printing Penang design.

Give your Name Card Printing Penang other uses

Use appointment reminders, membership cards or even a convenient calendar on the back of your card. Think creatively, don’t just use basic calendar templates, but mark important dates for customers based on your business. For a landscaping company, it may be useful to mark the best time of the year in the calendar to trim or fertilize plants-and the beautician may mark the days when its business offers cheaper prices or free samples. If you run a food-related business, write a short recipe on the back of the card; or if you sell art or handmade gifts (such as jewellery), you can use the card as a label.

Make sure your contact information is easy to follow and correct

The way your information is laid out is an important consideration. If you are not sure how to organize your contact information, the classic arrangement of text fields is as follows: company name, first and last name, job title, contact information (email, phone number, social media handle, etc.). Clear contact information, correct spelling, and selection of clear fonts in readable sizes are all things that require triple checking. In addition to your name and job title, please make sure to mention your business, phone number, website, email address and social media processing (if relevant to your marketing activities). Make it easy for your customers to contact you in the most comfortable way.

If in doubt, please consult the designer

If you are recognizing someone with experience will be able to ensure that design elements such as logos appear clearly on the physical card. It is important to ensure that your image has the correct resolution and that your text field is the optimal size for readability.

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