🎉 What Not to List: Name Card Printing Don’ts

What Not to List: Name Card Printing Don’ts

Now that you have an idea of what to list, you need to know what to leave off. Avoid incorporating the things below.

Fax machines are in numerous organizations, however whatever the odds an individual you meet off the road will fax you? Is that your best type of contact? Presumably not. These additional numbers can confound individuals attempting to call your principle number too. 
Individuals don't prefer to not be right, so in the event that they consider a number on your card that doesn't experience, they'll likely surrender. You need to make it as basic as workable for them to get in touch with you.

Truly, posting your site on your card is a smart thought, yet why not make it fun? Rather than having your web address, make a great presentation page for individuals with your card. 
www.mybusinessname.com/freebook or/handshake will arouse somebody's curiosity. Don't hesitate to make it increasingly secretive, yet don't go insane. 
Keep the URL short and simple to type.

There ought to be a decent measure of void area on your card. It looks better and you can utilize it as a space to write down notes. 
Nobody needs to squint at your Name Card Printing to discover the data they need. Keep the nuts and bolts and lose the rest!