🎉 What Size Should A Logo Be For A Name Card Printing?

What size should a logo be for a Name Card Printing?

Design is about making decisions, a logo could be tiny, or exceeding the size of the Name Card Printing as a background. A logo has a massive impact on the perception of your company, so it’s crucial to keep it looking crisp wherever it’s used. When you embark on your branding journey, you may be wondering, “What size should my logo be?” 

A business card keeps on making an impression long after you and the person you gave it to have said goodbye. It’s a reminder of who you are and what you’re all about, and hopefully it’s the catalyst that will start a brand new business relationship. So it’s understandable that you’ll want to carefully consider every aspect of your style, color, font, design and layout when you’re ordering a new set of business cards. 

The size of your logo in your name card printing need to consider before you start designing it as different shape of name card printing required different size of name card printing. Name Card Printing with the shape of square or circle are require to have the long edge minimum of 10mm and name card printing with the size of rectangle or oval size should not be less than the minimum number of 8mm as if it is lower than the targeted size it will have for your clients or others to view your information on your name card printing. 

Next, your text standard especially in logo design should not less than 7pt as it will be hard for people to see it clearly but a minimum of 6pt still could be acceptable if the font type is straight and not stylist. It still can be seen by others and won’t affect the the outlook of your name card printing but a number of 7pt are the common setup of it and was advised to follow as it was the standard setting for a standard name card printing. Different name card printing size will required different size of logo design and text, so a clearly consider before starting will be good and a first step a create a good name card printing but if you really do not have the ideas or lost your way you should consult or get advised from a designer or a professional to guide you thought it.