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Visitor's Name Card Printing Penang is one of the most essential marketing resources accessible to a company and customers expect you to have one. It is a highly personal marketing form and does exactly what you need it to do. A Name Card Printing Penang is a very personal marketing form and does exactly what you need it to do. Name Card Printing Penang serve the most important purpose of marketing your business and making your key contact information into your client’s hands… all in a matter of seconds.

7 Rules of Effective Name Card Printing Penang

A successful name card printing Penang requires more than just your name and contact information. There are endless ways to make your name card printing Penang stand out by using the 3.5-inch by 2-inch space in terms of the design and detail. An attractive name card printing Penang grab the attention of a recipient who might have tossed the card otherwise and helps you network more efficiently.

There are some simple rules to make sure your name card printing Penang represents your brand and attracts potential clients or business partners.

1. Include only what's most important

Always include detail to cause recipient curiosity and make the name card printing Penang memorable. Skip the wash basin in the kitchen and be selective on the details that you involve.

Reducing the font size is enticing and includes any social network profile, a slogan, or more, but this leads to an abundance of details and this will not make it easy to remember.

2. Make sure it is legible

Funky fonts are fun, but you want your name card printing Penang readable to recipients at a glance. Make sure the fonts you use on your name card printing Penang are not too small, too complicated or in any way corrupted.

Let your logo be the element of design which adds dimension to your name card printing Penang and keeps your text simple and straightforward.

Big and Bold Typefaces

Standing out is not only a metaphor for shouting loudly on someone's face, but having bold text may mean that someone ignores your Name Card printing Penang to support another company or remember your company.

This will make the company look better and make sure all Name Card Printing Penang are excellent which can be personally or departmentally customized. Not only does the use of bold and bold fonts allow the user to know all the basic facts, but they also use fonts to connect it to the employee brand.

Smart Card

This year, thanks to new "smart" features, Name Card Printing Penang are expected to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world. Expect to see a Name Card Printing Penang with a bar code, and the recipient can scan it to get all the information they need to send directly to the phone. In the past decade, the digital world has undergone tremendous changes, so that certain aspects of Name Card Printing Penang have been online.

Textured Card

Companies can really take advantage of this contact element by creating textured Name Card Printing Penang. This not only means that your card will stand out among other smoother cards, but if the card has an embossed or raised design, it can also add elegance. The beauty of Name Card Printing Penang is that you can actually touch them-in this digitally-inspired elderly, this kind of thing is becoming more and more novel.

Painted Edges

Corporate Name Card Printing Penang design is more creative than ever before. This modern, dynamic trend is so simple, but it is bound to become so huge. You can keep it professional by clearly drawing the edges of the card, and at the same time giving the card a chance to glow.

They pick up a few Name Card Printing Penang when someone goes to a function, which are usually stacked up on the table for several years, before they either look around, or are more likely to throw them away. Imagine whether your Name Card Printing Penang has a bright green, pink or blue border. When it is stacked in all other Name Card Printing Penang, it will not be "just another one in the stack".

3. Avoid full coverage

Many receivers jot down on name card printing Penang a word or phrase to help jog their memories. Good use of blank space, with content on one hand only, makes it easier for users to do so.

Blank space also helps to draw attention to the space from a design perspective which includes text or a logo.

4. Get them printed professionally

If you have professional printing capability, name card printing Penang do-it-yourself frequently appear as cheap or second-rate, and that's not the impression you want to send to the receivers.

When you print them yourself, you might be able to save a small amount of money and update your details more quickly, but the effect of turning over a home-made name card printing Penang isn't the same as professionally printed cards.

5. Design for your audience

When you have several companies that supplement each other, consider putting one company on the front of your name card printing Penang and the other on back.

However, if you have two completely different operations — for example, a daytime graphic designer and a nighttime tow truck driver — separate name card printing Penang should be created for each company to prevent misunderstanding and to communicate clearly and accurately to each distinctive public.

6. Use special finishing options carefully

Choose a finish appropriate to your company, and not just something fun to try. There are endless available options including curved edges or other die cuts, punched holes, odd sizes, embossing, foil accents, and folds which can transform a plain card into a mini booklet.

If such an innovative touch is not important to your company, you may recall your name card printing Penang for the opposite reason. A black, glossy card can also infuriate recipients who use name card printing Penang frequently for note-taking.

7. Consider a call to action

Even a quick and simplified name card printing Penang will take advantage of some valuable real estate for a promotional deal or other request. Build a short message that provides a discount, guides recipients to your website, or gives the reader a tip that will be useful and helpful.

When you hit the target with a specific statement of intent or other useful information, you can immediately make your card unforgettable and create more information in the meantime.

Asian Name Card Printing Penang Exchange Etiquette

For the Etiquette Asian will usually were exchanged their Name Card Printing Penang at the end of the meeting.

There are many differentiation for example, at mid-day, double-sided Chinese Name Card Printing Penang should be printed in English and the other side should be printed in Chinese. Ensure that the Chinese side uses "simplified" characters in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Taiwan and Hong Kong exclusive areas use "traditional" characters.

Japanese Name Card Printing Penang are called "Meishi" (or Japanese Name Card Printing Penang) and have multiple meanings in Japan than in Western culture. In a society where individuals are not as important as the people they belong to, meishi provides access to the identity of their holders. In Korea, businessmen should always prepare Korean bilingual Name Card Printing and pay attention to the exchange of Korean translation Name Card Printing.

The Name Card Printing Penang of Asian are always exchanged and should be exchanged with two hands (to show respect). The Asian Name Card Printing Penang representative introduces himself to you, so please study the Name Card Printing Penang first, and then put it on the table next to you or in the Name Card Printing Penang case. It is polite. Meetings that show Asian Name Card Printing Penang that have not been translated have almost caused irreparable damage to business relationships; this amounts to refusing to shake hands at Western business meetings. Besides, before showing the Asian Name Card Printing Penang, please make sure it is clean and tidy; no corners or smudges with dog ears are allowed.

Moreover, even if the people you meet read and write English, your Name Card Printing Penang in China, Japan or South Korea should be bilingual. If your company is the oldest or largest company in your country, this fact may also exist on your credit card, etc and the best option is to stand up when exchanging Asian Name Card Printing Penang.

And there still many etiquette you need to notice as Below:

• When presenting an Asian Name Card Printing Penang, please make sure to hold the translated side up, facing your contact, the armor can read it.

• One-to-one, individual-to-person exchange of Asian Name Card Printing Penang, and exchange with both hands when feasible.

• Never distribute (or throw away) your Asian Name Card Printing Penang in the manner described above for playing cards.

• Do not place a stack of Asian Name Card Printing Penang on the table, and do not allow others to remove Name Card Printing Penang from the stack.

8 Popular Name Card Printing Penang Trends


Keeping it simple means that the recipient can get all the details they need without having to filter out loud colors in unnecessary graphics, which will destroy the true use of the card. Even the minimalist card has a mature atmosphere, thus creating the value and authority of the company.

It needs an email address, telephone number, website and other general information. Nonetheless, the card can look a little "busy" and confused when you have to deal with all of these problems.

Heavy Cardstock

Extra thick card paper can show the quality and substance. By sharing such Name Card Printing Penang, you are actually saying that your brand has the same quality. This year, business owners will make every effort to leave a longer lasting impression on customers and customers. The era of fragile Name Card Printing Penang is gone forever. Instead, we are moving towards an era of thicker card stock.


With die-cut Name Card Printing Penang, brands can transform their Name Card Printing Penang into any shape they want, which means they are only limited by their imagination. There's a really simple and easy way to make your Name Card Printing Penang stand out, giving it an unusual rectangular shape. You may have recently noticed that many businesses turn to square designs or vertical layouts rather than horizontal layouts, but things may get more innovative.

Interactive Design

Just as die-cut Name Card Printing Penang are gaining popularity, so are interactive designs. Think about Name Card Printing Penang that fold into boxes or paper airplanes, or Name Card Printing Penang that double as tableware-unlimited possibilities! People wanted to see many applications of deformable designs.

The artistic nature of creating a Name Card Printing Penang means you can really stand out, but it also means that if the Name Card Printing Penang is more than just a Name Card Printing Penang, then people are unlikely to reject it the next day.

• If you are in a formal situation, you should put the translated Asian Name Card Printing Penang face up on the table in front of you, and refer to it if necessary.

• Do not push the card into the back trouser pocket.

• Do not write comments on Name Card Printing Penang where others are present. You can write information on your Name Card Printing Penang (such as email, home phone number, etc.).

• Buy Asian Name Card Printing Penang in bulk because almost everyone you meet wants to exchange one with you.

• Before showing the Asian Name Card Printing Penang, please make sure it is clean and tidy; no corners or smudges with dog ears are allowed.

• To be truly polite, remove the Name Card Printing Penang from a leather or professional Name Card Printing Penang case.

• Don't be left out! Send your card again to the person you want to hear again. Separate from Asian travel, you may get more cards during your travel to Asia.

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