📢 What Information Will Your Name Card Printing Contain?

What Information Will Your Name Card Printing Contain?

Before the Internet era, good Name Card Printing were like personal calling cards. It includes your name, company name, job title, an actual address, and telephone number. By taking over business communications digitally, many cards only add new information: websites, email addresses, social network IDs, etc. This is a problem because the more you put on the card, the less important details people may read and remember.

Here are some rules about including some text information on Name Card Printing:

Make sure you have all the basic elements: your website, phone number (if you want customers to call you), and your email address.

Include your street address only when you need someone to get to your actual location.
Clearly state your work and / or content. Typically, this requires the label line to be included under the company name or elsewhere on the card.