📣 What Information Should You Include in Your Name Card Printing?

What Information Should You Include in Your Name Card Printing?

Logo and tagline

As an extension of your brand, your Name Card Printing needs to convey your business identity (through the shapes, colors, and words it features) to prospects. Anyone who puts your Name Card Printing between their fingers should be able to recognize your brand and immediately recognize the brand they will see anywhere in the future, whether it is on your website, your portfolio, you Newsletters, even in physical stores or studios.

Your name and job title

First and foremost is the name. A Name Card Printing isn’t meant to provide your genealogical information but introduce you to people who may be interested in talking to you. Introduce yourself as you like to be called to avoid awkward re-introductions later. In addition, as a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner, you may wear many hats in the business. Which one did you write down on the Name Card Printing? Use functions that describe the main functions in your business-where functions mean that potential customers may hire you to do it.

Contact information

By the very nature of being passed on from hand to hand, Name Card Printing create a personal connection between you and prospects. You do not want to interrupt this connection by providing prospective customers with ordinary e-mail or ordinary telephone lines. In this case, prospective customers must go through the digital menu and three different operators before they reach you. While maintaining the privacy of personal information, always provide direct contact information as a professional rather than as an enterprise.

Website URL

Try not to give them your homepage link if possible. Create a page with a welcome message or record a short and interesting introductory video so people can better understand you and how to help them. Give them a special discount or give them a little bonus to thank them for contacting you. In short, send potential customers to a page that can personally deepen the connection with them when you distribute the card.

Social media profile (if possible)

Include your social media profile on the Name Card Printing. But not everyone. Social media channels have become an indispensable part of traditional business and virtual business. If you are not on social media, then you will not be in the eyes of customers. without any exaggeration.