📣 Type of Name Card Printing Method: Hot Stamping

Type of Name Card Printing Method: Hot Stamping

Hot stamping - Give the Name Card Printing an eye-catching highlight.

Hot stamping is the process of using a certain pressure and temperature to use the template installed on the hot stamping machine, so that the Name Card Printing and hot stamping board are pressed together in a short time, and then the metal platinum is transferred to the Name Card Printing surface. Make Name Card Printing according to the graphic requirements of the hot stamp template.

Hot stamping is an important expression in the design of high-end Name Card Printing. Therefore, hot stamping Name Card Printing need to make a printing plate, plus printing plate fee.

There are many types of hot stamping, hot stamping, silver stamping, hot sand, hot kaleidoscope, hot pattern torch, hot needle, hot highlights and so on.

The bronzing is divided into bright gold, bronze gold, dumb gold, colored gold, pearl gold, etc., and the hot silver is also divided into bright silver, dumb silver, etc.

Note: Due to the limitation of plate-making technology, it is not suitable to print text/patterns that are too small or too fine.

Here’s are some example of Hot Stamping Name Card Printing Printing:

- General bronzing effect

- Logo hot silver effect

- Hot pattern torch effect

- Hot kaleidoscope effect

- Hot red sand effect