📣 The Psychology of Name Card Printing

The Psychology of Name Card Printing

Be Generous with the Use of White Space

Nobody likes to decipher lots of text and graphics crammed together on a small piece of cardboard. Crammed text makes it difficult to focus the attention of the reader on the key elements (contact details) of the Name Card Printing. More than that, it makes the card look as if you were trying to squeeze a leaflet into it for a more affordable price.

When you want to grab people's attention white space is extremely necessary. There is also a psychological rule: if you give people many things to choose from, making a decision will take them longer, and some will leave without making a choice.

Stick to the basics on your Name Card Printings: name, location, company name, contact details (there are enough phone, website and email these days). You can use the card's flip side to print a short, catchy slogan, and your business's website and social media accounts.

Never Neglect the Importance of Colors in the Psychology of Name Card Printing

Colors are very powerful in conveying emotions and altering one’s mood or state of mind. When you pick your colors, not just for your Name Card Printing but also for your logo and corporate identity, remember the true meaning behind each color and make the right choice.

Red, yellow and orange appeal to emotions and convey messages related to passion, dynamics, optimism, joy and youth. In other contexts, they can be interpreted as signs of warning, danger, jealousy, weakness and cowardice.

Green, blue and brown are colors which appeal to the logical part of the human thinking, signifying strength, dependability, control, nature, integrity and wisdom.

White, silver, black and purple are associated with royalty, luxury, premium quality and high-end products and services in general.

Choose the Right Font

The ideal option is to work with an experienced design company and create or choose a unique font, one that represents your name and can become your recognizable trademark.

However, you can also test available fonts yourself and see if you can find something you like. Prepare a batch of cards in the variety of fonts you found appealing and ask your trusted friends and close business associates to give you their opinion.

Remember that you should coordinate the psychology of Name Card Printing with the actual values, business mission and goals of your company. Instead of risking to distort your prospects’ first impression with a false image, it is better to work with business design and printing professionals who can help you make the right decision and turn it into reality.