📣 The Fact You Need To Know About the Name Card Printing

The Fact You Need To Know About the Name Card Printing

Name Card Printing design refers to the act of artistic, personalized processing and processing of Name Card Printing. As an independent media of a person and a profession, Name Card Printing must be artistic in design. But it is obviously different from works of art. It does not have high aesthetic value like other works of art. You can enjoy it and have fun. Designed to convey personal information and personal image.

There are three aspects to the meaning of Name Card Printing. The determination of the significance of these three aspects should be analyzed based on the specific situation of the Name Card Printing holder. The three aspects are:

Promote yourself

The main content of a small Name Card Printing is the name, occupation, work unit, and contact information (address, telephone BP, E-mail) of the Name Card Printing holder. Personal and company information is clearly marked and used as a medium to spread out.

Promote business

In addition to clearly marking personal information, Name Card Printing must also be clearly marked with enterprise information, such as the name, address and business area of the enterprise. Corporate brand names with CI image planning are included in office supplies planning, this type of Name Card Printing business information is the most important, and personal information is secondary. The Name Card Printing also requires the company's logo, standard colors, standard characters, etc., to make it a part of the company's overall image.

Contact card

In the era of digital information, everyone's life, work and study are inseparable from various types of information. Name Card Printing convey information such as enterprises, people and business in their unique form, which greatly facilitates our lives.