📣 Ten Facts About Name Card Printing

Ten Facts About Name Card Printing

1.For a reason, there are centralized sizes and you must make sure that your Name Card Printing isn't a strange size that gets lost or doesn't fit anywhere. A Name Card Printing will fit into a rolodex. Unless it has been designed as the most impressive Name Card Printing ever.

2. People are web-savvy, just keep it simple on the Name Card Printing, less is more. For example, website address, name, company name, phone number (maybe), E- mail (maybe). Do you need much more?

3. Using images if they contribute to what you're doing (i.e., photographer / artist, etc.). Again be careful how much detail you provide in the graphics. Do not get people to work figuring out who you are.

4. Use good paper stock. Quality matters.

5. Use the same principles of design that you would apply to a website or a poster ... Do not be cheesy.

6. Show anyone your template before printing out. Please ensure you are honest with them. Does it looks simple and tidy? Can they figure out who you are quickly?

7. Unless you have a justification, do not use a watermark or raised lettering or colour. Hire a professional or risk ... this if you can afford it.

8. Rounded corners, simple decisions in architecture, creativity ... all of these will work. I do not prefer all these examples, but I like how straightforward but useful at the same time of these card.

9. You can give out a lot of cards while you're out networking, and never hear from anyone. Taking cards is better, and in fact I feel like the main reason for having a Name Card Printing is so that you can get someone else's card and follow it up with them. I also realised a certain cache in people handing out cards selectively, or saying they have no cards on them.

10. Last but not least, a Name Card Printing is just how you keep connect with somebody, so don't sweat it too much.