📣 Special Japanese Name Card Printing Etiquette

Special Japanese Name Card Printing Etiquette

Name Card Printing in Japan are generally seen as an extension of their owner; they are rarely considered merely resources that a business may rely on to draw new customers or improve its link to existing ones. Understanding the ins and outs of the etiquette of the Japanese Name Card Printing will help you off on the right foot and make a lasting first impression.

Here are a few don’ts that you should avoid while exchanging cards with someone in Japan and basically anywhere else in the world if you truly care about your image:

- Do not import the Name Card Printing you just received into your pocket or wallet. This gesture is considered very impolite. Instead, gently put it into the clip.

- Do not use the Name Card Printing as a new postcard. In other words, please do not write any kind of information or graffiti on the back of your Name Card Printing.

- Don't take out a set of Name Card Printing from your pocket. Place these convenient advertising tools in elegant card holders/boxes to avoid creases or stains.

- Do not participate in meetings unless you ensure that you have the correct number of Name Card Printing. Make sure you never run out of Name Card Printing on your next trip. To avoid this embarrassing rookie mistake, you must bring at least 50 Name Card Printing each time you have to attend a large conference.

Exchanging Name Card Printing Is an Important Ritual Governed by Strict Rules

In Japan, things are very different. Every detail count including how you hand out your Name Card Printing and when you choose to present your Name Card Printing. The presentation of cards is based on one's rank; the person with the highest rank should be the last person to offer his Name Card Printing to his interlocutors. In addition, out of respect, the Japanese took the time to carefully read and learn all the relevant information displayed on the Name Card Printing they just received; they also hoped that all recipients would do the same.