⚡ Size Specification Color Part of Print Name Card

Size Specification Color Part of Print Name Card

1. The printing color of the finished product cannot be requested by the color of the screen or the print. The file creation must be based on the percentage of the CMYK color swatch to determine the production coloring;

2. When the same image file is printed in different times, the color will be slightly different, and the color difference is normal within 10% of the upper and lower;

3. The setting of shading or base color should not be lower than 5%, so as not to render it when printing the finished product;

4. Images and photos are made in CMYK mode and stored in TIFF file format. Do not import in PSD file format. If you use CoreIDRAW to design Print Name Card, please fill in all the input image images, POWERCLIP objects, separated drop shadows and fill them with transparency or filter materials, and then turn the bitmap again. 

The color setting is CMYK 32-bit, the resolution is 350dpi, and the anti-aliasing compensation transparent background is checked by using the color profile to avoid sometimes having to rotate the output of the group version to cause the Masek image. If you want to reduce the bitmap by adjusting the nodes, please turn the bitmap again to avoid being partially covered during output.