📣 Psychology in Your Name Card Printing Design

Psycholody in Your Name Card Printing Design

Name Card Printing are one of the most important tools in promoting business market. From making that first impression with a potential new client at your next industry conference, to tying up the end of a meeting with a simple, professional touch; Name Card Printing are one of the most affordable and important marketing tools available. Yet, Name Card Printing can be tricky as some tiny little mistake like a poor design, a flimsy paper stock or even the misuse of typography can often have disastrous consequences with potential clients.

So how can you ensure that your Name Card Printing meet the expectations of your potential clients? Well, when designing a Name Card Printing, just like any marketing campaign, it is essential that it meets the needs and wants of your target market. Thus, when designing your Name Card Printing, this will involve considering the psychology of each of the elements that make up a quality Name Card Printing. The will be three important elements while designing a Name Card Printing. 

White Space

White space (also known as negative space) is a critical design concept that few business owners seem to understand. When we mentioned spacing between words and lines earlier, we were referring to micro white space, in contrast to macro white space, which involves the larger, empty areas of a design. Both are extremely important and neither should be overlooked. Just because you have space doesn’t mean you should fill it up. It may leave recipients overwhelmed and confused about what they should be looking at.


Nothing makes a design pop like color, so the most basic route is incorporating colors from your logo. Sometimes, you’re not necessarily married to the specific colors on your logos. In these cases, it’s still helpful to stick to a specific palette. Before making your decision, think about how colors are interpreted. What are your brand’s values, and how do they correspond with the emotional impact of different colors? Also try to consider the significance of colors in the context of your market. Re-branding a color itself is always possible, but still try to put some reasoning into why you chose a specific color.


The shape of your Name Card Printing should complement your brand. The usual rectangle business card shape is a standard for a reason. It fits neatly into wallets, Rolodex spindles, and card trays, and is universally recognized for what it is. But there are brands which are better served if their Name Card Printings are in an unusual shape. Given the right context, shapes can convey different emotions, just like colors. Circles or rounded shapes can project a positive emotional message such as friendship, love or unity. Squares and rectangles suggest stability, strength, professionalism and efficiency. For example, in designing your Name Card Printing, list the emotion and message you want to convey. Then, you can consider what shape and colors that best apply to your overall design.