📣 Psychological Name Card Printing Impression

Psychological Name Card Printing Impression

You already know that Name Card Printing are a must for any business. Before you order yours, however, you should carefully consider the message you want to convey and make sure the design matches your intentions. This is only possible if you know the psychology of Name Card Printing and other marketing materials. When your potential clients receive a card, their first impression will be determined by a few key elements:

• The quality of the paper

• The choice of colors

• The use of white space

• The choice of font

Although there are different tastes in paper (some people prefer glossy while others love embossed paper, rough wood, or metallic sheen), the other elements do not rely on your personal preferences. They should reflect your corporate or professional image and talk about your mission and values. Having said that, here are three helpful tips to help you plan a set of Name Card Printing that include the true picture of your business or professional role. 

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