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Basic Explanation


According to Layout Printing Name Card Printing 

By using different layouts, designers can designs many different kinds of style on Name Card Printing. Name Card Printing can be designed as ordinary Name Card Printing and folding Name Card Printing, it depends on whether the Name Card Printing can be folded.Due to the different bottom surface of the printing reference, ordinary Name Card Printing can also be divided into horizontal Name Card Printing and vertical Name Card Printing.

1. Horizontal Name Card Printing: 
A method of Name Card Printing with a low wide edge and a high narrow edge. Most of the Name Card Printing printing are in horizontal due to the simple but attractive design and cheap typesetting.

2. Vertical Name Card Printing
A method of Name Card Printing with a low wide edge and a high narrow edge. Vertical Name Card Printing are not recommended for personalized business card design due to the complicated layout and few reference design materials.

3. Folded Name Card Printing
A foldable Name Card Printing is which the information is printed on half side of the Name Card Printing.

Colour of Name Card Printing

Divide according to the colour of printing ink. Individuals need to print the Name Card Printing one more time every time when the colour ink is added. Colours is also one of the reason to determine the price of Name Card Printing. Three colors can form a color. A complete and realistic color can be made but four colors are needed to be generated.  When the simple color matching of offset Name Card Printing printed three times, the Name Card Printing can called as color Name Card Printing.

Name Card Printing which consists of one colour. Name Card Printing nowadays seldom used on the front side, for those who need it are mostly temporary. Due to the back of the Name Card Printing are not the main viewing surface, most of the individuals prefer to print it as monochrome.


Special Etiquette

Name Card Printing with secondary colors only. Simple logos can already contain in two-color Name Card Printing and the prices of Name Card Printing are acceptable, most offset Name Card Printing nowadays are printed in two colors.

Offset Name Card Printing and color computer business Name Card Printing can be considered to print three times, this is because the logo of the companies can be display effectively by using tri-color. This is the reason why most of the companies focus on external image by using tri-color Name Card Printing. The price of three-color Name Card Printing is higher than ordinary Name Card Printing because it is a complicated overprinting and large loss progress. Some three-color Name Card Printing print with light-colored pictures, it makes the making plate becomes more difficult, so the price is more expensive than ordinary three-color Name Card Printing.

True color: 
Name Card Printing with pictures. The printing volume of Name Card Printing printed by color laser printers and silk-screen printed business cards is three times more. True color Name Card Printing are the highest grade among the Name Card Printing, it can makes the entire Name Card Printing  reflecting perfectly. Film plate making is needed to print the Name Card Printing with pictures, so that the details of the pattern can be showed up well.

The classification become not really important with the popularization of color laser printers in digital Name Card Printing systems, this is because most of the advanced color laser printer can make all kinds of Name Card Printing. It is not a problem and difficulty for laser printer in printing several colors.

By Material of Name Card Printing 

It is divided according to the carrier used by  Name Card PrintingName Card Printing paper is the most common carrier for Name Card PrintingName Card Printing can also use in other materials. Different printing methods of laser printing and offset printing has different specifications in the Name Card Printing paper.

Digital Name Card Printing
Name Card Printing which made by computers and laser printers. The characteristics of Name Card Printing are they made by special computer Name Card Printing paper. Before printing and printing work can be done by computer and printer. After printing, simple processing is required, the printing time is efficient, and waiting is desirable. Nowadays, Color lasers are mainly used for foreign output, and can produce various special business cards according to user needs.The impact of development is greater than other venture cards. Today it is the world's most common form of Name Card Printing.

Offset Name Card Printing
Name Card Printing which printed with a Name Card Printing offset press. The characteristics of offset Name Card Printing are they using Name Card Printing paper special boxed, the randomly printing, acceptable quality, and the box can be conveyed after printing. But, it is complicated to print offset Name Card Printing, this is because they many printing processes is involved, long delivery cycles, and this must be done by professionals. Offset Name Card Printing have now been replaced by digital Name Card Printing after color laser printers were launched.

Special Name Card Printing
It is printed on other carriers like metal, plastic and etc by using a screen printing machine. By using screen printing, the grade of Name Card Printing are high, they cost higher than paper Name Card Printing, long printing cycle, they are mostly for personal Name Card Printing.  Special Name Card Printing are colorful, but the resolution is not as well as paper Name Card Printing.

Color Name Card Printing
The Name Card Printing are mainly printed with 300g copperplate paper by printing machine, they then will be cut into small Name Card Printing. the Name Card Printing are divided into two kinds of glue, which are dumb glue and photo glue. The printing color effect is same as general printing. They costs low price and they might be replaced the ordinary Name Card Printing.

By surface

The Name Card Printing is divided to front and back. Every Name Card Printing can be printed on either one side or both sides. The price of the Name Card Printing is mostly depends on the surface printed.

Single-sided printing: 
The Name Card Printing which are only printed on one sideOne side of simple Name Card Printing is enough to express the meaning of Name Card Printing. Nowadays,  most of the domestic business cards are only printed on one side.

Double-sided printing: 
The Name Card Printing which are printed on both sides. Name Card Printing use double-sided printing when one-sided Name Card Printing cannot fully express the information of the individuals.

By Use of Name Card Printing

It is classified by the purpose of using the Name Card Printing. The main purpose of Name Card Printing is for communication. The people cannot communicate widely and the Name Card Printing are not demanding by business man in the past, this is because the economy and transportation are not developed well. With the well development of mainland, movements of population increased, and the information exchanges between people also increased. The use of Name Card Printing has begun to increase. Particularly in recent years, knowledge has begun to evolve with economic growth, and the used of Name Card Printing in advertising becomes the mainstream of the market. Interactions between people are communication between friends and communication between workplaces. Based on these interactions, former is non-commercial and the latter is non-commercial, which also becomes the basis for Name Card Printing classification.

Name Card Printing: 

Name Card Printing are used for profit in business activities by companies. The main characteristics of Name Card Printing are Name Card Printing use logos, registered trademarks, printed with business scope oftenly. Large companies have their own Name Card Printing printing format, they use high quality paper,Name Card Printing without private family information, and it is mainly used for business purpose.

Public Name Card Printing: 

Government or social groups used it in foreign exchanges. This is not for profit. The main characteristics of public Name Card Printing are Name Card Printing often use signs, some of the Name Card Printing are printed with  scope of external service. There is no specific Name Card Printing printing format, the printing strives of Name Card Printing are easy and applicable, it mostly focus on personal titles and job titles, and there is no private family information on the Name Card Printing.

Personal Name Card Printing

A kind of Name Card Printing used for exchange feelings among friends and meet new people. The key features of personal Name Card Printing are there are no logos and personalized Name Card Printing design. They are free to play and design, they mostly printed with individual's photos, hobbies, titles and occupations. The used of Name Card Printing paper is based on their personal preferences. And the Name Card Printing may consist of private family information.

Classification Criteria of Name Card Printing

The main difference between the Name Card Printing in the past and nowadays are handwriting and printing.

In this modern society, the use of Name Card Printing is quite common, there are many classifications but do not have uniform standard. The most common classifications are as follows:

1. Purpose of Name Card Printing can be divided into Name Card Printing, public Name Card Printing and personal Name Card Printing.

2. There are three types of materials and printing methods,  which are Name Card Printing, offset Name Card Printing and special Name Card Printing.

3. There are four types of printing color they are monochrome, two-color, color and true color.

4. Three types of layout which are horizontal, vertical and fold.

5. There are two types of printing surface which are single-sided printing and double-sided printing.