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Print Name Card help to create a comfortable personal connection with customers. This is a communication method for building trust, developing a reputation and communicating a message to potential customers. Moreover, every seriously conducted business must grab the attention of its target customers.

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Color Design of Print Name Card
Color is a complex language. It has expressions of joy and sorrow. Sometimes it makes people's hearts bloom and sometimes makes people thrill. In addition to acting on vision, color also affects the sensory organs. Like yellow, it makes people think of acid, Soft color is tactile, very fragrant color is a smell, all can prove how complex and diverse the effect of color on human psychology and physiology is; therefore, it is best for Print Name Card designers to understand the company ’s corporate image. Color is a kind of combined media. The intensity of color does not depend on the size of the area but on the influence of the regular configuration. The adjustment of the color comes from the characteristics of the color, and can also be obtained according to the size and position of the color.
Modern people no longer care about color taboos. Instead, they pursue individual color combinations. As long as they can feel the strong feelings of consumers, they can successfully grasp the application of Print Name Card colors; otherwise, if they do not fully use the color power generated by colors, Or the wrong color combination, no matter how good the content is, it can't attract everyone's attention to the content of the Print Name Card. Therefore, when selecting the color of the original color paper label of the Print Name Card, you must carefully consider the design creativity, otherwise, the Print Name Card spread may cause damage to the personal or corporate image.

Frame Shading of Print Name Card
Decorative frames and shading are the constituent elements of graphic design; they are not essential materials in the design of Print Name Card, and most are for decorative purposes.
The Print Name Card design must first attract the attention of the other party so that the other party can concentrate on the content of the Print Name Card; therefore, a clear line or shading in the Print Name Card is sometimes defensive and sometimes challenging. In terms of decorative frames, the role of decorative frames in the arrangement is to control the scope of the other party's field of vision to achieve the purpose of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too strong, it will continue to stimulate the reader's eyes and divert attention.
Therefore, the decoration of the Print Name Card should not have any resistance, and it is better to use soft lines; and then induce the focus to move to the internal theme.
Since the decorative frame and bottom spinning are mainly for decorative purposes, the color application must be based on the principle of not affecting the effect of the text; the main relationship and the auxiliary relationship should be distinguished to obtain a clear Print Name Card work, otherwise, the text and The decorative frames and shading may be mixed together, forming an anti-reading effect.

Color Block Design of Print Name Card
Generally speaking, the color block is closely related to the face and shape; for example, a square is drawn. At this time, this square has not yet formed the impression of a face in our consciousness, but we painted this square with black At that time, the consciousness of the face gradually increases, so the formation of the consciousness covered with the face often has its meaning; from this, it is derived that the consciousness of the form is established in the front, the consciousness of the face is established in the back, and between the two There is also a tendency of consciousness to go back and forth, that is to say, when you see the shape, then there will be a face, and finally, the color block naturally exists.
Color blocks can be divided into geometric shapes and non-geometric shapes; usually, the color city of geometric shapes has a simple, concise, and bright feeling, but if its combination is too complicated, it is easy to lose these characteristics; non-geometric color blocks, and It can be divided into two types: organic form and accidental form: the physical image that exists in nature is called organic form; what is formed between accidents is called natural form, and it is also called unexpected figure.
The design of Print Name Card is mainly based on the performance of Secheng. The golden ratio is a commonly used proportional split design. The golden ratio has the visual beauty of a rational data ratio, stable, lively and balanced, which is the best point and proportion of visual design; when the layout is composed, as long as this principle is applied, the visual effect can achieve a stable and beautiful picture.