Name Card Printing Padang Besar is a small card which used consists of the name, address, job title, telephone number, email address, organization name, occupation of an individual. It can be used to introduce yourself to the others. Name Card Printing Padang Besar become one of the most important marketing resources for the companies or unit nowadays, because Name Card Printing Padang Besar are representatives for them. The purpose of Name Card Printing Padang Besar is to help you fuse your business into the market with just few seconds. Name Card Printing Padang Besar also help you to convey your contact information to the potential customers.





Making Process Printing Options of Name Card Printing Padang Besar

The moment you are deciding which is the way you want to print the Name Card Printing Padang Besar, you also need to decide how many times you want to print the Name Card Printing Padang Besar at the same time. Yes, the colour on your Name Card Printing Padang Besar. Colour is also one of the important factor to define what is the cost of the Name Card Printing Padang Besar. Meanwhile, you also need to think about what is the printing option you would like to prefer for Name Card Printing Padang Besar, either single-sided or double-sided. This is because it also affects the price which determined by the size and the colour of the printer surface. 

1. Colour selection: There are many categories in colour selection, which are single colour, double colour, colour and true colour to. These selections are use to determine the number of times for printing. This is because the three primary colours which are yellow, red and blue can form a colour. The pure colour pattern does not have black, and you cannot find any black colour in the pictures printed by the pure colours. This makes the colour of printing is not fully complete. The colour pattern we contact oftenly is composed by four colors, they are also called as true color, which are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Although there are some offset Name Card Printing Padang Besar do not have pictures on it, they are also composed with three colors, and these are also known as color Name Card Printing Padang Besar. Moreover, there is not a necessity for composed the colours in computer digital Name Card Printing Padang Besar.

2. Single-sided and double-sided selection: The times of printing Name Card Printing Padang Besar is also determined by the selection of single-sided and double-sided selection. The price of the Name Card Printing Padang Besar has a direct relationship with the printed surface on Name Card Printing Padang Besar.

Production Process of Name Card Printing Padang Besar

It is a bit complicated to make a Name Card Printing Padang Besar although they are seems easy and small. There are a lot of steps before the Name Card Printing Padang Besar deliver to you. Meanwhile, you need to take part in the preparatory work of making Name Card Printing Padang Besar

Before you start printing the Name Card Printing Padang Besar, you need to what is the method for printing the Name Card Printing Padang Besar, the level of difficulty in printing, and material of the Name Card Printing Padang Besar, especially the Name Card Printing Padang Besar with higher requirements and complicated.

It is also complex progress when it comes to post-processing of Name Card Printing Padang Besar, this step required professional equipment and skilled operators. In the past, we had to go to a Name Card Printing Padang Besar printing shop to print the Name Card Printing Padang Besar by ourselves, and we need to go back there many times just for the one single box of Name Card Printing Padang Besar

We are lucky that everything become more easier with the help of Internet. We can enjoy our coffee and find the best way to make Name Card Printing Padang Besar in the same time. If there is no example of Name Card Printing Padang Besar you prefer, you can also prepare your own Name Card Printing Padang Besar designs with your own ideas.

By designing your own Name Card Printing Padang Besar, you can skip the part of proofreading. In the meanwhile you done designing the Name Card Printing Padang Besar, you may want to find out the process of creating the Name Card Printing Padang Besar. We will continue the explanation at below.

Size Specification Colour Part of Name Card Printing Padang Besar

1. The colour of the printed Name Card Printing Padang Besar is not determined by the color of the screen or the printer. if you want to produce satisfied coloured Name Card Printing Padang Besar, you must follow the percentage of CMYK when you are creating Name Card Printing Padang Besar to determine the production coloring;

2. There will be a trifling different if the same image file is printed at different time. The color difference is acceptable within 10% of the upper and lower.

3. The shadow or base color setting should not be less than 5 percent, so that it will not appear when printing the finished product.

4. Do not import the images and photos that are made in CMYK mode and stored in TIFF file format in PSD file format. If you are using CoreIDRAW to design Name Card Printing Padang Besar, please complete all the input image images, POWERCLIP objects, separated drop shadows and fill them with transparency or filter materials, it will then turn into bitmap again. 

Color setting is 32-bit CMYK, resolution is 350dpi, and transparent background anti-aliasing compensation is tested using the color profile to avoid sometimes having to rotate the group version output to trigger the Masek image. If you want to lower the bitmap by changing the nodes, switch the bitmap again to avoid partial coverage during performance.

Size Specification Content Section of Name Card Printing Padang Besar

1. To avoid cutting the text during cutting, the layout of the copy should be more than 3mm away from the cutting line.

2. After the draft is confirmed, the text should be changed into curves or outlines, as the font cannot be identified during plate development processing to prevent garbled letters.

3. Please do not set to use system characters when entering text. When used, this will cause white nodes at the stroke intersection. Please do not set the text as overprint and fill in simultaneously.

Special Etiquette of Name Card Printing Padang Besar 

There is no restrictions and it is freely to deliver your Name Card Printing Padang Besar outside the United States and Canada. Other than people can officially exchange Name Card Printing Padang Besar in international business activities, Name Card Printing Padang Besar can also become a valuable record. The Name Card Printing Padang Besar are represent as record of the people you met in the past activities, and also the important information for you to contact with them in the future.

Nonetheless, you must clearly understand that such special marks for the exchange of Name Card Printing Padang Besar exist in other cultures. In Japan, the way of exchanging Name Card Printing Padang Besar  is just as important as the material. The Name Card Printing Padang Besar exchange method is like a ballet with well-designed movements. The practical steps below are:

1. Using both thumbs and forefinger to hold the Name Card Printing Padang Besar. When delivering Name Card Printing Padang Besar, the main body of the Name Card Printing Padang Besar should face to the person who accepts your Name Card Printing Padang Besar. Meanwhile, you have to bow slightly, which  slightly lowered your head.

2. The people who accepts the Name Card Printing Padang Besar must nod to show the gratitution to the person who gave them the Name Card Printing Padang Besar, he or she has to deliver his or her own Name Card Printing Padang Besar at the same time in the same way. After that,  spend some time for reading the content on the Name Card Printing Padang Besar carefully. This is because the Name Card Printing Padang Besar are act as identity of the person, Name Card Printing Padang Besar are act as a representative to you, they showing other what you do, and who you work for.

3. Then, everyone must also keep a Name Card Printing Padang Besar on his chest for the other party wasy to remember at the correct time in each of the small ceremonies.

4.Seek not to have Name Card Printing Padang Besar numbered or annotated.
And if you are left-handed in the Middle East and other Southeast Asian nations, you have to handle Name Card Printing Padang Besar with your right hand rather than your left hand. This is because left hand is used to clean the body and it is considered dirty.

Please do remember that do not put Name Card Printing Padang Besar in your pockets in any culture. We have noticed that a few informal Americans use Name Card Printing Padang Besar as toothpicks! (Your client must be thinking across the table: "Hey! That is my identity, not your toothpick.")