Name Card Printing Penang remained in one shape or another for some amount of time. In the 15th century, the Chinese created calling cards to let others know they expected to visit. In the 17th century European merchants developed trading cards to serve as miniature advertising. Name Card Printing Penang can evoke intense emotions. Nothing at a board meeting would cause further conversation than creating Name Card Printing Penang for the client, a seasoned director says.




Benefits of Having A Name Card Printing Penang

1. Standard size formats of Name Card Printing Penang that fit into your wallet

2. Effecting way to promote your own entrepreneurs and new businesses.

3. A classic method for exchanging contact information or other relevant details at business events or any other meetings.

Are you a newly established business that wishing to expand your customer field? Then it's time to build your professional network with a good looking and professional Name Card Printing Penang. They are a quick and inexpensive way to share your contact information with business partners or potential clients so that they can contact you for business purpose when they are in need.

We understand that every business has different needs according to their field of marketing. That is why we offers a variety of designing options to customize every aspect of your Name Card Printing Penang. Our Name Card Printing Penang can be printed in any size and on different types of paper. For the finishing touch, we offer matte and glossy lamination as well as rounded corners. We also offer the possibility of folding your Name Card Printings in half on our folded Name Card Printing Penang product page.

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Brief History of Name Card Printing Penang

Name Card Printing Penang emerged in England in the 17th century as trading cards. These were used as ads and as maps, since at the time there was no established street graphical method in London.

By the 1870s the success of the Name Card Printing Penang had made it one of the most famous promotional formats — advocating anything from baby milk to pianos to medical products. They were shown in banks, general stores , hotels, train stations, and restaurants, and shop owners were aided by salesmen in organizing shop counter ads and window displays using Name Card Printing Penang as well as larger sized show cards.The developments in dura ace-lithography at the time made it easier for users to use such vivid designs as home decoration (The Art of American Advertising: Trade Cards, Harvard Business School, Baker Library Historical Collections).

As you can see in these Name Card Printing Penang examples, the front of the Name Card Printing Penang consisted of the name of the company or occasionally the name of one of the business items with a visually convincing illustration or design to attract the buyer, while the back of the card was filled with business information- statistics, product benefits, ordering details, the company's location and contact information - anything that might interest the customer and enable him to buy the product.

Name Card Printing Penang is still used today as advertisements as well as a convenient way to display the contact details for a company. For example, Name Card Printing Penang can also double as brochures.

Characteristics of Different Types of Name Card Printing Penang

Standard Name Card Printing Penang

Able to fit your wallet perfectly

Work better in aspiring entrepreneurship

A classic Name Card Printing Penang style that fit most of the people’s taste

Spot Varnish Name Card Printing Penang

Superior quality Name Card Printing Penang with clear ink spot varnish

Smooth and high quality matte lamination on both side

Easier to let your Name Card Printing Penang to stand out

Folded Name Card Printing Penang

High quality Name Card Printing Penang

Available in a lot of stunning paper types

Work better in forming a good first impression

Recycled Name Card Printing Penang

Can be made of different recycled type paper

Make your Name Card Printing Penang looks different

Ideal to form a good first impression

Metal Name Card Printing Penang

Normally in black color and round corner

Laser engraved

Given a premium look and feel

Name Card Printing Penang Holder

Able to protect your Name Card Printing Penang

Light and convenience to bring along

High quality look and feel

Textured Name Card Printing Penang

Available in linen fibers made paper type

Let your Name Card Printing Penang stand out

Good to form a nice first impression

Hot Stamped Name Card Printing Penang

Premium quality Name Card Printing Penang

Available for gold or silver hot foil stamping

Ideal to form a perfect first impression

 Colour Psychology in Name Card Printing Penang

One of the most important elements of a Name Card Printing Penang is colour. Colour will generally make up the base of your design and will also play an important role in helping you send the message you want your potential client to perceive. Now, for most people, you'll simply utilise colours from your logo or business design, but for net-workers, freelancers or the modern business professional, designing your Name Card Printing with colour psychology in mind can make your Name Card Printing a highly targeted marketing tool. 

Consider Name Card Printing Penang designed in shades of blue or purple for example; these colours induce trust and help the client to associate your business with confidence and prestige. Perfect for anyone working in the financial sector or an industry where credibility rises above all others. Alternatively, if you're working in the financial sector you may want to avoid using an abundance of white on your design. As a colour white, although often associated with clean and quality, can often be perceived as cheap or simplistic. Not the message you want to send to potential clients. 

Considerations For Tiny Name Card Printing Penang That Make A Huge Impact

Your Name Card Printing Penang is often the first impression that prospects or business associates get of your company. It is also often the last impression after you hand it to them and move on. So, it’s important that your Name Card Printing be designed with four factors in mind.


For someone in the financial industry, professionalism usually means conservatism. A financial card will have a “no-nonsense, all-business” look and feel. A high-tech industry Name Card Printing Penang might try to show innovation by using cutting edge images or lingo. A graphic artist Name Card Printing Penang would need to show creativity, perhaps by the use of color or design.

2.What your company actually DOES. 

Too often the names of businesses and logos displayed on Name Card Printing Penang do not reflect what the organization is doing. Too often we see Name Card Printing Penang designs submitted for printing which do not clearly show what the organization is doing or in which industry they operate. Make sure the photos and/or text on the Name Card Printing Penang leave a clear and favorable impression of your company. A tag line is one way to explain the goods or services you sell, easily and clearly. 


You want the company to have an overall brand identity. Branding both the printed and online content ventures regularly a better company identity than handing out non-coordinated printed materials. Your Name Card Printing Penang are a vital part of this continuity of the brand, which is called brand identification, and not a hurried and isolated printing case just because the cards have run out.

4.Breathing room 

Don't load anything about your business into your Name Card Printing Penang, because it makes reading it confusing. Take the time to boil down to a quick tag line on your product / services, two if you need to.

Do Name Card Printing Penang Carry The Same Weight Today?

We don’t tend to leave calling cards in the modern age, not do we wait expectantly to be received in the drawing room. But a well-designed Name Card Printing Penang can say a lot about your business.


Just like the calling cards of the 1400s and those introduced in Europe during the 18th century, first impressions are important. The modern-day Name Card Printing Penang needs to create a memorable impression of you and your business.

Odd shapes and sizes are not always best  

Of course, you’d think that they will get you noticed. That’s the whole point of a Name Card Printing Penang. But, an odd-sized or shaped Name Card Printing Penang can make it harder to keep hold of. Even though it got you noticed for a short time, it may not be for the reasons you had hoped.

Paper weight and thickness can be a decisive factor in getting noticed 

A weighty Name Card Printing Penang made from a high-quality paper with a high GSM rating will create a favourable impression. This is simply because it feels sturdier and of high quality.

Information is key – calling cards came with a strict code relating to what information could be included, such as how big your name could be on the card. Times have changed and the Name Card Printing Penang can now pack a lot of information into a small space. Making sure you pass on all the right details is essential.

Have a distribution plan 

You may have spent hours designing the perfect Name Card Printing Penang, but if you don’t have a plan for using your Name Card Printing Penang they are a waste of time and money. The humble Name Card Printing Penang can be a powerful marketing tool if you use them well.