Penang Name Card Printing play an significant role in the prospects opening up. We help raise sales owing to the power of personal networking. Knowing your business with a strong networking strategy will create a true identity for the brand. Penang Name Card Printing help to create an essential chain of personal relationships. Get timely delivery of better Penang Name Card Printing right at your doorstep.There are two ways in which people can connect with each other: one is friends-to-friends communication, the other is workplace communication, one is commercial and the other is non-commercial, which is the basis for classifying Penang Name Card Printing.





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3 Reasons Why You Need Penang Name Card Printing?

Penang Name Card Printing is still the golden way to connect, and even many freelancers use social media as their main online platform, but the good dialogue between the elderly and people is still the golden door to attract potential customers and customers.




Penang Name Card Printing Is A Private Matter

Like most people, we judge people by their appearance. Your personal brand will be displayed through your appearance and wear, but you don't have to stop there. Having a Penang Name Card Printing can add another dimension to your personal brand, that is, personal style. It enables your potential customers or potential customers to further understand you and your brand through design. Your Penang Name Card Printing will not only let your personalized person contact you again but also let them know that you are serious about your work. Having a Penang Name Card Printing not only shows the contacts on your preferred social media account but also has a personal charm.



Penang Name Card Printing Make You More Memorable

An excellent Penang Name Card Printing design can accomplish two things at once, making you memorable and show your design skills. The recipient of the card is very important when trying to get in touch with you. Penang Name Card Printing with dynamic and eye-catching features can make people feel worthwhile. It makes you look professional, which is what any freelancer or business person wants.


Penang Name Card Printing Can Create Awareness For Your Service

Although a Penang Name Card Printing is a great way to show your design skills and make you look more professional and superior, it can also increase your sense of service. Penang Name Card Printing can make you stand out from potential customers and those you want to keep in the future.


All in all, Penang Name Card Printing is an excellent tool for participation and contact. Therefore, please check our favorites and select a Penang Name Card Printing template that can read this article and enjoy a 20% discount.


Making Process Design of Penang Name Card Printing


You need to find your favorite Penang Name Card Printing  template according to your personal hobbies if you want to print Penang Name Card Printing. If you're not happy with the blueprint, you can build it yourself as well; if you don't want to work that hard, we will still build it for you, but you will have to follow the rough specifications and bear the expense of the design.



1. Use template:

In the Penang Name Card Printing center, we have placed a large number of representative excellent templates that have been printed before according to different printing methods of Penang Name Card Printing  for you to choose when customizing Penang Name Card Printing. Over time, we will delete some outdated templates and add new ones constantly. If you are a member of ours and have  Penang Name Card Printing printed in our store, we also have the right to temporarily store your Penang Name Card Printing template. The next time you add Penang Name Card Printing, just report your name and password. Made to order.



2. Design by yourself:

Undoubtedly, this is the best choice for designing your own Penang Name Card Printing. Only you can best understand your needs. You can play as you like, saving you the trouble of proofreading again and shortening the delivery time of Penang Name Card Printing. Recommend a better Penang Name Card Printing designer on the market: Joyinker, because of its simple operation, you can also apply the Penang Name Card Printing template provided. It has realized its own design, online order upload, online payment, and home delivery integration, convenient process, and truly meet the social needs of not leaving home to get Penang Name Card Printing.

Global Variations of Penang Name Card Printing


The Penang Name Card Printing in Japan are called "Famous Thorn". Usually, the company name is at the top in the largest print size, then the job title, and then the personal name. This information is written with Japanese characters and is usually Latin characters on the reverse. Meishi may typically also use QR codes to provide contact information in a specific type of computer, which has not been a standard practice yet. According to a 2007 survey, less than 3% of Japanese people have Meishi printed with QR codes.



The Penang Name Card Printing can be put in the top two corners, face up and opened, it should be read by the individual who holds the master brake, so using both hands to grab it in the bottom two corners. Putting your finger on the name or other information is impolite. People are required to read the Penang Name Card Printing after receiving the "Famous Instructor," and to assign the name and grade of the individual. Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your Penang Name Card Printing") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. For example, when Meishi is exchanged between different parties, between the company's president and middle managers, it is appropriate for some merged individuals to expand their Penang Name Card Printing in such a way that they are in a higher position The artificial replacement of Meishi below.



Meishi should be put in a smart holster that won't warm up or wear, all of which are considered to be signs of disrespect or negligence. The popular poems that have been obtained should not be written on the pocket or in the pocket; if Meishi is put on the table, the receiver places it on top of the holster before they leave the table. If the meeting is attended by multiple people and one person receives multiple Meishis, the person with the highest rank is placed on the leather box and another person is placed on the bench.



The manner in which the receiver treats the Meishi of the presenter shows how the receiver should perceive the presenter. Actions like cutting the Penang Name Card Printing in two, or inserting the name of the presenter in the back pocket are called rude.



Japanese executives or officials usually have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, in the order of Japanese names (surname first), and the other is used by foreigners, whose names are in Spanish (last name).

Specification of Penang Name Card Printing


Model / Size Penang Name Card Printing (mm) : 

Standard : 89mm x 54mm / 86mm x 52mm / 89mm x 50mm / 86mm x 54mm

Custom Size: 40mm x 40mm (min) / 89mm x 54mm (max)



Paper Type Penang Name Card Printing : 

Gloss Art Card : 250gsm / 310gsm / 360gsm

Fine Card: Brilliant White 220gsm

Linen: 240gsm

Metal Ice: 250gsm

Synthetic Paper: 180micron (0.18mm)

Super White: 250gsm

Suwen: 240gsm

Vellum: 220gsm



Print Colour & Print Side Penang Name Card Printing : 

Standard : 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)

Thin Fold & Fat Fold : 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)



Design Concept Design Performance of Penang Name Card Printing

The content of the plan, the meaning of the theme or the focus of the product are expressed as picture books. The purpose is to explain the text, highlight the original security, and have a complete and independent visual modeling mode.

In a modern society with frequent advertisements, illustrations can be used in almost any printed material with the nature of advertisements. Therefore, the types and internal structure of illustrations, techniques, etc. have also become one of the key points of advertising effects.

The illustrations are divided into two categories: "truth" and "abstraction". Designers must consider the versatility or representativeness when creating, in order to use the soul to analyze the data, choose invisible elements and create a combination of form and color creative skills; which cause everyone to consume the visual and resonate with the illustration.

The illustration is therefore an important material for the creation of characters in order to attract vision among the constituent elements of a Penang Name Card Printing. Most importantly, illustrations can express the structure or industry of the company directly in order to convey a comprehensible reading effect of the content.


Construction of Penang Name Card Printing


Penang Name Card Printing are printed on some form of Penang Name Card Printing paper, and its visual effects, printing methods, costs, and other detailed information will vary according to cultural or organizational norms and personal preferences. The common weight of Penang Name Card Printing varies by location. Typically, Penang Name Card Printing are printed at 350 grams/square meter (density), 45 millimeters (100 pounds) (weight) or 12 pounds (thickness).



Initially, the weight of these cards was significantly reduced, and perforations could be felt at the edges, but improvements in printer and paper design made it possible to print professional-looking cards.



Spot colors are usually used to print replacement Penang Name Card Printing on a sheet-fed offset press without full-color photos. Some companies even have spot colors on their trademarks (for example, UPS Brown, Los Angeles Lakers Purple, and Tide Orange). If the Penang Name Card Printing logo is monochrome and the type is another color, the process is considered to be two colors. You can add more spot colors according to the needs of the card. With the beginning of digital printing and batch printing, it is now cost-effective to print Penang Name Card Printing in full color.



To simulate the effect of printing with engraved plates, a cheaper method has been developed, called thermal imaging, which uses plastic powder that can be replaced on wet ink. The card is then rotated into the heating unit, which melts the plastic onto the card. A similar effect can be achieved by applying UV varnish on the matte sheet substrate.


Sheet-fed presses will also print full-color cards or cards that use multiple colors. However, they use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) four-color printing process. Screens with colors that are overprinted on each other will produce a wider color gamut. The disadvantage of this printing method is that if you check carefully, the filtered colors will find small dots, and in most cases, the spot color card will be printed in solid color. Or a non-black simple card with less than 5 points.


4 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Penang Name Card Printing

1- They are faster than numbers

If either party is in a hurry, you can share a Penang Name Card Printing printing within a second. You cannot use your phone or any device to perform this operation. We live our lives on laptops and smartphones. But usually only tangible Penang Name Card Printing can be used-for example, if you work in an exhibition center with junk Wi-Fi how you grab the chance to expand your social network?

2-Despite the opposite appearance, the world does not own a smartphone

If they do, sometimes they just don’t like using them at all. I have met many very successful and influential businessmen who do not own or like to use smartphones. They left it to the assistant. Penang Name Card Printing are the best way to connect with them. Maybe everyone in your personal world does own a smartphone. But do all your potential customers live in the same world? That is the question you have to ask yourself.

3- Certain cultures require Penang Name Card Printing as a basic etiquette 

There are even special agreements for exchanging cards specific to various cultures. If you do not have a Penang Name Card Printing, there is no chance. For Example in some cultures (such as Japan) consider exchanging Penang Name Card Printing as a high honor and pay more attention to high-quality Penang Name Card Printing.

4- You never know where you will meet potential customers

It may be a place where you don’t have a cell phone ready when you have a picnic, travel, or many social activities. If you have a Penang Name Card Printing ready, you will never miss any chance.

4 Special Penang Name Card Printing Etiquettes

1.Never leave the house or office without your Penang Name Card Printing 

Always carry a copy of the Penang Name Card Printing, packing box, holder or any container that can protect the Penang Name Card Printing from being worn. You will never know when to donate. White, to ensure you invest in quality Penang Name Card Printing. This is an extension of your profession and the company you represent. It is best to provide a Penang Name Card Printing with a well thought out layout, color scheme and standard fonts.

2.Always bring Penang Name Card Printing with you

Your Penang Name Card Printing is not something you want to give to everyone you meet at the event. Although the goal of building a network is to connect with as many people as possible, you still need to identify qualified potential customers, sources of recommendations or future employers. In short, you need to choose whom to exchange the calling card with.

This does not mean that you should only talk and meet with people you think need or need your products or services in the future. Especially in social activities, this is ridiculous.

3.Hand out your Penang Name Card Printing when someone ask for it

Don't be too radical during the whole process. Waiting for your card to be asked. If someone is interested in contacting you after the event, he or she will ask how to contact you. It is time to give him or her your Penang Name Card Printing.

Ask the other party's contact information. You are more likely to receive your Penang Name Card Printing. The principle of reciprocity is as follows. If he or she forgets to call you, you can follow up with your conversation. Just make sure you want to remind that person what you are talking about during the event.

4.Do not waste your Penang Name Card Printing

Do not store the collected Penang Name Card Printing on the back of the notebook, especially in front of people. Keep them in a location that you can easily access when you need the product or service later.

This is standard practice. If you do not plan to follow up, why do you collect Penang Name Card Printing? Is it a waste of time and energy at both ends? The premise is that you need to take advantage of the first meeting and conversation.