Catching people's interest today with a perfect Penang Name Card Printing provides a strong first impression. If you’re looking for some wonderful option for Penang Name Card Printing design idea, you are at the right places now!  Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible design ideas been printed, With your ideas and instructions, and our professional designer to create the unique Penang Name Card Printing ideas.





4 Tips for Successful Penang Name Card Printing Design

Understand the basic design principles

Understanding the basic design principles can help to prevent wasting time on not important matters or things that doesn’t work. While designing, make sure there is about 5mm space, which also known as “the bleed” from the trim edge. This is to avoid cutting the word or affecting the design while printing the Penang Name Card Printing. 

You are advised to use grid while designing your Penang Name Card Printing so that any figure, image, or word that you put inside can be place nicely and neatly. These basic design principles can make your Penang Name Card Printing looks professional. 

Understand the interesting design technique

Most of the eye-catching design are the out-of-box ideas by the designer. Do not fix yourself in a scenario, break the frame. Special decoration can make your Penang Name Card Printing design special. Foil, dotted UV or metallic ink can make your Penang Name Card Printing more attractive.

Invest in professional printing

DIY Penang Name Card Printing are usually easy to find. Therefore, unless you have professional experience, please seek help. Professionals know how to design successful Penang Name Card Printing. Can you imagine how long it will take to print thousands of Penang Name Card Printing? It’s really effortless, isn’t it? Professional printing can save you time and money.

Always check your work

Sending your Penang Name Card Printing design to the printer by mistake will waste your time and money. These errors are easier to solve than you think. If you spend a few hours staring at the Penang Name Card Printing design, then your brain is likely to find a mistake. This may cost you and your customers a high price.

Please take a break before sending the design. Just five minutes away from the screen will help you renew your eyes. Or it is better to check it with a new actual eye. Spelling is just one element that needs to be checked. Don’t forget to check the punctuation and spacing. A dent somewhere will really stand out.

6 Important Notice For Your Penang Name Card Printing

Penang Name Card Printing are usually the first impressions of prospective customers or business partners on your company. After handing them over and moving on, it is usually the last impression.


For someone in the financial industry, specialization usually means conservatism. A financial card will have the appearance of "no nonsense, full business". High-tech Penang Name Card Printing may try to use the most advanced images or jargon to demonstrate innovation. Graphic artist Penang Name Card Printing may need to show creativity, perhaps through the use of color or design.

Concise information-

What your company is actually doing. Please make sure that the images and/or text on the Penang Name Card Printing leave a strong and favorable impression about your business. The slogan line is a simple and clear way to communicate the products or services you provide.

Don’t cram all of the company’s content on your Penang Name Card Printing, because it will confuse reading. Take the time to simplify your product/service into a short label line, if you need it, you can spend two hours.


You want to have the overall brand image of the organization. Compared with the distribution of uncoordinated printed materials, the consistent branding of all printed and online materials can better establish the company's image.


Many times, many people who use MS Word or PowerPoint feel that they are "designers", so they have created their own Penang Name Card Printing. This is not a good idea. There are many high-level graphic designers who use professional design software, and they use a method that can attract positive attention to make Penang Name Card Printing that reflect your business.

Paper stock-

When the same card is printed on different quality papers, the appearance may be very different. Expensive flax raw materials are "exclusive" and are usually used by investment companies or companies with rich customers. People in the fashion world use a kind of shiny paper when they convey "golden glitter". Customers who are engaged in the natural food business may use 100% cotton natural paper. There are thousands of paper materials to choose from. Many products have unusual texture, color, feel and appearance.


One may leave Penang Name card printing "unfinished" or "finished." A "unfinished" card is one in which the paper does not have a coating. For several reasons a lot of cards are left unfinished (the stock itself is crucial to the card's look, it's not technically required, etc.). Penang Name card printing can be aqueous coated, UV coated, varnished, silk laminated or have some other finishing process. Each one gives a different “look and feel” and sometimes. There are three primary techniques which printers use to physically print the Penang Name Card Printing: spot color printing, full color printing, and digital printing. Depending upon the look you're going for, your printer can help you decide what's best for you – quality wise and price wise.

6 Steps In Designing A Good Penang Name Card Printing

1. Select your preference shape

If you’ve already decided on a traditional rectangular Penang Name Card Printing, you can skip this and go ahead to the second step. However, if you wish to learn more about all the options for the shape of Penang Name Card Printing, even outside-the-box strategies, keep reading.


We offer different shape design of Penang Name Card Printing besides of the traditional rectangular Penang Name Card Printing, such as: round corner Penang Name Card Printing, die-cutting Penang Name Card Printing, folding Penang Name Card Printing, spot-UV Penang Name Card Printing and others. Visit our page to find out more shape of Penang Name Card Printing!


2. Select your preference size

Your next decision is the size of the Penang Name Card Printing. This mostly depends on the standard of the country because the trend of size of Penang Name Card Printing use are different in countries according to their culture. Even if you plan to stand out, you still have to know what everyone else is doing to go against it.

For your information, here’s the standard size of 
Penang Name Card Printing in some other countries.

- North American Standard: 3.5 × 2 in. (88.9 × 50.8 mm)

- European Standard: 3.346 × 2.165 in. (85 × 55 mm)

- Oceania Standard:  3.54 × 2.165 in. (90 × 55 mm)


However, no matters which size of Penang Name Card Printing that you prefer, always be careful in these three areas while designing.

- Bleed area: the outermost part of your Penang Name Card Printing.

- Trim line: the target line to cut your Penang Name Card Printing.

- Safety line: anything outside this line is subject to cutting mistakes. So, ensure essential elements like text or logos fall outside this line is very important.

3. Add in your brand logo and other graphics

The next step of designing a Penang Name Card Printing will be the logo. Most of the time, the brand logo will take the center stage of the Penang Name Card Printing, but it doesn’t fix.


If you have a two-sided Penang Name Card Printing, you may include your brand logo in both side of your Penang Name Card Printing, not necessary to be at the center, you can put it at the side. Or, you could just include your brand logo at one side only and the other side contains your business details. This would work in attracting human eyes as the spacing during design given people a sense of comfortable.


What if the empty space on the Penang Name Card Printing doesn’t suit your taste? What if you brand logo is just simple designed or contains text only? One-sided Penang Name Card Printing will be a better choice! You can add more and more graphics on your Penang Name Card Printing to make it more attractive. For example, you are doing a child-care business, a cute theme would be applied to your Penang Name Card Printing as cute things always fit the children’s taste. Add in some teddy bears or dolls graphic to generate to interest of children.

4. Add necessary description

Most often, you will be handing out your Penang Name Card Printing to those who already having interest in your business. This means they have previously encountered your company and already know something about your organization. Therefore, don't include unnecessary details in your Penang Name Card Printing. If the information doesn’t help in creating value for your Penang Name Card Printing, take it out of the design.

For example, include your company address rather than your personal house address. People would always visit your company rather than visit your house for business purposes.

Here are some details that are encouraged to put on your Penang Name Card Printing:

a) Your name – Every card needs a name so that people can know how to call you.

b) Company name – Except for personal brands, in which your personal name is same with your company name.

c) Job title – This would helps remind the holder of who you are, what you do, and even how your met.

d) Phone number – This could generate people to contact you.

e) Email – Allow people to discuss more details or find out more information from you.

f) Website URL – Boost your website view and provide information with more detailed for customers.

g) Company address – Necessary for drawing customers into your office or store location.

5. Select your typography and color theme

Choose the size, font type and color theme that best suit to your business field. For example, if you are doing a design company, choose a more artistic font type and be simple in the color used.

This would give people a sense of professional while handing out the Penang Name Card Printing. Another example, if you are operating a tuition center, it would be better if the font type is formal and font size would be bigger.

6. Finalize your design

Before proceeding to printing step, always double-check with your Penang Name Card Printing design. Don’t forget to let your designer send you the finished design as a vector file or PDF file. You will need to use vector images in case you need to change the size, and PDFs are readable by practically every printer without any displacement.

7 Places That You Can Put Your Penang Name Card Printing

Past clients

People who are impressed with your business are the perfect ambassadors to give out cards. Keep track of which clients frequently take care and support your business. Then, give these loyal customers extra Penang Name Card Printing whenever they purchase your product again or when you meet them, so that they can pass along to their friends and family. 

Malls and food courts

Malls draw diverse crowds, which can help you find secondary markets for your business. Since most of the malls have provided with sitting area, hangout area and other rest-n-go station, people are more likely to stop and read your Penang Name Card Printing during their rest moments whereby they aren’t busy shopping. With this in mind, try to look for spots where people frequently rest or gather. Seating areas, food court tables, and condiment counters are great places to leave your Penang Name Card Printing. 

Books and magazines

Books and magazines are a smart tool to connect with a highly focused audience. Try to figure out what matters to your customers and any publications that they might read. Do some research to find out some popular books or magazines that related to your industry. You may also visit to local libraries or bookstores, and slip your Penang Name Card Printing into books and magazines that are relevant to your audience, of course, with the permission of the owner or authorities. With this approach, you have a strong chance of reaching people who can benefit from your products.

Affiliate businesses

If you aren’t already building partnerships with other businesses, what are you waiting for?  Try to look for non-competing partners who share your customer base, and swap cards to give one another referrals.

Public bulletin boards

Find organizations in your area that let anyone post on public bulletin boards. At first glance, bulletin boards may seem too crowded to be worth your while. But keep in mind, people used to dig information or find something that interests them through the information board.

Check out these common places where you can display a Penang Name Card Printing:

Grocery stores

Community centres


College campuses


Chambers of Commerce

Gyms and recreational centres


Municipal buildings

Government buildings are useful places to promote yourself for free. They’re widely accessible and attract local professionals and people who are active in the community. Stick to locations where your target customers are most likely to visit, such as city hall, visitors centres, county clerks, tax offices, and courthouses.

Industry-specific places to leave Penang Name Card Printing

Not all ideas work for everyone because your target market is different. To get the most from your investment, tailor your strategy to your audience. Let’s say you work in a furniture, HVAC, or home improvement industry. Real estate offices are a perfect fit to reach property owners in the market for your services.

Anyhow, understand your customers first so that you can get better at anticipating where to find more leads. At first, you should look at Penang Name Card Printing marketing as a numbers game. But as you bring in new business, pay attention to which marketing channels can work the best.

Always remember: Keep putting Penang Name Card Printing in locations that produce great results for a more effective long-term strategy.