Name Card Printing Penang remained in one shape or another for some amount of time. In the 15th century, the Chinese created calling cards to let others know they expected to visit. In the 17th century European merchants developed trading cards to serve as miniature advertising. Name Card Printing Penang can evoke intense emotions. Nothing at a board meeting would cause further conversation than creating Name Card Printing Penang for the client, a seasoned director says.





Psycholody in Your Name Card Printing Penang Design

Name Card Printing Penang are one of the most important tools in promoting business market. From making that first impression with a potential new client at your next industry conference, to tying up the end of a meeting with a simple, professional touch; Name Card Printing Penang are one of the most affordable and important marketing tools available. Yet, Name Card Printing Penang can be tricky as some tiny little mistake like a poor design, a flimsy paper stock or even the misuse of typography can often have disastrous consequences with potential clients.

So how can you ensure that your Name Card Printing Penang meet the expectations of your potential clients? Well, when designing a Name Card Printing Penang, just like any marketing campaign, it is essential that it meets the needs and wants of your target market. Thus, when designing your Name Card Printing Penang, this will involve considering the psychology of each of the elements that make up a quality Name Card Printing Penang. The will be three important elements while designing a Name Card Printing Penang

White Space

White space (also known as negative space) is a critical design concept that few business owners seem to understand. When we mentioned spacing between words and lines earlier, we were referring to micro white space, in contrast to macro white space, which involves the larger, empty areas of a design. Both are extremely important and neither should be overlooked. Just because you have space doesn’t mean you should fill it up. It may leave recipients overwhelmed and confused about what they should be looking at.


Nothing makes a design pop like color, so the most basic route is incorporating colors from your logo. Sometimes, you’re not necessarily married to the specific colors on your logos. In these cases, it’s still helpful to stick to a specific palette. Before making your decision, think about how colors are interpreted. What are your brand’s values, and how do they correspond with the emotional impact of different colors? Also try to consider the significance of colors in the context of your market. Re-branding a color itself is always possible, but still try to put some reasoning into why you chose a specific color.


The shape of your Name Card Printing Penang should complement your brand. The usual rectangle business card shape is a standard for a reason. It fits neatly into wallets, Rolodex spindles, and card trays, and is universally recognized for what it is. But there are brands which are better served if their Name Card Printing Penang are in an unusual shape. Given the right context, shapes can convey different emotions, just like colors. Circles or rounded shapes can project a positive emotional message such as friendship, love or unity. Squares and rectangles suggest stability, strength, professionalism and efficiency. For example, in designing your Name Card Printing Penang, list the emotion and message you want to convey. Then, you can consider what shape and colors that best apply to your overall design.

Quick Tips for Name Card Printing Penang Etiquette in Cambodia

People and you are always the brand's first experience so having Name Card Printing Penang is a vital part of business transactions. However, choosing when to issue the card is difficult for some people, and when abroad they are usually unsure about when and how to issue the card. Understanding the ins and outs of the etiquette of the Cambodia Name Card Printing Penang will help you off on the right foot and make a lasting first impression.

Here’s a guide to how Name Card Printing Penang should be presented, and how to make the most out of this useful tool:

- Cambodians are not famous with bodily contact, especially in common area. They will try to avoid kissing, hugging, or back-slapping and such behavior when meeting at a public area. Therefore, using Name Card Printing Penang to introduce yourself can show your receptiveness to others.

- Use your right hand for mostly action, such as pointing or eating. But, remember to use both hands when passing or receiving a Name Card Printing Penang or such items to or from a Cambodian.

- Always prevent throwing or tossing things at Cambodians. Hand out your Name Card Printing Penang properly to them. Such action is seeming as an offensive behavior to Cambodians.

Rules for Designing Name Card Printing Penang

Keep the content clear and concise

No matter you are a designer or a businessman, you must know very clear about what content should you include in your Name Card Printing Penang. Make yourself clear about the purpose of your Name Card Printing Penang before everything. Here are some suggestions for the main information that you should put into your Name Card Printing Penang:

- Your name

- Your job title or position

- Your email addresses

- Your phone numbers

- Your website

- Any relevant social media handles (if possible)

You may also include other elements, such as:

- QR codes

- Images / headshots

- You company’s slogan

Keep it on brand

Think about the journey someone will go through after receiving your Name Card Printing Penang. They may browse your website, view your social channels, and eventually send you an email or call you. In order to make this trip as smooth as possible, you want to keep the brand pace unchanged. This means using brand colors, fonts, and slogans that are consistent with your website and other materials so that recipients can quickly establish contact when looking for you.

Keep it simple

Minimalism is currently a popular trend in the design world, which is the perfect choice to produce a good, strong first impression without overwhelming the recipient. Keep in mind that they are likely to screen a large number of Name Card Printing Penang, so if your Name Card Printing Penang is easy to understand and only focuses on key details, then you are more likely to receive an email.

Keep it creative for long-lasting impression

Stunning Name Card Printing Penang left a deep impression on you. After choosing the specifications, the information to be sent, and the design that reflects the rest of the brand, you can add the finishing touch, because after all, the beauty lies in the details.

When you think 88% of your Name Card Printing Penang are thrown away, standing up has never been more important than it is now-at least, give your Name Card Printing Penang more advantages so people don’t want to throw it away. You can provide the card with multiple uses in a variety of ways, such as adding a list of industry tips on the back, turning it into a paper airplane or small desktop box, turning it into a name tag, or using any of these methods for unconventional ideas. This will make it easier for the recipient to remember it, and most importantly, it is also unlikely to throw it in the trash.

Shape View of Name Card Printing Penang

One of the first elements you may think about when mulling over your Name Card Printing Penang design is the shape of the card. Back in the day, rectangle standard cards were all the rage, but today you can have a Name Card Printing Penang in nearly every shape and size. The important thing to keep in mind is the type of vibe which the shape will give off to your potential clients. Take Square Name Card Printing Penang for example, they may seem like a simple, yet fun way to stand out, but as a versatile marketing tool, do they help your client associate your business in a trusting or confident light? Probably not. Alternatively, say you're a freelance graphic designer for example, no doubt you want to help clients perceive creativity and excitement from the moment they see your design, so perhaps the square business card or something even more eccentric may be ideal for you.

Take a look at the next Name Card Printing Penang which you receive with these ideas in mind. How does it say to you about color? Has the paperstock got you sitting up and paying attention, or has it just got caught in the pack? What mood or character does the typography offer you?

The idea behind those tips is to get you to think about your concept carefully. Many citizens do not. They might choose a simple template or outsource the design to a department or friend that doesn't really understand the needs of their business or clients. Using the fundamentals of psychology in colour, paper and form and take a psychological stance to build your Name Card Printing Penang.

Smart Way To Use Name Card Printing Penang

Are 20 to 30 people in your word of mouth holding your cards, and are you ready to give them to potential customers who are actually qualified? Of course, it could be. Every time I hear someone say, "Let me give you my friend's Name Card Printing Penang to me, I will be excited. Oh, by the way, I can make the Name Card Printing Penang the most powerful single pen you can invest in. Name Card Printing Penang it decomposes, saves energy, shrinks, and has low technical content. It can serve you away from your hand after working for hours, weeks or even years!

Some things planned by your Name Card Printing Penang are:

Tell others your name and your company name, provide potential customers with a way to contact you, let others appreciate your work, style and personality. It may be so unusual, fascinating, weird, fascinating or interesting that it stays in memory like a great radio or TV commercial. When it is passed from person to person, it can be reused and provide the same message to everyone it contacts. The two main functions of the card are to obtain business from the person you recommend, and to disclose your name to other people with whom the first person has contact through the recommendation. With this in mind, let's take a look at the most effective way to use Name Card Printing Penang.

Make your card accessible in any situation

 In short, don't leave home without them! It is best to put a small box of cards in the glove box, just in case you need more than what is in your pocket or wallet. In addition to the jacket pockets, I also stuffed them into my briefcase, wallet and computer bag to ensure that I would never run out. Pay attention to your supply. In addition to ensuring that you have a card on hand, and to ensure that your network partners always have your card. Check with them regularly to see if they need more, and be prepared to provide them with the quantity they say to increase your needs.

Seeking circumstances to exchange Name Card Printing Penang

You have many opportunities to pass your card to potential customers and clients and the referral sources you wish to develop. Some are in series. Others are not. Whenever you have a one-on-one meeting with a new friend or someone who has stayed and did not meet, please give her a Name Card Printing Penang. In mixing consoles and social events, make sure you have enough cards when entering. These are good places to extend network coverage. Conferences and trade shows are another great place to exchange Name Card Printing Penang. Suppliers at the trade show are eager to get their cards-don't make that way into a road. Make sure you also give them your card. When you visit a business without competition, it may attract people who want to be the same as the customers, please ask if you can leave a card supply to be distributed or provided. In most cases, companies complementary to yours have been looking for network partners. International conferences and events can provide opportunities to distribute Name Card Printing Penang. Consider printing on both sides of the card, continuously printing English, and printing the language of the venue on the other side.

Contacts at a Distance

Several cards are attached to every package of sales materials you send. In addition to the thank-you letter to your business person, the recommendation of the business person brings you an important contract, which includes a Name Card Printing Penang, which is used to replace the Name Card Printing Penang she gave, and multiple Name Card Printing Penang. After discussing any phone call after the business, please write something to outline your email is a good way to follow up, but in fact, some mail will allow you to include your Name Card Printing Penang.

Special trade tips

When issuing a card, please write something on a copy, such as your mobile phone number, secondary email address, etc. This will give the specific card a chance to reserve. Make sure you also provide the person with a few "clean" cards, and ask your new friend to pass them on to potential customers. After getting someone's card and finishing time with her, take notes on the back of the card, To make your memory fresh, to help you remember her. Don’t do that in front of her, otherwise you risk making people feel “forgetful”. If you need to record information immediately during the discussion, such as a phone number or card There is no other data on it, please use one of your own cards. You don’t want her to think that you think of her card as a memo pad for notes. The main thing when issuing a card is to remember that it is an effective tool. Make full use of its full potential. Without it, you will never be caught.

Special Japanese Name Card Printing Penang Etiquette

Name Card Printing Penang in Japan are generally seen as an extension of their owner; they are rarely considered merely resources that a business may rely on to draw new customers or improve its link to existing ones. Understanding the ins and outs of the etiquette of the Japanese Name Card Printing Penang will help you off on the right foot and make a lasting first impression.

Here are a few don’ts that you should avoid while exchanging cards with someone in Japan and basically anywhere else in the world if you truly care about your image:

- Do not import the Name Card Printing Penang you just received into your pocket or wallet. This gesture is considered very impolite. Instead, gently put it into the clip.

- Do not use the Name Card Printing Penang as a new postcard. In other words, please do not write any kind of information or graffiti on the back of your Name Card Printing Penang.

- Don't take out a set of Name Card Printing Penang from your pocket. Place these convenient advertising tools in elegant card holders/boxes to avoid creases or stains.

- Do not participate in meetings unless you ensure that you have the correct number of Name Card Printing Penang. Make sure you never run out of Name Card Printing Penang on your next trip. To avoid this embarrassing rookie mistake, you must bring at least 50 Name Card Printing Penang each time you have to attend a large conference.

Exchanging Name Card Printing Penang Is an Important Ritual Governed by Strict Rules

In Japan, things are very different. Every detail count including how you hand out your Name Card Printing Penang and when you choose to present your Name Card Printing Penang. The presentation of cards is based on one's rank; the person with the highest rank should be the last person to offer his Name Card Printing Penang to his interlocutors. In addition, out of respect, the Japanese took the time to carefully read and learn all the relevant information displayed on the Name Card Printing Penang they just received; they also hoped that all recipients would do the same.