A  Name Card Printing Raub is a small card for a meeting, visiting, or visiting the individual printed on it, with the name, address, job title, phone number, email address, name of the organization, occupation, etc... Name Card Printing Raub is also a way of presenting yourself to the other party.

When built with imagination, their tangibility is also allowing current and prospective customers to remember your company. In addition, there are other options to make a good, long-lasting impression by filling the blank space on your Name Card Printing Raub.





Specification of Name Card Printing Raub

 Model / Size (mm) Name Card Printing Raub : 

Standard : 89mm x 54mm / 86mm x 52mm / 89mm x 50mm / 86mm x 54mm

Custom Size: 40mm x 40mm (min) / 89mm x 54mm (max)

Paper Type Name Card Printing Raub : 

Gloss Art Card : 250gsm / 310gsm / 360gsm     

Fine Card: Brilliant White 220gsm

Linen: 240gsm     

Metal Ice: 250gsm     

Synthetic Paper: 180micron (0.18mm)    

Super White : 250gsm

Suwen: 240gsm     

Vellum: 220gsm

Print Colour & Print Side Name Card Printing Raub : 

Standard : 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)

Thin Fold & Fat Fold : 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)

Finishing Name Card Printing Raub : 

Gloss / Matte Lamination / Gloss Water Based Varnish Name Card Printing Raub

1 side / 2 sides (Not applicable for Fine Cards)

(1 side finishing is applicable for Gloss /Matte Lamination only)

Spot UV Name Card Printing Raub

1 side / 2 sides (Available with Matte Lamination (both) and selected quantity)

(For Gloss Art Card 250gsm and 310gsm only)

Hole Punching Name Card Printing Raub

- Diameter 3mm / Diameter 5mm - 1 hole at a fixed position on the shorter side (Not applicable for Thin Fold & Fat Fold)

Hot Stamping Name Card Printing Raub

- 1 side only (Front or Back) - 2 sides (Both)

(Applicable for Gloss Art Card only)

- 6 colors available: Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Black & Red - Max. 2 colors

Round Corner Name Card Printing Raub

- Radius 6mm - 15 options

(Not applicable for Thin Fold & Fat Fold)

Custom Die-Cut Name Card Printing Raub

(Not available for Spot UV, Hole Punching, Hot Stamping, and Round Corner)

Creasing/ Customised Creasing Name Card Printing Raub

(Applicable only for Thin Fold & Fat Fold)

Size Specification Color Part of Name Card Printing Raub

1. The finished product's printing color cannot be requested by either screen or print color. The file creation must be based on the percentage of the CMYK color swatch to determine the production coloring;

2. The color will be slightly different when the same image file is printed at different times, and the color difference is normal within 10 percent of the upper and lower;

3. The shading or base color setting will not be less than 5 percent so that it is not rendered when the final product is printed;

4. Pictures and photographs are made in CMYK mode and stored in the format of a TIFF file. Do not import PSD into a file format. If you use CorelDRAW to design Business Card Printing, please fill in all image inputs, POWER CLIP artifacts, separate drop shadows and fill them with transparency or filter materials, and then turn over the bitmap again.

The color setting is 32-bit CMYK, the resolution is 350dpi, and the transparent background for anti-aliasing correction is checked using the color profile to avoid sometimes having to rotate the group version output to trigger the Masek image. If you want the bitmap to be reduced by adjusting the nodes, please turn the bitmap again to avoid partial coverage during output.

The advantages of using Name Card Printing Raub

1.Lower cost

We know that improving the reputation of the company is important in the current market climate but we also consider costs when doing the market. You may also consider using Name Card Printing Raub as a small Name Card Printing Raub to search for potential customers.

2. Hold your place in the audience

None can be as professional as Name Card Printing Raub, which after a job done can follow a customer meeting, social event or handshake. Using a printed Raub Name Card will tell you a lot about your company and yourself. When you give the product to the customer, it shows that you are a reliable representative of the company and can leave a lasting impression on you. Mean While, Name Card Printing Raub helps put your brand into memory visually, the Name Card Printing Raub allows you to proudly mark your brand. They are chances to use powerful visual effects and graphics to promote you and your company. Be creative when designing your own artwork. Combine logos, pictures and eye-catching colors to create your brand image. A well-designed Name Card Printing Raub is a window to understand your business and can help you submit your business to memory.

3. Easy to distribute and display

Name Card Printing Raub can also serve as static displays, and people can take them away when passing by.

Display them anywhere in a display rack, like Storage countertop, Fixed to the bulletin board of the Office. Name Card Printing Raub is also ideal for a pocket size and you can keep it on your side at all times. Hold your card in your pocket when you're busy, or unintentionally grab chances when you don't work. These small, concise promotional tools take up almost no space but can help you take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

4. The tangible things

Consumers are becoming more fond of hard copies. Why they can sound and hang on. Look to book sales growth and vinyl album revival. Kulaijaya Name Card Printing is a part of this virtual revival.

They 're just a tiny part of what your company customers will take home-something installed at the fridge or in the mailbox. Powerful design and content make it harder for people to throw it away which shows how their problems are solved by your service.

Moreover, Name Card Printing Raub is more obvious than email for instance, you send someone an email about your brand. It looks great and details key information. However, it only started to work when people opened it. Name Card Printing Raub are a constant physical reminder of your brand. People won’t be watching them all the time, but if they put them on the bulletin board, desk, or refrigerator at home, your sight is more important than email.

10 Golden Rules to Make a Good Name Card Printing Raub

Prepare your design carefully and your Name Card Printing Raub will make you look professional, create confidence and differentiate your company from those in your market.

When attending conferences, fairs or networking events, exchanging Name Card Printing Raub at the end of a conversation is crucial for following up afterward.

So how do you ensure that your card represents you and your business in the best possible way?

Remember, first impressions count

Choose the most appropriate size and shape for your needs

Choose a design that represents your products and services

Be consistent with your website and other promotional materials

Add a special touch to stand out

Give your Name Card Printing Raub additional uses

Make your Name Card Printing Raub magnetic

Ensure your contact details are easy to follow

Make sure your details are correct

If in doubt, talk to a designer

How to make a good Name Card Printing Raub

1. Remember, first impressions count

Your Name Card Printing Raub says a lot about you and your company. Your design should communicate your values, distinguish your business from the competition and encourage people to get back in touch. Whether your work style is clear and formal, those qualities will be expressed in your Raub Name Card Print. And, if your goods or services are quirky and imaginative, consider using bright colors and a catchy tagline to capture those traits.

2. Choose the most appropriate size and shape for your needs

Before you sit down to design your Name Card Printing Raub, it’s important to know what size and orientation your card will take. It not only affects the size of the text and the amount of detail that you can provide, it also expresses issues such as whether you are traditional or bold nonconformist. Horizontal rectangular cards are the format most people are familiar with. Vertical cards are less common and can be used to differentiate you from your competitors. If standing out is your goal, then you might also want to consider a specialty plastic Name Card Printing Raub or Triple Color Layer extra thick card with an eye-catching layer between the front and back sides. Decide where your business lies between understated and bold.

3. Choose a design that fits you

To make your card identifiable and symbolic of the goods or services you offer, pick colors and design elements that are synonymous with your business industry.If you sell luxury products like jewelry or evening wear, you might represent this with a foil detail. Or if you specialize in a style of stone masonry or carpentry, you may include a photo of your work to showcase your area of expertise. The choice of finish and paper stock can let your customers know whether your company is the most affordable solution around – or that you offer upscale services. Your choice of paper stock can also suggest whether you’re a fresh and fun new venture or a well-established business that’s been around for decades.

4. Be consistent with your website and other promotional materials

This way, recognizing and respecting you would be easier for your clients. If you don't have a website or other marketing materials, but your company has an existing logo or is especially well recognized for anything (be it your sign, the house, your staff's uniforms, etc.), seek to incorporate it into your Name Card Printing Raub design.

5. Add a special touch

Whether you include embossing, raised print, foil accent finishes or choose a catchy card shape, your customers will notice the difference and your card will stand out.

6. Give your Name Card Printing Raub additional uses

Using the reverse side for appointment reminders, loyalty stamps or even a convenient calendar on your wallet. Think creatively, don't just use a simple calendar template, consider marking your customers important dates based on what your company offers them.

For a landscaping company, it might be useful to mark the best moments of the year to trim or fertilize plants on your calendar – while a beautician might mark the days when their business offers a cheaper rate or free samples. If you run a food-related business, write short recipes on the back of your card; or use your card as a tag if you sell art or handmade gifts like jewelry.

7. Make your Name Card Printing Raub sticky

Forget marmalade toes, we mean by 'sticky' how long your card will be at a location your customer will see it. To companies providing regular services such as plumbing, house cleaning, gardening, pet care, hairdressing, car services, etc. we have seen magnetic cards perform very well. People place them on a daily basis at the fridge to go back to.

8. Ensure your contact details are easy to follow

The way your information is laid out is an important consideration. If in doubt about how to organize your contact details, the classic arrangement of text fields follows this order:

Company name

First name and surname

Job title

Contact info (email, phone number, social media handles, etc.)

9. Make sure your contact details are correct

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Clear contact details, correct spelling and choosing a legible font in a readable size are all things that need to be triple checked. Apart from your name and job title, make sure to mention your business, telephone number, website, email address and social media handles if relevant to your marketing activities. Make it easy for your customers to contact you the way they feel most comfortable.

10. If in doubt, talk to a designer

If you're fortunate enough to know someone who has experience designing print graphics, a simple 30-minute chat could help make sure everything is ready to be applied to your design. They will be able to make sure that the design elements like your logo will appear crisp and clear on your physical card. It’s important to make sure that your images are the right resolution and your text fields are an optimal size for readability. The last thing you want is to open a fresh box of Name Card Printing Raub to find that the logo you uploaded appears pixelated or your phone number is hard to read. But don’t worry if you don’t know anyone with these skills, our design experts are just a phone call away. They can help you with queries, edits, and even recreate your whole design if necessary.