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≛ Type of Name Card Business Card


Name Card Design Business Card Design



Basic Explanation

By the surface of Name Cards Print

By surface
Name Cards Print is divided into front and back. You can print both sides of each Name Cards Print. The price of Name Cards Print depends on the printed surface.

Single-sided printing
Print only on one side of the Name Cards Print. Double-sided printing can fully express the meaning of Name Cards Print. At present, our Name Cards Print are printed on one side.

Double-sided printing
Print on both sides of Name Cards Print. This function will be used when single-sided printing cannot fully express the meaning of Name Cards Print. More information can be inserted using double-sided printing of Name Cards Print.

By materials of Name Cards Print 

According to the risk card carrier used. Visual Name Cards Print is the most commonly used Name Cards Print carrier, but Name Cards Print paper is not the only carrier. We can also produce Name Cards Print for other products. Due to the different methods of laser printing and offset printing, Name Cards Print paper also uses different specifications.

Digital Name Cards Print :

Computer-made Name Cards Print and laser printers. Its characteristics are: computers and printers can completely use special computer Name Cards Print for printing paper, pre-press and printing work, after printing, simple processing is required, printing time is short, waiting is desirable. Color laser is usually mainly used in international production and can carry out a variety of special Name Cards Print according to consumer needs. The effect of production is better than other venture capital cards. Currently, it is the most popular type of Name Cards Print in the world.

Offset Name Cards Print:

Name Cards Print using an offset printing machine to print on Name Cards Print. The characteristics are: the use of special packaging Name Cards Print paper, printing is more casual, good quality, and can be delivered after printing. However, the printing of offset Name Cards Print is complicated, the printing process is numerous, and the delivery cycle is long, requiring a professional operation. Before the introduction of color laser printers, they have mainly offset Name Cards Print, which is now replaced by digital Name Cards Print.

Special Name Cards Print :

A Name Cards Print on a carrier other than paper with a screen printing machine can use metal, plastic and other carriers, using screen printing, high-end Name Cards Print, high printing cost, long printing cycle, a higher price than paper Name Cards Print, mostly for personal Name Cards Print, usage is not common. Name Cards Print is in color, but not as good as paper Name Cards Print.

Color Name Cards Print :

The Name Cards Print of the printing machine is usually printed with 300g coated paper first and then cut into small Name Cards Print for printing. This is divided into two types of dumb glue and picture glue. The color effect of printing is exactly the same as ordinary printing, and the color is rich. The price is low, and the trend of replacing ordinary Name Cards Print is also high.

Name Cards Print description 

Basic description

[Name Cards Print, phone card] A small Name Cards Print used for meetings, contacts, or visits, with the name, address, job title, phone number, e-mail address, organization name, occupation, etc. printed on it. This is also a way to introduce yourself to others.

Citation description

These Name Cards Print are printed on rectangular cardboard consisting of phone, name, job title, address, etc., and are mainly used to visit or contact people.

Qing Yuyue's "Renewal of Tea Fragrances in Tea Fragrance Room and Questions and Answers of Ancient Scholars": "According to this, we know that the Name Cards Print used today are printed, and the original name is also the season." Sometimes I forgot to bring Name Cards Print to print, please forgive me. "Wang Xiyan wrote in "The Melancholy and Disaster of the Ancient City": "He walked in a hurry. When he heard that you were not at home, he turned around and did not even keep his Name Cards Print."


Why You Should Print-Multiple Name Cards Print Designs?


Customizable Name Cards Print for double-sided hair styling. Your Name Cards Print is the preferred marketing tool. Therefore, you are distributing to every potential customer and recommendation source, which is why it is so important to develop a Name Cards Print design that not only provides simple contact information but also encourages action.

The advantage of Name Cards Print is that its printing cost is very low, which means that you can distribute Name Cards Print to anyone you meet and stack it in areas that target customers may find. Considering the expected and cheap Name Cards Print, I wonder why so many professionals only print one.

For maximum response, you should print multiple Name Cards Print designs. The reason is simple: you will meet many different types of people in many different types of situations. Distribute various Name Cards Print according to the given plan, allowing you to follow up further. For example, suppose you provide services for a company that designs software applications.

Your flagship application is intended for general public use, but you also want to encourage developers to use their own derived applications to adopt your API. When attending the exhibition, you will meet both application users and application developers; therefore, you can print Name Cards Print suitable for each group. The features and benefits of using the app may be listed, including a call-to-action that calls for free registration.

Each printed Name Cards Print lists the advantages created using the API and includes guidelines for gaining access to developers. By looking for a specific Name Cards Print to print, you will get a better response from both parties. Another good example is the access card coupon. In many online environments, I find it best to distribute Name Cards Print with coupons printed on the back.

However, I don’t want to offer this offer to everyone – I only consider customers who I consider “VIP”. I printed two versions of Name Cards Print, so one has a coupon and the other does not. If I provide event-specific Name Cards Print for a limited time, it would be even better: In addition, if your sales are different, you can print the Name Cards Print to men and another Name Cards Print to women. Printed for gender products or services. These are not the only methods that can help you increase the speed of the targeted printing of several Name Cards Print. Others include:

Conferences, seminars and other events, festivals

Private and public organization gatherings

Limited Time Offer

Customer type: gender, age, product preference, response mechanism preference

Holidays and seasons

Current Affairs Promotion Partners

Of course, in any particular case, you cannot print various types of Name Cards Print. However, you can choose two or three options to get the best results from the printing of Name Cards Print and print a personalized Name Cards Print for each Name Cards Print. The combination of advanced positioning and low-cost Name Cards Print will increase demand, resulting in more follow-up actions and ultimately maximizing the return on investment of Name Cards Print.

Design Concept Design Performance Name Cards Print

The content of the plan, the meaning of the theme or the focus of the product is represented as a picture book. The purpose is to explain the text, highlight the original security, and have a complete and independent visual modeling mode.

In a modern society where advertisements are frequent, illustrations can be used in almost any printed material with the nature of advertisements. Therefore, the types and internal structure of illustrations, techniques, etc. have also become one of the key points of advertising effects.

The illustrations are divided into two categories: "truth" and "abstraction". Designers must consider versatility or representation when creating, in order to use the soul to analyze data, select invisible elements and combine form and color creativity; this leads everyone to resonate with visual effects with illustrations.

Therefore, illustration is an important material for creating characters, the purpose is to attract the visual in the components of Name Cards Print printing. Most importantly, illustrations can directly express the company’s structure or industry to convey an understanding of the content.

Content section


1. Copy the model more than 3 mm from the cutting line so that the text will not be cut when cutting.

2. After confirming the original, the text should be translated into curves or outlines to prevent garbled letters because the font cannot be recognized during the plate making process.

3. When entering text, do not set to use system characters. If you use it, it will result in a white node at the intersection of the strokes. Please do not set the text to overprint and fill in at the same time.

3 Reasons Why You Need Name Cards Print?

Name Cards Print is still the golden way to communicate, and even many freelancers use social media as their main online channel, but strong communication between the elderly and the public is still the golden gate to attract new customers.



This Is A Private Matter


Like most people, they judge people by their appearance. Your personal brand will be displayed through your appearance and wear, but there is no need to stop. Printing with Name Cards Print will bring another element to your personal brand, that is, personal style. It enables your potential customers or potential customers to further understand you and your brand through design. In addition to encouraging your personalized people to contact you again, your Name Cards Print will also let them know that your work is important. The printed Name Cards Print can not only display the contacts on your favorite social media account but also have personal charm.


Make You More Memorable


An outstanding Name Cards Print design will do two things at once which will make you unique and highlight your design skills. The receiver of the card is very important when trying to contact you. Name Cards Print will make people feel like you're worth it with fun, eye-catching apps. It makes you look professional, which is the requirements of any business owner or freelancer.



Create Awareness For Your Service


Although a Name Cards Print is a perfect way to highlight your design skills and make you look more professional and superior, knowledge of your service can also be increased. Name Cards Print will help you stand out from new clients, and those you want to keep for potential growth in the market.


All in all, Name Cards Print is a great way to connect and get involved. Thus, take a look at our favorites and choose a Name Cards Print template that can benefit from a 20 percent discount for reading this article.