A Name Card Printing should reflect the trustworthiness, integrity, and durability that a corporation or business person can add its name and number to name card printing. Name Card Printing is small enough to distribute, delivered on a newsletter desk, enclosed in a letter, or put on a shop counter. There are currently three main types of name card printing, the simplest of which is laser printing, followed by offset printing and the most complicated is silkscreen printing. Laser and offset printing are widely used today, while screen printing is relatively rare.





Design Performance of Name Card Printing


The plan's contents, the theme's meaning or the product's emphasis are presented in a picture book form. Its aim is to explain the document, highlight the original safety and provide full and independent patterns for visual modelling.


In a modern society where commercials are frequent, illustrations can be used in almost any printed material of an advertising nature, so the form and interior of illustrations, techniques, etc. have also become one of the key points of advertising effects.


The choice of illustrations is divided into two categories: truth and abstraction. Designers must recognize universality or representativeness when designing, in order to use the soul to interpret the details, select the elements to be invisible, and create a mixture of shape and color artistic skills; encourage the absorption of the dream of all and communicate with the illustration.


To draw perception from the constituent elements of the name card printing, the illustration is therefore an essential material for shaping a character. Most notably, the diagram should communicate the structure or business of the organization explicitly in order to illustrate the clear reading impact of the advertisement material.

Text Design of Name Card Printing


We all know that text is one of the most direct visual media in human daily life, and it is also a communicator of academic culture. The font design is intended to transform the text's spirit and to strengthen the text's charm. Therefore, when the text is used in the design industry, it is not only for conveying messages, but also has the decoration / appreciation function and the impression enhancement function.


Because of the exponential growth of advertising and the impact of global fashion movements, whether advertising agencies or people are involved in fashion research , in order to communicate business desires or their specific design ideas, in addition to improvements in printing fonts; often colorful, Changeable new fonts. Hand-drawn fonts are special fonts that are completely different from traditional fonts under the premise of emphasizing the lightness and creative fun of writing ... and many other premises.


The industry also influences the way Text is made when creating name card printings. Soft-pen fonts for example are ideal for use in the Museum of Tea History. The source of the theme of the text design is: the company's full name in Chinese and English, the initials of Chinese and English, the text logo ... etc., Vientiane, the crafted script, the carved seal, the conventional script are used on the paper. Finally, we need to be careful about combining fonts and writing to create the layout atmosphere and shape the brand into another new visual language.

Color Design of Name Card Printing


Color is a language of sophistication. It's got expressions of happiness and sorrow. Often it allows the hearts of people to burst and also makes them feel happy. Colour also affects the sensory organs in addition to acting on vision.


Like black, it makes people think of acid, soft color is tactile, very fragrant color is the scent, both of which can show how dynamic and varied the impact of color on human behavior and physiology is; therefore, it is better for name card printing designers to consider the corporate identity of the company. Color is a kind of combined media.


The intensity of color does not depend on the size of the area but on the influence of regular configuration. The color change comes from the color properties, which can also be acquired based on the color's size and location.


Modern people no longer care about color taboos. Instead, they pursue individual color combinations. So long so they understand the intense emotions of customers, they can easily comprehend the application of name card printing colors; otherwise, if they don't make full use of the color strength produced by colors, Or the wrong color mix, no matter how good the content is, it won't draw everyone's attention to the name card printing material.


Therefore, when choosing the color of the name card printing's original color paper label, care must be taken to consider the creativity of the design, otherwise the spread of the name card printing may cause damage to the personal or corporate image.

Global Variations of Name Card Printing


The name card printing in Japan is called "Famous Thorn". Usually, in the largest printing size, the company name is at the top, then the job title, and then the personal name. This information is written with Japanese characters, and is usually Latin characters on the reverse. Meishi can usually also include QR codes to provide contact information in a precise form of the machine, has not become a common practice yet. According to a 2007 survey, less than 3% of Japanese people have Meishi printed with QR codes.


The Name Card Printing should be placed in the top two corners, face up and flipped, it can be read by the person who receives the master brake, then use both hands to grasp it in the bottom two corners. Putting your finger on the name or other information is impolite. After receiving the "Famous Teacher", people are expected to read the name card printing and designate the person's name and grade. Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your name card printing") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. For example, when Meishi is exchanged between different parties, between the company's president and middle managers, it is appropriate for some merged individuals to expand their name card printings in such a way that they are in a higher position The artificial replacement of Meishi below.


Meishi should be placed in a smart holster that will not warm or wear, both of which are considered signs of disrespect or carelessness. The popular poems that have been obtained need not be written on the jacket or in the jacket; once Meishi is put on the table, the recipient places it on top of the holster before they leave the table. If the meeting is attended by multiple persons and one person gets multiple Meishi, the person with the highest rank is placed on the leather box and another person is placed on the bench.


The manner in which the receiver treats the Meishi of the presenter shows how the receiver should perceive the presenter. Acts like folding the card in half, or putting the name of the presenter in the back pocket are considered insulting.


Japanese executives or officials usually have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, in the order of Japanese names (surname first), and the other is used by foreigners, whose names are in Spanish (last name) .

7 Kinds of Name Card Printing Designs are Impressive


You might waste time looking about the rectangle when it comes to Name Card Printings. In addition to being an outstanding dialogue starter, the innovative concept can also be designed with effective promotional techniques. Here are six creative Name Card Printing concepts that will inspire you.



1. Purposeful Name Card Printing


If you pay more effort to turn Name Card Printing into practical products, when using Name Card Printing, customers will think more about yourself. The Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant for example created 1,000 Name Card Printing, a pair of cheese graters. They are so popular that Bon Vivant must put customers on the waiting list for a few days before they can contact them.



2. Folding Name Card Printing


UrbanStore in the US uses die-cutting technology to design Name Card Printing that look like one-dimensional paper bags. One of these can be unfolded into a real miniature paper shopping bag to everyone's delight.


3. Playful Name Card Printing


The yoga studio's cheerful style reveals they are a fun and open company, and they don't matter for themselves much. The Name Card Printing expressed only plainly what was offered, so it was both unforgettable so difficult to play together.



4. Name Card Printing Bag


Why not using Name Card Printing to take small presents by surprise? The Name Card Printing design of this gardening business seems to be different at first glance, until you hold it in hand and actually make it a small object inserted into a lawn seed.


5. Spot UV Name Card Printing


It creates a reflective-textured look that can give your Name Card Printing a sense of luxury. To go a step further, as in this stunning example, you can try using bump UV to visually enhance the paper's design elements.



6. Embossed Name Card Printing


Embossing is a great way to add tactile elements to your Name Card Printing while maintaining a simple and elegant design. The downside of this process is that according to the paper fabrics or decorations used you can quickly have different looks. In this exquisite style it seems as elegant and professional as the floral designer.



7. Digital foil Name Card Printing


Digital foil is an amazing, eye-catching decoration that allows you to add a bold metallic effect in gold or silver to your Name Card Printing. Just like UV, digital foil also provides placement options to create attractive 3D effects.



Commonly, Name Card Printing play a significant role in developing new client relationships. So why not let the template stick out and make an memorable impact more probable than ever?


For more professional printing and design suggestions, please contact us.

Design an Effective Logo for Your Name Card Printing


Your most important brand identity is your corporate logo and marketing colours. When people see your logo, they need to consider their work and its usefulness immediately.


Marketing experts and business experts strongly recommend that you use professionally designed logos.


"If you use the logo on the design template on the printer site, then someone will give you the card with the logo," Poole said that using a professional designer means that you will not see your logo on someone else's card. This is a matter of consistency, of professionalism. You don't want to lead people to your work with your thoughts. Everyone can do the same thing; your logo should reflect your unique market position, "he said.


This is especially true if you provide consumers with the best recognition and memory services through the use of typical symbols (such as lightning of electricians or wrenches of plumbers).


The middle position (and the most difficult way) is to design your own logo.


What Information Will Your Name Card Printing Contain?


Good Name Card Printing before the era of the Internet were like personal calling cards. It includes your name, the name of your company, the job title, the actual address and the phone number. Many cards only add new information by digitally acquiring business communications: websites, email addresses, social network IDs, etc .. This is a problem because the less important details people can read and remember the more you put on the card.


Here are some rules about including some text information on Name Card Printing:


Be sure you have all the basics: your profile, your phone number (if you decide to contact customers), and your email address.


Just provide your street address when you need others to navigate to your current place.


State your work and/or content clearly. This usually needs the mark line to be placed on the card under the name of the product, or elsewhere.

Smart Way To Use Name Card Printing

Are 20 to 30 people in your word of mouth holding your cards, and are you ready to give them to potential customers who are actually qualified? Of course, it could be. Every time I hear someone say, "Let me give you my friend's Name Card Printing to me, I will be excited. Oh, by the way, I can make the Name Card Printing the most powerful single pen you can invest in. Name Card Printing it decomposes, saves energy, shrinks, and has low technical content. It can serve you away from your hand after working for hours, weeks or even years!

Some things planned by your Name Card Printing are:

Tell others your name and your company name, provide potential customers with a way to contact you, let others appreciate your work, style and personality. It may be so unusual, fascinating, weird, fascinating or interesting that it stays in memory like a great radio or TV commercial. When it is passed from person to person, it can be reused and provide the same message to everyone it contacts. The two main functions of the card are to obtain business from the person you recommend, and to disclose your name to other people with whom the first person has contact through the recommendation. With this in mind, let's take a look at the most effective way to use Name Card Printing

Make your card accessible in any situation

 In short, don't leave home without them! It is best to put a small box of cards in the glove box, just in case you need more than what is in your pocket or wallet. In addition to the jacket pockets, I also stuffed them into my briefcase, wallet and computer bag to ensure that I would never run out. Pay attention to your supply. In addition to ensuring that you have a card on hand, and to ensure that your network partners always have your card. Check with them regularly to see if they need more, and be prepared to provide them with the quantity they say to increase your needs.

Seeking circumstances to exchange Name Card Printing

You have many opportunities to pass your card to potential customers and clients and the referral sources you wish to develop. Some are in series. Others are not. Whenever you have a one-on-one meeting with a new friend or someone who has stayed and did not meet, please give her a Name Card Printing. In mixing consoles and social events, make sure you have enough cards when entering. These are good places to extend network coverage. Conferences and trade shows are another great place to exchange Name Card Printing. Suppliers at the trade show are eager to get their cards-don't make that way into a road. Make sure you also give them your card. When you visit a business without competition, it may attract people who want to be the same as the customers, please ask if you can leave a card supply to be distributed or provided. In most cases, companies complementary to yours have been looking for network partners. International conferences and events can provide opportunities to distribute Name Card Printing. Consider printing on both sides of the card, continuously printing English, and printing the language of the venue on the other side.

Contacts at a Distance

Several cards are attached to every package of sales materials you send. In addition to the thank-you letter to your business person, the recommendation of the business person brings you an important contract, which includes a Name Card Printing, which is used to replace the Name Card Printing she gave, and multiple Name Card Printing. After discussing any phone call after the business, please write something to outline your email is a good way to follow up, but in fact, some mail will allow you to include your Name Card Printing.

Special trade tips

When issuing a card, please write something on a copy, such as your mobile phone number, secondary email address, etc. This will give the specific card a chance to reserve. Make sure you also provide the person with a few "clean" cards, and ask your new friend to pass them on to potential customers. After getting someone's card and finishing time with her, take notes on the back of the card, To make your memory fresh, to help you remember her. Don’t do that in front of her, otherwise you risk making people feel “forgetful”. If you need to record information immediately during the discussion, such as a phone number or card There is no other data on it, please use one of your own cards. You don’t want her to think that you think of her card as a memo pad for notes. The main thing when issuing a card is to remember that it is an effective tool. Make full use of its full potential. Without it, you will never be caught.