📣 Ten Details On Printing Name Cards

Ten Details On Printing Name Cards

1. These are standardized sizes for a reason and you have to make sure the Name Card Printing isn't an unusual size that gets misplaced or doesn't match anywhere. A printout of the Name Card should go into a rolodex. If it is the most amazing Name Card Print ever made.

2. People are web-savvy, just keep the Name Card Printing quick and less is better. Website address, email, business name, telephone number (maybe), E-mail (maybe) for example. Want a whole lot more?

3. Using photos because they add to what you do (i.e., the photographer / artist, etc.). Again be careful how much detail the graphics provide. Will not get people to work trying to find out who you are.

4. Take sufficient stock of print. It's consistency that matters. 

5. Use the same design principles you would apply to a website or a poster ... Just don't be cheesy. 

6. Show the template to anyone before printing out. Please make sure you get them honest. Looks straightforward and tidy? Could they easily find out who you are?

7. Should not use a watermark or a elevated lettering or color, unless you have a reason. Hire a competent or dangerous person ... When you can do it, then this. 

8. Round corners, simple design choices, imagination ... All those are going to work. I don't like all these cases, but at the same time I like how simple yet useful the card is.

9. When you're out networking, you can send away several tickets, and never hear from anybody. It's easier to take cards, because in general I believe the biggest justification for doing a Name Card Printing is that you can grab someone else's card because follow it up with them. In people giving out cards randomly, or claiming they don't have cards on them, I found a certain set.

10. Last but not least, how you keep communicating with others is a Name Card Writing, so don't sweat it too much.