📣 Quick overview of Name Card Printing

Quick overview of Name Card Printing

Name Card Printing originated as trading cards in England during the 17th century. These were used as advertisements and charts, since there was no known system of street graphics in London at the time.

By the 1870s Name Card Printing 's popularity had made it one of the most successful advertising methods — promoting everything from baby milk to pianos to medicinal items. They were seen in shops, general stores , hotels, train stations, and restaurants, and shop owners were helped by salesmen in arranging shop counter advertisements and window displays using Name Card Printing as well as large show cards. The advances in dura ace lithography at the time made it simpler for consumers to use such colorful designs as home decoration (Art of American Advertising: Trade Car: Trade Car Advertising).

As you can see in these examples of Name Card Printing, the front of the Name Card Printing consisted of the company name or sometimes the name of one of the business products with a visually compelling illustration or design to attract the customer, while the back of the card was loaded with business information-figures, product advantages, order details, position of the company and contact information.

Name Card Printing is still used today as advertising and as a simple way of showing a company's contact information. Name card printing, for example, can act as brochures, too.