📣 Name Card Etiquette Printing around the World

Name Card Etiquette Printing around the World

We should all agree that one of the easiest and most popular forms of correspondence you can provide is to share your Name Card Printing with a significant business partner. A Name Card Printing is so much more than a contact card in most countries; it is almost of an extension of a individual. The proper technique for Name Card Printing is still best practiced whatever the reason. Let’s discuss a few different cultures to get you on the right path:

Etiquette for companies in Japan

The practice of exchanging Name Card Printing was also known as "meishi" in Japan, is an important part of the business protocol and is a kind of ritual. You can never bring your Name Card Printing in your bag, in a responsible manner, like a Name Card Printing holder. It will make the Name Card Printing look tidy and fresh as you're giving over to someone else. Your Name Card Printing reflects specifically on you and your company, so you never want a bent or broken card to sell.

Give your card at the initial meeting always with both sides. This gesture shows the utmost reverence for the person you encounter. When you are on the receiving end, keep in mind that in some manner harming the card of another party (writing, cracking, or tearing) is perceived as a very gross and offensive behavior. Always thank the guy, and respectfully treat their card. Never slip it into your purse or jacket. You should then position your card in a secure spot, maybe a Name Card Print binder or your own holder temporarily.

Exchange of Chinese Name Card Prints

If you're in China, so there are a few rules to swap Name Card Printing. For Chinese characters on one hand and "Simplified" on the other, the cards will be dual-sided. "Modern" Chinese characters are special to Taiwan and Hong Kong, and you can change the cards based on where you will be traveling.

The Chinese community values age and rank highly, so if your company is the biggest or the oldest in your country, be sure to apply that to your card as well. Small specifics in that culture are significant. Please show the card with both hands faced up with the Chinese text, so it can be read quickly. In China, the person you are being introduced to reflects a Name Card Print. Studying the card for a limited period of time is normal and holding the card on the table next to you so that you can easily return to it as appropriate. As in Japan, you can never cram someone else's card into a bag, or in any way harm it. Place the token in the holder of a Name Card Print as a show of gratitude for the person who gave it to you.

Title Card Printing Interchange Guidelines for the USA

In the US, things are done a little differently when you swap Name Card Printing. You will also want to keep your cards looking clean in a Name Card Printing holder, because fading or dirty cards are a direct representation of your business. 

While it is common to immediately swap Name Card Printing with a new partner at the initial meeting, you can always wait until the right moment. Only continue the discussion with printing your Name Card. Get to know your partner a little bit and wait until the talk is entrepreneurial. This point of the discussion should let you know this person is sincerely involved in your business and you can face up to them with your card. However, if you are having a formal business conference, everyone will swap cards before the meeting starts so that everyone knows the names of all the others.

It is not found rude to write on the empty spaces of a Name Card Printing in the United States. In fact, if you write a mobile phone number or email address on the back before you send it to them, it would help your future buyers feel respected.