📣 Name Card Development & Sample of Output

Name Card Development & Sample of Output

1. Standard size of color Name Card Printings

- Package size finished 90×45mm (production size 92×47mm, including 1mm each around the bleeding);

Package size finished 90×50mm (production size 92×52mm, including 1mm each around the bleeding);

Package size finished 90×54mm (production size 92×56mm, including 1mm each around the bleeding);

- PVC Name Card Printing is completed in scale 89×52mm (the size is 92×55mm, including 1.5mm on each side of the bleeding);

2. Name Card Printing style

Horizontal Name Card Printings (90×54mm), vertical Name Card Printings (54×90mm), folded Name Card Printings (90×90mm or 180×54mm) and special-shaped Name Card Printings or sizes within the range of these two Name Card Printings are acceptable.

3. Normal Name Card Printing applications 

To build images, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop program tools, text will transform curves, or outlines.

4. Name Card Printing format requirements

- Please save CorelDraw in CDR format (for graphics using CorelDraw special effects, please convert to bitmap, bitmap resolution 300dpi).

- Illustrator should be saved in EPS format (external image file, need attached file).

- Photoshop please save in PSD or JPG format; the file resolution is above 300dpi.

5. Color description

You can't order the color of the screen or the text. Do not use colors on spot while filling. Please make sure to adhere to the CMYK color value percentage when producing, or it will create a change in colour.

The colours can be subtly different when the same text is written at various time points. The same paper products (such as double offset sheets, Legnica and Dutch white cards) are more susceptible to problems with color casting, which is common.