📣 Japanese Specific Name Card Protocol

Japanese Specific Name Card Protocol

Name Card Printing in Japan is commonly seen as an extension of its owner; it is seldom considered merely a means on which a company may rely to attract new clients or strengthen its relation to current ones. Comprehending the ins and outs of Japanese Name Card Printing etiquette will help you get off on the right foot and make a lasting first impression.

Here are a couple of don'ts you can stop when exchanging cards with someone in Japan and practically anywhere else in the world if you really care for your image:

- Do not insert a Name Card Print into your wallet or pocket that you just got. The action is viewed as rather unpolitical. Instead, put it in the film, softly. 

- Do not use the Print Name Card as a new postcard. In other words, please write no information or graffiti at all on the back of your Name Card Printing.

- Don't take the Name Card Printing package out of your bag. To prevent creases or scratches, put these useful promotional devices in stylish card holders / cases.

- Do not hold meetings until you make sure you have the right Name Card Printing number. Making sure Name Card Printing never runs out on your next outing. To stop this humiliating rookie error, each time you have to attend a big meeting, you will carry at least 50 Name Card Printings.

Name card exchange is an significant practice regulated by strict rules

Conditions are really different in Japan. Every information matters, like how you print your Name Card and when you want to print your Name Card. The presentation of cards is based on one's rank; the person with the highest rank should be the last person to offer his or her interlocutors a Name Card Print. Therefore, the Japanese took the time out of consideration to properly read and understand all the pertinent details shown on the Name Card Printing they just received; they also wished that all receivers would do the same.