📣 7 Sites you can place for your Name Card Printing

7 Sites you can place for your Name Card Printing

Existing Customers

People impressed by your business are the perfect ambassadors for handing out cards. Stay note of which clients also take care of your company, and help it. And offer extra Name Card Printing to these happy buyers if they buy your stuff again, or anytime you visit them, so they can pass it on to their friends and relatives.

Shopping centers and catering courts

Malls attract a number of customers, which will help you reach secondary markets. Since most of the malls have been fitted with seating area, hangout area and other rest-n-go station, customers are more likely to stop and read the Name Card Printing at their moments of rest while shopping isn't busy. Seek to search for places with that in mind where people often stop or assemble. Food court chairs, sitting areas and condiment counters are perfect places to display your Name Card Printing.

Booklet or Brochures

Books and magazines are an intelligent tool for connecting with a highly focused public. Seek to find out what is important to your clients, and any magazines they can read. Do some work to discover some famous books or magazines related to your business. You can also visit local libraries or bookstores and, with the approval of the owner or authority, sneak your Name Card Printing into books and magazines which are important to your audience. With this strategy you have a good opportunity to meet customers who will take advantage of your goods.

Affiliate Firms

If you are not already building partnerships with other companies, what do you expect? Try looking for non-competing partners who share your customer base, and swap cards to give referrals to each other.

Public Newsletters

Find groups in your region that would let everyone post on public newsletters. The bulletin boards that appear too busy at first sight to be worth your time. But keep in mind, people used to dig information through the information board or find something that would interest them. 

Check out these common places where a Name Card Printing can be displayed: 


Centers Society 


University campuses 


Share chambers 

Gyms and Leisure Centres 


Government buildings

Government buildings are useful places to freely promote yourself. They are widely accessible, and attract local professionals and community-active individuals. Stick to areas that the potential clients are most likely to visit, such as the city hall, visitor centers, county clerks, tax departments, and courthouses.

Industry-specific areas to exit Name Card Printing 

Not all solutions work for everyone because you have different target audience. Tailor your strategy to your audience to get the most out of your investment. Let's presume you 're working in a furniture company, HVAC company or home renovation. Real estate offices are a good place for providing your business to land owners in the market.

Anyhow, first consider your clients so you can get better at predicting where more leads can be found. At first you should look at the selling of Name Card Printing as a game of numbers. So if you put in new companies, be careful which communication strategies will better operate.

Bear in mind: Keep putting Name Card Printing in places that yield better returns for a more successful long term approach.