📣 6 Phases In Creating A Good Name Card Printing

6 Phases In Creating A Good Name Card Printing

Pick the style you prefer

If you've already chosen to print a standard rectangular Name Card Printing , you can skip this and go ahead with the second step. But if you want to know more about all the Name Card Printing form choices, including outside-the-box techniques, keep reading. 

In addition to conventional rectangular Name Card Printing, we deliver different form variations such as: round corner Name Card Printing, die-cutting Name Card Printing, folding Name Card Printing, spot-UV Name Card Printing and more. Visit our Name Card Printing page to find out more forms!


2. Choose your desired size

Your second choice is the Name Card Printing scale. It also relies on the country's norm as the pattern in the scale of the use of Name Card Printing is different due to their culture in countries. Even if you're planning to stand out, you still need to know what anybody else is doing to go against it. 

Here is the regular size of Name Card Printing in some other countries, for your knowledge. 

- Regular North American: 3.5 / 2 in. (88.9 = 50.8 mm diameter) 

- European standard: 3.346 inch. (85 x 55 mm diameter) 

- Standard Oceania: 3.54 / 2.165 in. (90 55 mm in diameter)


Conversely, no matter what size of Name Card Printing you chose, always be extra cautious while designing in such three areas. 

- Bleed area: the outermost portion of your written Name Card. 

- Trim line: goal line for cutting your Name Card Print. 

- Safety line: anything that is outside this line is subject to errors in cutting. So it's really necessary to ensure key items such as text or logos fall beyond this section.

3. Insert mark logo as well as other graphics

The next move that will be the logo to produce a Name Card Printing. The company mark can most of the time take the Name Card Printing center stage so it doesn't repair it. 

If you have a two-sided Name Card Printing, you can have the company logo on both sides of the Name Card Printing, so you don't need to be in the middle, you can put it on the edge. Or, you might only have the company mark on one side and the market info on the other. This will work to draw human eyes as the spacing during design provided a sense of ease to the men.


How if the Name Card Printing empty space doesn't suit your taste? How if you design your company logo clearly or include text only? One-sided printing of a Name Card would be a great option! To make this more appealing, you should add more and more graphics to your Name Card Printing. You are doing a child-care business , for example, a cute theme should be added to your Name Card Printing because cute items often suit the taste of the children. Add graphic in any teddy bears or dolls to attract children's curiosity.

4. Adding essential explanation

Most likely, your Name Card Printing will be given out to those who already have an interest in your company. This means they have seen your client before, and they also know everything about your organization. So don't use needless detail in your Name Card Printing. If the knowledge doesn't help you build meaning for your Name Card Printing, delete it from the template. 

For examples, use your company address instead of your personal home address. Customers will only visit your company for commercial reasons, rather than visiting your house.

Here are some of the information to place on your Name Card Printing: 

A) Personal name – Every card has a tag, so that you can be named by others. 

B) organization name – except for personal products, in which the name is the same as that of the product. 

C) Description of a job – It will serve to remind the manager of who you are, what you are doing and how you meet. 

D) Telephone number – This can produce people who can reach you. 

E) Email – Encourage people to share more information or find out more about you. 

F) Site URL – Increase the popularity of the site and provide more comprehensive information for clients. 

G) Business address – Needed to attract clients to your office or shop.

6. Complete the design

Often double-check with your Name Card Printing template before continuing with the impression stage. Let your designer give you the finished template as a vector file or as a PDF file. In case you need to change the size, you would need to use vector files, so PDFs are readable without displacement by almost any printer.