Want to make your Name Card Printing look outstanding and creative? Our Name Card Printing can be built according to the tastes or specifications of the customers in various shapes, sizes, letter types, fonts and colors. The company has a unique Name Card Printing, which will surely surprise you and effectively print. We now provide design services for Name Card Printing to solve your problems! In addition, we provide an elegant and memorable Name Card Printing design services to reflect your product logo and ensure that the final product can be safely delivered to your doorstep.






According to the layout of name card printing

That is, because of the different layout of the usage method, name card printing can be made in different styles. Name card printing paper is divided into ordinary name card printing and folded name card printing according to whether they can be folded. Due to the different bottom surface of the printing reference, ordinary name card printing can also be divided into horizontal name card printing and vertical name card printing.

1. Horizontal name card printing:

A method of printing name card printing with a low wide edge and a high narrow edge. Horizontal name card printing has become the most commonly used name card printing, the printing method due to its convenient design and cheap typesetting.

2. Vertical name card printing:

Use name card printing with narrow sides at the low end and wide sides at the high end. Vertical name card printing is not suitable for personalized name card printing design due to its complicated layout and few reference design materials.

3. Fold name card printing:

A foldable name card printing whose information recording the area is half of the ordinary name card printing.


Name card printing introduction

During the formal introduction, share them for convenience and memory. Name card printing usually includes the provider’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo), and traditional contact information such as street addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and websites. Before the advent of electronic communications, name card printing may also contain telex details. Now, they may include social media addresses, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the past, many name card printing were simple black text on white film, and name card printing printed from engraved plates had a unique look and feel, which was a sign of ideal professionalism. Professional name card printing usually contains one or more eye information to capture the visual design.

40 places to leave name card printing

Get new leads to expand your direct sales business and book many fixed parties. One way to generate new leads that you may not have contacted us to leave the catalog and/or name card printing anywhere! Waiting rooms, bulletin boards and any places where you can leave direct name card printing or catalogs should be kept. (Get permission first!)

I used to slide the card into a credit card reader at a gas station, although I heard that it was illegal in some places, so I stopped until I could study it further.

Here are 40 tips on where to keep name card printing or catalogs and attract new customers:

Doctor's room, accounting room, physician's room, orthodontic room, lawyer's room, court, hospital waiting room, veterinary waiting room, hair salon, manicure salon, solarium salon, restaurant, bar, public bath, dressing room, air pump, library, Bulletin board, pharmacy, bank, gymnasium, daycare, dance school, College campus, deli, coffee shop, grocery store, shore shop, flower shop, park bench, bus stop, train station, airport, hotel room, Final room, poolside, bowling alley, cinema, pool hall.

What type of name card printing?

If you're in a conservative industry, or you're looking for simple name card printing, classic design is the best choice. Without any artistic elements, the card contains all the basic information necessary. High-quality paper can be used to attract people. If you want to go beyond professional, the ideal choice is classic name card printing.

If you are looking for something special, using name card printing in wild format is fitting. The foldable style can be used to turn the name card printing into a brochure. Another option is for smaller name card printing than the standard size. These are good ways to make your name card printing noticeable but consideration must be given to how to name card printing can be stored.

You can design name card printing which contains only social network pages for users who only connect with social networks. Any people don't connect with possible partners using their phone or postal address. If you are such a person, you do not need to include any contact details you do not intend to use. When creating a name card printing one of the most important things to note is that it will make it easy for people to interact with you. You should include the URL of your Facebook page and Twitter account for people who spend hours on social networks. You can also include your name card printing information in your IM.

Name card printing can also take the form of objects, which are related to the types of services and products you provide. If you force the auto industry, the name card printing can be shaped like a car. This type of card will definitely impress.

We live in a world of vibrant gadgets (smartphones, tablets and fast internet. There is no doubt that technology has improved our lives in many ways. However, some things are irreplaceable. I personally think that One is your Name Card Printing. As for the reason, let me tell you that in a ten-year career with and without Name Card Printing, I am sharing this, and this is the difference I can notice. A cheap method of information, but not only. Whenever you distribute your Name Card Printing to someone, please remember that you are directly a professional, and you are looking for business and opportunities for a long time. You can get business from the son of a garbage worker who works at Microsoft or even a friend of a fishmonger, this way, when this happens, you will be able to understand how your Name Card Printing is performing and create sales channels through various platforms to allocate marketing budgets across different channels.

You may have heard the famous proverb: "The first impression is the last impression", please, believe me, your Name Card Printing plays an important role in introducing you or the entire company/brand to customers. When the potential customer receives your card, it directly helps you to establish a more professional image and method, so that you can become a business owner. This will quickly bring a sense of credibility to the customer and enable him/her to trust your business. In terms of Name Card Printing, you can increase your professional image by 200%, so I suggest and encourage you to print some Name Card Printing, even if you are a freelancer or a full-time employee (employers will also give them to you, armor you can enhance your image, and indirectly play a role for your company).

2.Brand Message

For example, graphic designers should have creative Name Card Printing, while architects should use simple and clean design to focus on modernity. Your Name Card Printing can show your company or brand. For example, a company’s design director can be called "creative director-design" or "design inventor".


In today's fiercely competitive world, everyone is looking for new business. How do you plan to stand out and be remembered? Being different is an important part of the winner. Unforgettable, engaging and interesting Name Card Printing can ensure that your customers remember your brand when they need it. Impressive Name Card Printing can be completed by graphic designers or on many online platforms. In addition to the range of available options, please note the following. Your Name Card Printing must be: • Simple • Essentials • Provide basic details about you and your business • With contact information (mobile phone, landline, email, website, etc.)

4. Call to Action

If you want to bring sales through Name Card Printing, you need to act like CTA on social media. Once the first three areas are covered, the Name Card Printing can be safely placed in the trash. Customers will remember to call or email you in time when needed. I suggest you go further and include well-written call-to-action. For example, you can provide discounts for new customers, provide QR codes or slogans with punched holes on the website pages that display your services. One of the biggest conversation starters in professional words is "Name Card Printing", so make sure to keep the information clear and cut to the point.

Understand basic design principles

Knowing basic design principles can help you avoid wasting time on unimportant or non-functional things. When designing, please make sure that there is about 5mm of space, which is the "bleeding" space starting from the decorative edge. This is to avoid interrupting words or affecting the design when printing "Name Card Printing".

It is recommended that you use a grid when designing "Name Card Printing", so that any graphics, images, or text placed inside can be organized. These basic design principles can make your Name Card Printing look professional.

Learn interesting design tips

Most of the eye-catching designs are the designer's out-of-the-box ideas. Don't fix yourself in the scene, don't break the frame. Special decoration can make your Name Card Printing design special. Aluminum foil paper, dot UV or metal ink can make your Name Card Printing more attractive.

Invest in a professional printing

DIY Name Card Printing is usually easy to find. Therefore, unless you have professional experience, please seek help. Professionals know how to design a successful Name Card Printing. Can you imagine how long it will take to print thousands of Name Card Printing? It's really easy, isn't it? Professional printing can save you time and money.

Regular inspection work

Sending Name Card Printing print designs to the printer by mistake will waste your time and money. These errors are easier to solve than you think. If you spend a few hours staring at the Name Card Printing design, then your brain is likely to find a mistake. This may cost you and your customers at a high price.

Please take a break before sending the design. Just five minutes away from the screen will help you update your eyes. Or it is better to check with new actual eyes. Spelling is just one element that needs to be checked. Don’t forget to check the punctuation and spacing. A dent somewhere will really stand out.

Many companies and independent contractors also use Name Card Printing to network and sell their services or goods to potential customers. Name Card Printing also contains important contact information for the person concerned, so the customer knows to call the person who makes the business transaction or purchase. When designing and writing Name Card Printing, some standard detailed information printing should be included in the Name Card Printing. On the brand side, if you are responsible for designing a wallet, you are free to market yourself.

Write the company name on the Name Card Printing. When you are an independent contractor operating under your own name, make sure that your name is written clearly so that people will not question who's the card they are reading. Use larger or separate fonts for the rest of the card.

Write your name on the card and its title. It is also located in a place other than the company name. It represents the contact person in the organization and its name. If you are a freelance contractor, just use your name and the word "Director".

Include (if applicable) the company's actual address. If you run a store and want to attract customers, please provide an address. If you work from home and do not want to attract customers to your home, please do not provide your address.

Include phone numbers, websites, email addresses and fax numbers in the address details below. People must check your card in order to effectively and conveniently contact you and provide the details provided.

Embed the logo in "Name Card Printing" for easy identification. A simple logo is a way to distinguish Name Card Printing and make it stand out from other Name Card Printing (if placed in a pile). The logo also incorporates color, style and texture into the card.