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If you are looking for a Name Cards Printing, you 're in the right place. We are based in Malaysia and offer a wide range of finishes and quantities to choose from, whether single or double-sided with Matt Lamination, Gloss Lamination, Spot UV, Emboss, Hot Stamping, or Die-Cut Finishing.

Looking for attractive concept ideas to print on a Name Cards Printing?

Great news! Now we run Name Cards Printing services to solve your problems! Additionally, we offer smart and memorable Name Cards Printing design services to reflect the product character and ensure that the final product can interact.


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Printing by using Name Cards Printing 

Separate Name Cards Printing according to their purpose. Name Cards Printing is mainly created for communication. In the past, due to the underdevelopment of economy and transportation, people did not communicate much, and the demand for Name Cards Printing was not great. With the reform and opening up in the Mainland, population movement has accelerated, and people-to-people exchanges have continued to increase. The use of Name Cards Printing began to increase. Especially in recent years, with the economic growth knowledge has begun to develop, Name Cards Printing used for business activities has become the mainstream of the market. People can communicate in two ways: one is the connection between friends and the other is the connection between workplaces. , One is commercial advertising, the other is non-commercial advertising, which is the basis of Name Cards Printing classification. 

Name Cards Printing : 

Most Name Cards Printing used by companies or enterprises in business activities is profit-making. The main features of Name Cards Printing are: Name Cards Printing also uses logos, registered trademarks, and printing within the business scope. Large companies have a single Name Cards Printing format, use high-quality paper, and Name Cards Printing without private family information is mainly used for business. 

Public Name Cards Printing :

It is the printing of Name Cards Printing used by governments or social groups in foreign currencies. Name Cards Printing is not used for profit. The main characteristics of public Name Cards Printing are: most Name Cards Printing uses signs, some printing has external services, and there is no single Name Cards Printing style. The purpose of Name Cards Printing is to facilitate related, pay attention to personal titles and positions, Name Cards Printing do not contain private family information, mainly used for foreign exchange transactions with services.

Personal Name Cards Printing :

A Name Cards Printing used to exchange feelings and meet new friends. The main characteristics of personal Name Cards Printing are: Name Cards Printing without logo, customized Name Cards Printing design can be used freely, most of them are printed with personal images, interests, titles and occupations. Individuals can use Name Cards Printing paper according to their personal preferences, including Name Cards Printing with private family information, which is usually used to communicate with friends and advertise.


Why is Name Cards Printing still important?

Name Cards Printing is one of the oldest and most effective forms of direct marketing, but with the advent of technology and websites, do they still exist? Yes, this is the reason.
Over the years, I have established contacts with many people in the business world and become marketers. I often ask them how to best market themselves directly to customers-I realize that few people answer Name Cards Printing, but most people respond by replying to email marketing and other digital media.

Yes, I know that these continuous development technologies have made great progress, but I can't help but think that people will encounter some troubles when printing with reliable old Name Cards Printing. The Name Cards Printing that I moved and felt is still one of my most effective direct sales media.

I think Name Cards Printing is a difficult thing to replace with technology. I have seen USB-based Name Cards Printing and various Name Cards Printing using technology, but they are still physical objects that we directly hand over to people who wish to contact them.

Having said that, I am fully confident that Name Cards Printing is still the best direct selling tool, which is why they are so good and why they are used.

• It adds a personal style

However, with the continuous development of technology in the field of mobile phones, I am worried that we have almost lost the ability to communicate intimately-to really participate, talk and have real conversations.

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a person who stumbled upon me, and that person stumbled upon my wallet or card printed with a Name Cards Printing. The key to remember here is that they remember me.

• Still think this is impressive

Passing someone's Name Cards Printing to others to print can not only provide your details to someone but also create a good first impression. Whenever I hand over Name Cards Printing to potential customers, I always want to evaluate their response, and more importantly, how they will handle Name Cards Printing.

If a potential customer thinks you have tried their best to contact them and invest in providing detailed information, they may contact you.

Of course, the disclaimer here is that Name Cards Printing should be carefully designed to convert 123Print Name Cards Printing into the personalized design and preferential prices.

They will not exhaust their power or rely on technology
The email may be lost and buried by a large number of other emails, and the phone may be damaged beyond recovery. This means that potential customers have lost all contact information because customers need to accept technical restrictions.

Although Name Cards Printing may be lost, it does not require wifi to allow clients to access information at any time.

• Still need Name Cards Printing

Why do you need to Name Cards Printing in 2019? This is because they are still the easiest way to obtain business contact information. Even in this technological world, where we live is still the best way to remind people about you and your company (if not the best way), which can create a business.

Name Cards Printing size specification content section

1. The layout of the copy should be kept more than 3mm away from the cutting line to avoid cutting the text during the cutting process.

2. The text should be converted to curves or outlines after checking the original to avoid garbled characters because the font cannot be identified during the plate making processing.

3. Do not set System characters when entering text. If you use it, the intersection of the strokes will result in a white node. Also, don't set overprint and fill text.

Name Cards Printing size specification part

1. The thickness of the wireframe should not be less than 0.1 mm for all input or self-drawn line color blocks and other graphics, otherwise, the printed image would split or fail to show up.

2. If the wireframe is set to "zoom the image," please check carefully after completing the manuscript, otherwise, during the process of output printing, an irregular wireframe may form.

3. When placing layered objects in a frame for accurate cropping, convert them to bitmaps, because if you combine and rotate the placed frame with other objects, the orientation of the layered layers will not be Spin together.

4. For any gradient object, you cannot set the "edge width," because the output machine 's interpretation is different, sometimes it will cause the gradient edge to be filled in insufficiently.

Name Cards Printing size specifications manuscript part

1. Standard Name Cards Printing size: 90mm×54mm 90mm×50mm 90mm×45mm.
For the upper, lower, left and right hands, however, add 2 mm, the scale of the output must be set to: 94 / 58 mm / 94 mm / 54 mm / 94 mm / 49 mm.In addition:
Horizontal version: 90*55mm <angle> 85*54mm <angle
Vertical version: 50*90mm <angle> 54*85mm <angle
Square type: 90*90mm 95*95mm

2. If the finished product size exceeds the Name Cards Printing size, please indicate the correct size required. There are also 2 mm to the upper, lower, left and right sides.

3. The mode of color should be CMYK, and the image file should be larger than 350dpi.

4. There is no need to draw cross-lines and cut lines after the manuscript is finished.