Print Name card are small card that contain information about an individual or company. They are often offered during formal settings but they can be used in social events as well. Print name card are used to network and market certain products and services.

Print Name Card usually include an individual’s name, company name or logo, and contact details. People include more than one contact detail to make it convenient for recipients to get in touch. You can include a website address, email address, telephone number, and physical address. Social media has become one of the most popular communication channels. For this reason, print name card also include social media profiles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These details are essential but less is always more when it comes to a print name card. It is better to have a simple design that allows the recipient to focus on the most important details.


≛ Type of Name Card Business Card


Name Card Design Business Card Design


Classification Criteria

The primary contrast between early Print name card and current Print name card is penmanship instead of printing. 

In current society, the utilization of Print name card is very normal, there are numerous orders, and there is no brought together norm. The most widely recognized orders are as per the following: 

1. As indicated by the reason for Print name card, it very well may be isolated into print name card, open Print name card, and individual Print name card. 

2. As indicated by the print Name Card Printing materials and printing techniques, there are three kinds of computerized Print name card, balance Print name card and uncommon Print name card. 

3. As indicated by the printing shading, there are four sorts: monochrome, two-shading, shading, and real nature. 

4. As per the kind of format, there are three sorts of flat Print name card, vertical Print name card, and collapsing Print name card. 

5. As per the printing surface, there are two kinds of single-sided printing and twofold sided printing. We order the above classes as follows.

 By use

It is isolated by the motivation behind utilizing the Print name card. Print name card is fundamentally created for correspondence. Before, because of the underdevelopment of economy and transportation, individuals have not imparted generally, and the interest for Print name card isn't enormous. With the change and opening up in the Mainland, populace developments have quickened, and individuals to-individuals trades have expanded. The utilization of Print name card has started to increment. Particularly as of late, with financial turn of events, data has started to create, and Print name card utilized for business exercises have become the standard of the market. There are two different ways for individuals to cooperate, one is correspondence between companions, the other is correspondence between work environments, one is business and the other is non-business, which turns into the reason for Print name card grouping. 

⊛ Print name card: 

Print name card utilized in business exercises for organizations or endeavors, a large portion of which are utilized for benefit. The fundamental attributes of Print name card are: Print name card regularly use logos, enrolled trademarks, printed with business scope, huge organizations have a bound together Print name card printing group, utilize higher-grade paper, Print name card without private family data, for the most part utilized for business exercises. 

⊚ Public Print name card: 

It is a Print name card utilized by the legislature or social gatherings in outside trades. The utilization of Print name card isn't for benefit. The fundamental attributes of open Print name card are: Print name card regularly use signs, some are printed with outer assistance scope, there is no bound together Print name card printing group, Print name card printing takes a stab at basic and pertinent, focus on close to home titles and employment titles, there is no private family data in the Print name card, primarily utilized for outside trade with administration. 

⊙ Personal Print name card: 

A Print name card utilized by companions to trade sentiments and meet new individuals. The principle attributes of individual Print name card are: Print name card don't utilize logos, customized Print name card configuration, allowed to play, frequently printed with individual photographs, interests, titles, and occupations, use Print name card paper as per individual inclinations, Print name card contain private family data, for the most part utilized Friends trade and exposure.

 By Material

It is partitioned by the bearer utilized by the Print name card. The most widely recognized transporter for Print name card is Print name card paper, yet Print name card paper isn't the main bearer. Print name card can likewise be made utilizing different materials. Print name card paper additionally embraces various particulars because of the diverse printing techniques for laser printing and counterbalance printing. 

◉ Digital Print name card: 

Print name card made with PCs and laser printers. Its qualities are: the utilization of extraordinary PC Print name card paper, pre-press and printing work can be finished by PC and printer, in the wake of printing, straightforward handling is required, the printing time is short, and holding up is attractive. At present, shading lasers are for the most part utilized for yield abroad, and different uncommon Print name card can be created by client needs. The creation impact is better than other Print name card. It is at present the most well known kind of Print name card on the planet. 

⊜ Offset Print name card: 

Print name card printed with a Print name card balance press. Its attributes are the utilization of exceptional boxed Print name card paper, the printing is progressively irregular, the quality is satisfactory, and the case can be conveyed subsequent to printing. Notwithstanding, balance Print name card are convoluted to print, have many printing forms, and have long conveyance cycles, and should be worked by experts. Before shading laser printers were propelled, they were for the most part counterbalanced Print name card, which have been supplanted by advanced Print name card. 

⦿ Special Print name card: 

A Print name card printed by a screen printing machine in different transporters than paper. Can utilize metal, plastic and different transporters, utilizing screen printing, Print name card grade is high, printing cost is likewise high, printing cycle is long, the cost is higher than paper Print name card, for the most part for individual Print name card, the utilization isn't normal. Print name card are vivid, however the goals isn't comparable to paper Print name card. 

◍ Color Print name card: 

The Print name card printed by the printing machine is for the most part printed with 300g copperplate paper and afterward cut into little Print name card. It is partitioned into two sorts of moronic paste and photograph stick. The printing shading impact is actually equivalent to that of general printing, and the shading is rich. The cost is low and there is an inclination to supplant conventional Print name card.

 By color

It is partitioned by the shade of the printing ink. Each time a shading is added to the Print name card printing, one all the more printing is required. The shading is additionally one of the components that decide the cost of the Print name card. Three hues can frame a shading, on the off chance that you need full and practical hues, you need to utilize four hues to make a real nature. The basic shading coordinating of balance printing Print name card, insofar as printing multiple times, is additionally called shading Print name card. 

⊜ Monochrome: 

Printing Print name card in one shading as it were. Present day Print name card are once in a while utilized on the front side, and the individuals who need it are for the most part for transitory use. In any case, on the rear of the Print name card, since it isn't the principle seeing surface, a lot of monochrome printing is utilized. 

⊛ Two-shading: 

Just printing Print name card in auxiliary hues. Since two-shading Print name card would already be able to exemplify basic logos and the costs of Print name card are moderate, most current balance Print name card utilize two-shading printing. 

⊚ Color: 

Counterbalance printed Print name card and shading PC Print name card printed multiple times without or with light-hued pictures. Since the utilization of tri-shading can make the Print name card logo show signs of improvement play, most organizations that attention on outside picture use tri-shading Print name card. The three-shading Print name card is costly a result of its confounded overprinting and huge misfortune. Some three-shading Print name card need to print light-hued pictures, making plate making troublesome, and the cost is somewhat higher than customary three-shading Print name card. 

⊙ True shading: 

Balance printed Print name card with pictures, Print name card yield by shading laser printers and silk-screen printed Print name card printed multiple occasions. Genuine nature Print name card are the most noteworthy evaluation of Print name card printing, which makes the whole Print name card plan thoughts can be totally reflected. In the event that you need to print pictures for counterbalance Print name card, you need to utilize a film plate making with the goal that the subtleties of the example can be very much communicated. 

With the advocacy of shading laser printers in advanced Print name card frameworks, this grouping has gotten less and less. Since as the most exceptional shading laser printer, you can make a wide range of Print name card freely. There is no issue and trouble in imprinting in a few hues. 

◔ According to format 

In particular, Print name card can be made in various styles because of the various formats of the use techniques. Print name card paper can be isolated into conventional Print name card and collapsing Print name card as indicated by whether they can be collapsed. Common Print name card can likewise be isolated into flat Print name card and vertical Print name card because of the diverse base surfaces of printing references. 

1. Even Print name card: Print name card strategy with wide side as low and tight side as high. Flat Print name card have become the most ordinarily utilized Print name card technique in light of their advantageous structure and modest typesetting. 

2. Vertical Print name card: Use the Print name card with the limited side as the low side and the wide side as the high side. Vertical Print name card are not appropriate for customized Print name card structure in view of their confounded format and scarcely any reference plan materials. 

3. Collapsed Print name card: A foldable Print name card with a large portion of the data recording zone than an ordinary Print name card. 

◓ By surface 

It is partitioned by the front and back of the Print name card printing. Each Print name card can be imprinted on one side or on the two sides. The quantity of printed surfaces is additionally a central point in deciding the cost of Print name card. 

1. Single-sided printing: Only one side of the Print name card is printed. Straightforward Print name card just needs to print one side to completely communicate the significance of Print name card. At present, most residential Print name card are imprinted on one side. 

2. Twofold sided printing: printing the two sides of the Print name card. Just when single-sided printing can not completely express the importance of Print name card, Print name card utilize twofold sided printing has extended the measure of data.