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⇥ Use Etiquette of Name Card Printing

 Not only must there be Name Card Printing, but also carry them with you.
A person without a Name Card Printing will be regarded as a person without social status. In other words, people who can't produce Name Card Printing in international exchanges doubt that you are true or not, and whether they have a status. Similarly, a person who does not carry a Name Card Printing with him is someone who does not respect others. The Name Card Printing should be placed wherever they are. They are usually placed in a special Name Card Printing bag and in a suit jacket pocket.

Name Card Printing are not altered at will.
We often have comrades, you have to say good things, he saved, the phone changed the number, and the Shenzhou line became a dynamic zone, then crossed out and wrote again; the phone was upgraded, 010 was changed to 020, or whatever, to the field Go, this kind of thing often happens. However, in international exchanges, it is emphasized that Name Card Printing, such as faces, are not changed. Everyone understands what I mean and cannot change them, otherwise, they will laugh and be generous.

No private house phone for Name Card Printing.

Foreign-related etiquette is different from China's traditional etiquette. Foreign-related etiquette is about protecting personal privacy and educated and identified people who do not ask for phone numbers or private home phone numbers from others. Well, in international contacts, you should pay attention to. He speaks public and private. If I deal with you on business, the phone I give you is the office phone, and the mobile phone number is not given to you, even the private home phone is not given to you. Some of our domestic comrades do not feel this way. A foreign friend gave us a comrade a Name Card Printing that day, and there was no private house phone on it. We asked, did you have a phone at home? That pretends to understand. You do n’t have a phone in your house, is it expensive? There was a problem with the interaction.

Do not write more than two titles on Name Card Printing. 
No more than two titles appear on the Name Card Printing. He said that "there is a sequence of knowledge and expertise, and there are specializations in the art." If the more titles given to a Name Card Printing, there are two half-hearted, inattentive, and suspicion, so many foreign guests, who have status and identity, he will have several Name Card Printing on his body, he is for different contacts The object, to emphasize the different Name Card Printing that you use when you have different identities, let me talk about this.

Obtain tips for Name Card Printing.
Generally, there are a few points to ask for Name Card Printing. Try not to ask for a Name Card Printing as the first point, because Name Card Printing exchange has a particular emphasis. People with low-status first-hand Name Card Printing to people with high status, so if you want to ask for a Name Card Printing, will there be a gap in status immediately? don't you agree? The second point you should pay attention to, it is best not to take a straightforward expression when asking for a Name Card Printing. A comrade asked me that day. Do you have a movie? This is a bit rough. There are probably a few ways to exchange Name Card Printing just right:


The first method we call the transaction method is the most commonly used method. The method of exchange, the transaction law, "will take it first, it must be given first." I want Mr. Smith's Name Card Printing. I handed him the Name Card Printing. "Mr. Smith is my Name Card Printing." He will return me one anyway. He will not tell me "received". Of course, in your international contacts, some people will have some gaps. Some people have high status and high status. He is wise and protects himself. You hand him his Name Card Printing. He tells you thank you. He has no more details. This situation exists, if you want to worry about this situation, that is, when there is a large gap with the other party, you may wish to adopt the second method, which we call the radical method. "Dear Chairman Williams, I am very pleased to meet you. I do n’t know if I can be fortunate to exchange Name Card Printing with you?" This was clear to him. I do n’t know if I could be fortunate to exchange Name Card Printing with you. Here you are, he wo n’t tell you that if you do n’t change, you just do n’t change. You can also use the third method, which we call the contact method. "Miss Smal, I am very happy to meet you. I will hope to see you again in the Federal Republic of Germany in the future. I do n’t know how to contact you later." How to contact you in the future is more convenient. How can she find you? She usually gives it, she does not give it, and she also has the right escape route. Let me contact you. The profound meaning is that I will not contact you in this life, or talk about interaction.