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Making Process Printing Method of Print Name Card Merlimau

If you want to print Print Name Card Merlimau, you must first determine your printing method, because different printing methods will determine the use of different Print Name Card Merlimau carriers, but also affect the printing price of Print Name Card Merlimau.

1. Computer digital Print Name Card Merlimau: Print Name Card Merlimau printing can be completed by computer and color laser printer. The paper for Print Name Card Merlimau is 292 × 197mm paper, each paper can make ten Print Name Card Merlimau. Its features are: extremely fast printing speed, typesetting and printing at one go, and the quality of the Print Name Card Merlimau produced is good, a box of simple Print Name Card Merlimau can be completed within 30 minutes from order receiving, typesetting to delivery. The high quality and timeliness of computer digital Print Name Card Merlimau make it a mainstream Print Name Card Merlimau production method.

2. Offset Print Name Card Merlimau: Print Name Card Merlimau can only be printed with the help of a computer, a black and white laser printer, a plate printer, and a Print Name Card Merlimau offset press. The Print Name Card Merlimau paper uses 90 × 55mm Print Name Card Merlimau special paper, and only one Print Name Card Merlimau can be printed on each paper. Its characteristics are: it can fully express all the creativity of Print Name Card Merlimau, and it is the current traditional Print Name Card Merlimau printing form. Disadvantages: slower printing speed, longer delivery cycle, higher price, and low quality.

3. Special Print Name Card Merlimau: Print Name Card Merlimau can only be printed with the help of computers, laser printers, plate-making machines, and small screen printers. The Print Name Card Merlimau use media other than paper, and the media size is generally 90 × 54mm. Its characteristics are: the general media is thicker and harder than Print Name Card Merlimau paper, suitable for high-end, personalized Print Name Card Merlimau, and the grades vary depending on the media used. Disadvantages: Screen printing is complicated, Print Name Card Merlimau media is very spare, Print Name Card Merlimau ordering cycle is long and expensive.

Making Process Printing of Print Name Card Merlimau

There are currently three main types of Print Name Card Merlimau printing, the most simple is laser printing, followed by offset printing, and silkscreen printing is the most complicated. Currently, laser printing and offset printing are widely used, while screen printing is relatively rare.

1. Laser Printing: 
It is the most widely used printing method at present. Offset printing and screen printing are also inseparable from laser printing, and their simple plate making is also done by laser printing. Current laser printing can be divided into two types, black, and color, and they can make computer Print Name Card Merlimau of different grades respectively.

2. Offset Printing: 
is the current traditional Print Name Card Merlimau printing method. Its use is much more complicated than that of computer Print Name Card Merlimau. Firstly, the designed Print Name Card Merlimau template should be printed on the transfer paper or printed into a film (color picture with a network cable), and then the transfer paper or film can be used with the printing machine Print the Print Name Card Merlimau template on the PS printing plate for Print Name Card Merlimau, and install the printed PS plate on the Print Name Card Merlimau offset press to print.

3. Screen Printing: 
Because it is not suitable for printing on paper, it is rarely used in Print Name Card Merlimau printing. Screen printing is the same as offset printing, you also need to print the designed Print Name Card Merlimau template on the transfer paper, or print the film, and then use a special screen printing machine to transfer the transfer paper or the Print Name Card Merlimau template on the film. Go to the screen printing plate, and then install the screen printing machine on the screen printing machine to print.

Making Process Printing Options of Print Name Card Merlimau

If you choose the printing method of Print Name Card Merlimau, you must also choose the number of times the Print Name Card Merlimau are printed, which is also the color of the Print Name Card Merlimau to be printed. The color of the Print Name Card Merlimau is also one of the important indicators to determine the price of the Print Name Card Merlimau. At the same time, you also have to choose whether the Print Name Card Merlimau printing is single-sided or double-sided. The increase in the printing surface means the increase in the number of printing, which also means the increase in color and price.

1. Color selection: The color of Print Name Card Merlimau can be divided into single color, double color, color and true color to determine different printing times. Because the three primary colors can form a color, the pure color pattern does not bring black, and there is no black color picture. The color is not full. The color pattern we often say is composed of four colors, also known as true color. Although some offset Print Name Card Merlimau do not carry pictures, they are also composed of three colors, which are also color Print Name Card Merlimau; in computer digital Print Name Card Merlimau, such a choice is no longer necessary.

2. Single-sided and double-sided selection: The single-sided and double-sided selection of Print Name Card Merlimau printing is also the choice of printing times. The printing surface of the Print Name Card Merlimau is directly related to the price.

Production Process of Print Name Card Merlimau

The small Print Name Card Merlimau seems simple, but it is quite troublesome to make. It needs eight steps to get to your hands. In the meantime, you have to participate in the preparatory work of making Print Name Card Merlimau

You have to choose the printing method of Print Name Card Merlimau, the difficulty of printing, and the paper used for printing. In particular, Print Name Card Merlimau with higher requirements and complex Print Name Card Merlimau have such requests. 

The post-processing of Print Name Card Merlimau is also complicated, requiring professional equipment and skilled operators. In the past, we had to go to a Print Name Card Merlimau printing shop to print in person. A box of Print Name Card Merlimau may have to go many times. 

Fortunately, with the Internet, it is now easier. While drinking coffee, you can tap the keyboard to find the best Print Name Card Merlimau making solution for you in a relaxed and comfortable way. If you are not satisfied with all the solutions we provide, you can fully develop your own Print Name Card Merlimau according to your ideas, and design a Print Name Card Merlimau that suits you. 

You can also omit the proofreading. At the same time that you have completed your Print Name Card Merlimau, you may want to understand the process of making the Print Name Card Merlimau. We will introduce it to you below.

Size Specification Color Part of Print Name Card Merlimau

1. The printing color of the finished product cannot be requested by the color of the screen or the print. The file creation must be based on the percentage of the CMYK color swatch to determine the production coloring;

2. When the same image file is printed in different times, the color will be slightly different, and the color difference is normal within 10% of the upper and lower;

3. The setting of shading or base color should not be lower than 5%, so as not to render it when printing the finished product;

4. Images and photos are made in CMYK mode and stored in TIFF file format. Do not import in PSD file format. If you use CoreIDRAW to design Print Name Card Merlimau, please fill in all the input image images, POWERCLIP objects, separated drop shadows and fill them with transparency or filter materials, and then turn the bitmap again. 

The color setting is CMYK 32-bit, the resolution is 350dpi, and the anti-aliasing compensation transparent background is checked by using the color profile to avoid sometimes having to rotate the output of the group version to cause the Masek image. If you want to reduce the bitmap by adjusting the nodes, please turn the bitmap again to avoid being partially covered during output.

Size Specification Content Section of Print Name Card Merlimau

1. The layout of the copy should be more than 3mm away from the cutting line to avoid cutting the text during cutting.

2. After the manuscript is confirmed, the text should be converted into curves or outlines to avoid garbled characters because the font cannot be found during the output of the plate making.

3. When entering text, please do not set to use system characters. If it is used, it will cause white nodes at the intersection of strokes. At the same time, please do not set the text as overprint and fill.