An attractive and thoughtful Malaysia Name Card design draws the eye and builds a good impression of the business. A company logo, elegantly displaying company details, and using the right brand colors and fonts are sure to give the Malaysia Name Card a professional look.


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A successful Malaysia Name Card Printing requires more than just your name and contact information. There are endless ways to make your Malaysia Name Card Printing stand out by using the 3.5-inch by 2-inch space in terms of the design and detail. 




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Classification Criteria of Malaysia Name Card Printing 

The main difference between early Malaysia Name Card Printing and modern Malaysia Name Card Printing is handwriting rather than printing.

In modern society, the use of Malaysia Name Card Printing is quite common, there are many classifications, and there is no unified standard. The most common classifications are as follows:

1. According to the purpose of Malaysia Name Card Printing, Malaysia Name Card Printing can be divided into Malaysia Name Card Printing, public Malaysia Name Card Printing and personal Malaysia Name Card Printing.

2. According to the Malaysia Name Card Printing materials and printing methods, there are three types of digital Malaysia Name Card Printing, offset Malaysia Name Card Printing and special Malaysia Name Card Printing.

3. According to the printing color, there are four types: monochrome, two-color, color and true color.

4. According to the type of layout, there are three types of horizontal Malaysia Name Card Printing, vertical Malaysia Name Card Printing, and folding Malaysia Name Card Printing.

5. According to the printing surface, there are two types of single-sided printing and double-sided printing. We classify the above categories as follows.

Design Concept Frame Shading of Malaysia Name Card Printing

Decorative frames and shading are the constituent elements of graphic design; they are not essential materials in the design of Malaysia Name Card Printing, and most are for decorative purposes.

The Malaysia Name Card Printing design must first attract the attention of the other party so that the other party can concentrate on the content of the Malaysia Name Card Printing; therefore, a clear line or shading in the Malaysia Name Card Printing is sometimes defensive and sometimes challenging. 

In terms of decorative frames, the role of decorative frames in the arrangement is to control the scope of the other party's field of vision to achieve the purpose of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too strong, it will continue to stimulate the reader's eyes and divert attention.

Therefore, the decoration of the Malaysia Name Card Printing should not have any resistance, and it is better to use soft lines; and then induce the focus to move to the internal theme.

Since the decorative frame and bottom spinning are mainly for decorative purposes, the color application must be based on the principle of not affecting the effect of the text; the main relationship and the auxiliary relationship should be distinguished to obtain a clear Malaysia Name Card Printing work, otherwise, the text and The decorative frames and shading may be mixed together, forming an anti-reading effect.

Exchange of Malaysia Name Card Printing

Business activities require the printing of personal Malaysia Name Card Printing. When printing Malaysia Name Card Printing, it should not be exaggerated in the column of their position. It is best to print a variety of different Malaysia Name Card Printing and give different Malaysia Name Card Printing on different occasions.

During business activities, don't forget to carry Malaysia Name Card Printing. Malaysia Name Card Printing should be stored in special Malaysia Name Card Printing holders. Malaysia Name Card Printing holders are best placed in the pockets on the chest of the jacket, not in the pockets of trousers.

When exchanging Malaysia Name Card Printing, it is best to stand and hand it to the other party politely. If you are sitting, you should stand up and show respect when you come over. Greeting each other before exchanging Malaysia Name Card Printing with the other party. Keep your Malaysia Name Card Printing clean, and do n’t hand out dirty Malaysia Name Card Printing.

If you want to get the Malaysia Name Card Printing of the other party, and he did not give it to you, you can ask the tone: "If there is nothing inconvenient, please give me a Malaysia Name Card Printing."

People with lower status or lower positions or visiting people should hand out Malaysia Name Card Printing first. If the other party visits more people, you should first exchange Malaysia Name Card Printing with the owner or someone with a higher status.

Do not write or fold the Malaysia Name Card Printing on the spot after receiving the Malaysia Name Card Printing of the other party.

With the rapid development of computer technology, electronic Malaysia Name Card Printing have become more and more popular, and exchange has become more and more convenient. Use mobile phone Malaysia Name Card Printing recognition software to quickly recognize Malaysia Name Card Printing and convert them into electronic Malaysia Name Card Printing, and at the same time generate personalized electronic Malaysia Name Card Printing display web pages, so that Malaysia Name Card Printing can be quickly shared and exchanged. Multiple meanings.

Making Process Post-Processing of Malaysia Name Card Printing

After the printing of offset Malaysia Name Card Printing and special Malaysia Name Card Printing is completed, only boxes are required for delivery. At most, hot stamping operations are required. 

The post-processing of Malaysia Name Card Printing is mainly computer card paper. Because its large-format and low-thickness paper cannot be used immediately, it has to be post-processed such as plastic, die-cutting, bronzing, and boxing.

1. Plastic Packaging: 

Low-thickness computer card paper should be thickened, and the only way currently is to use plastic packaging. Plastic Malaysia Name Card Printing have been popular in China for many years, and are currently still a major form of Malaysia Name Card Printing production. The Malaysia Name Card Printing need to be cut into Malaysia Name Card Printing after being molded.

2. Cut Card: 

Cut the plastic card paper into Malaysia Name Card Printing. Current computer Malaysia Name Card Printing must be cut into cards before they can be used normally. Malaysia Name Card Printing cutting is an important process in the production of computer Malaysia Name Card Printing.

3. Hot stamping: 

Many computer Malaysia Name Card Printing and offset Malaysia Name Card Printing customers require the logo or company name to be hot stamped. Hot stamping is the last process in Malaysia Name Card Printing printing.  Bronzing is to use a special bronzing machine to stamp various colors of anodized aluminum materials on Malaysia Name Card Printing.

4. Drumming: 

At present, the text or graphics on many Malaysia Name Card Printing go through the drumming process to achieve the crystal drumming effect. This process is achieved by melting the resin powder adhered to the text using an embossing machine.

5. Indentation: 

Use an indentation machine to compress the text or graphics on the Malaysia Name Card Printing into protrusions or depressions. This craft Malaysia Name Card Printing is a special craft.

6. Die-cutting: 

The die-cutting process is to use a die-cutting machine to die-cut Malaysia Name Card Printing. Due to the different shapes of the knife die, different-shaped Malaysia Name Card Printing with different shapes are realized.

7. Cartoning: 

After the Malaysia Name Card Printing is made, it is put into a special Malaysia Name Card Printing packaging box to complete the entire process of making the Malaysia Name Card Printing.

With the development of society and the needs of customers, imitation gold Malaysia Name Card Printing appear, which are different from bronzing Malaysia Name Card Printing.

Global Variations of Malaysia Name Card Printing

The Malaysia Name Card Printing in Japan is called "Famous Thorn". Usually, in the largest printing size, the company name is at the top, then the job title, and then the personal name. This information is written with Japanese characters, and the reverse side is usually Latin characters. 

Usually, Meishi may also include QR codes to provide contact information in a precise form of the machine, has not yet become a common practice. According to a 2007 survey, less than 3% of Japanese people have meishi printed with QR codes.

The card should be placed on the top two corners, face up and flipped, the person who receives the master brake can read it, and then use both hands to grasp it at the bottom two corners. It is impolite to put your finger on the name or other information. After receiving the "Famous Teacher", people are expected to read the card and designate the person's name and grade. 

Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your Malaysia Name Card Printing") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. When exchanging meishi between different parties. 

For example, between the company ’s president and middle managers, it is appropriate for some merged persons to expand their Malaysia Name Card Printing in such a way that they are in a higher position The artificial replacement of meishi below or below.

Meishi should be placed in a smart holster that will not warm or wear, both of which are considered signs of disrespect or carelessness. The received famous poems should not be written on the pocket or in the pocket; if meishi is placed on the table, the recipient puts it on the top of the holster until they leave the table.

 If there are several people attending the meeting, and one person receives several meishis, the person with the highest rank will be placed on the leather box, and another person will be placed on the table.

The way the receiver treats the presenter's meishi indicates how the receiver will treat the presenter. Acts such as folding the card in half or putting the presenter's name in the back pocket are considered insults.

Japanese executives or officials usually have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, in the order of Japanese names (surname first), and the other is used by foreigners, whose names are in Spanish (last name) .