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If you are looking for a Malaysia Print Business Card you are in the right spot. We are based in Malaysia and have a wide variety of finishes and quantities to choose from, whether single or double-sided, with Matt Lamination, Gloss Lamination, Spot UV, Emboss, Hot Stamping or Die-Cut Finishing.

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To solve your problems, we now run Malaysia Print Business Card printing services! In addition, to reflect the product character and ensure that the final product can interact, we offer smart and memorable Malaysia Print Business Card design services.


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Why is Malaysia Print Business Card still important?


Malaysia Print Business Card is one of the oldest and most effective forms of direct marketing, but with the advent of technology and websites, do they still exist? Yes, this is the reason.



Over the years, I have established contacts with many people in the business world and become marketers. I often ask them how to best market themselves directly to customers-I realize that not many people have answered Malaysia Print Business Card, but most people respond by replying to email marketing and other digital media.



Yeah, I know these continuous improvement technologies have made tremendous strides, but I can't help but think that by using a trustworthy, old Malaysia Print Business Card, people will experience some problems. I've touched and felt the Malaysia Print Business Card) is still one of my most successful direct sales outlets.


I think the Malaysia Print Business Card is something that technology can hardly substitute for. I've seen a Malaysia Print Business Card based on USB and a number of Malaysia Print Business Card using technology, but these are still the physical objects we hand over directly to people who want to connect with them.


Having said that, I am fully confident that Malaysia Print Business Card is still the best direct marketing tool, which is why they are so good and why they are used.

It adds personal style

However, with the continuous development of technology in the field of mobile phones, I am worried that we have almost lost the ability to communicate intimately-to really participate, talk and have real conversations.



Many years ago, I stumbled upon a person who stumbled upon me, and that person stumbled upon my wallet or Malaysia Print Business Card in it. The key to remember here is that they remember me.

It still thinks this is impressive

Passing the Malaysia Print Business Card to someone else will not only give anyone your information but also make a pleasant first impression. As I hand over the Malaysia Print Business Card to potential customers, I always want to evaluate their reaction, and more importantly, how they are going to treat the Malaysia Print Business Card.

If a potential customer thinks you have tried their best to contact them and invest in providing detailed information, they may contact you.



Of course, the disclaimer here is that the Malaysia Print Business Card should be carefully designed to convert the 123Print Malaysia Print Business Card to personalized design and preferential prices.

They are not going to run out of resources, or rely on technology. A large number of other emails may cause the email to be lost and buried, and the phone may be damaged beyond recovery. It means that future customers have lost all contact details because the consumers are technically affected.


Although the Malaysia Print Business Card may be lost, it does not require wifi to allow the client to access the information at any time.

Malaysia Print Business Card is still a Must

Why do you need a Malaysia Print Business Card in 2019? This is because they are still the simplest way to obtain business contact information. Even in this technological world, where we live is still one of the best ways (if not the best way) to remind people about you and your business, which can create a business.

The benefits of dot UV Malaysia Print Business Card:


Ultimate light

Environmentally friendly

Resist dirt

High average


When someone touches your business card from Malaysia Print they connect with your brand. It's necessary to get the correct impression.

Using different technologies, the printer can produce different results. If you are interested in using this function, it is suitable for heavier card stock, so it is most commonly used for thick Malaysia Print Business Card (16PT, 19PT), premium cards (silk-filled and Velvet layer) or printed leaflets.



The "location" section refers to the ability to apply this technology only in certain sections of the page; used mostly for decorative effects. This attribute should be weighed when designing the Malaysia Print Business Card because it can deepen the color of the application area.


We created a tutorial that will guide you through the process of setting up a mask file. You can always contact one of our customer service representatives for questions.

5 Trends Malaysia Print Business Card Design 

For many business experts, your Malaysia Print Business Card is the first (sometimes the only) marketing material that customers see before they decide to follow up or purchase. Therefore, the company strives to make a completely different Malaysia Print Business Card and stand out from the competition. When you combine distinctive desires with the many options offered by modern technology, you can design and print unique Malaysia Print Business Card. Malaysia Print Business Card, perhaps the most flexible marketing content, still follows contemporary trends which will make your brand look fresh and interesting. The following is a thorough introduction to five trends in the design and printing of Malaysia Print Business Card which you can use today to distinguish companies.

1. Interactive Malaysia Print Business Card

Mutual Malaysia Print Business Card are increasingly expanding, with industry experts replacing digital marketing with printing activities. QR codes augmented reality, scannable smartphone numbers and social media are all examples of how Malaysia Print Business Card can interact.


2. Minimalist Malaysia Print Business Card

Now, the focus is the most important. Therefore, minimalism is an excellent Malaysia Print Business Card design strategy.



3. Printing Malaysia Print Business Card

Printing is constantly evolving and can feature visual impact and trademark tools in your designs. When your layout represents most of the visual elements, your Malaysia Print Business Card will stand out, get attention and be easy to remember.


4. Square Malaysia Print Business Card

I specifically printed a Malaysia Print Business Card for network operation distribution last year and the response was amazing-I sent someone to remove the message, and I got more follow-up calls than the previous network activities. My motto is that my business is distinctive, and this idea is reinforced by the square.

5. Unique die-cut Malaysia Print Business Card

Die-cut Malaysia Print Business Card already exist, but the combination of current die-cutting technology and simultaneous die-cut printing prices makes them more popular than before. Die-cutting makes your business unique, something that other design and printing technologies cannot. Mainly because you can create custom die-cut shapes that are relevant to your business and can hardly be ignored.

Malaysia Print Business Card design concept shading


Decorative frames and shadows are elements of graphic design; they are not necessary materials in the design of the printed Malaysia Print Business Card, and most are used for decorative purposes.

The design of the printed Malaysia Print Business Card must draw the other party 's attention first, so that the other party can concentrate on the printed Malaysia Print Business Card's content. So, in printed Print Malaysia Print Business Card, transparent lines or shadows sometimes serve as a shield and sometimes carry challenges.

In terms of decorative frames, the role of decorative frames in pre-arrangement is to control each other's field of vision to achieve the purpose of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too strong, it will continue to stimulate the reader's attention and distract.



Therefore, the decoration of the  Malaysia Print Business Card should not have any resistance, it is best to use soft lines. Then shift the focus to the internal theme.



Since the decorative frame and bottom rotation are mainly used for decorative purposes, the color application must be based on the principle that does not affect the text effect. The key connection and the auxiliary relationship should be prominent in order to receive a valid printed Malaysia Print Business Card. Otherwise, the text and the decorative frame and shadow may be mixed together to form a reverse effect of reading.

Size Specification: Manuscript Section of Malaysia Print Business Card


1. Standard size of Malaysia Print Business Card: 90mm × 54mm 90mm × 50mm 90mm × 45mm.


However, plus 2mm for the upper, lower, left and right sides of the bleeding, the production size must be set to: 94 × 58mm / 94mm × 54mm / 94mm × 49mm.


In addition:

Horizontal version: 90 * 55mm <square corner> 85 * 54mm <round corner>

Vertical version: 50 * 90mm <square corner> 54 * 85mm <round corner>

Square version: 90 * 90mm 95 * 95mm



2. If the size of the finished product exceeds the size of a Malaysia Print Business Card, please indicate the correct size you want. The upper, lower, left, and right sides are also 2mm each.



3. The color mode should be CMYK and the image file should be above 350dpi.



4. There is no need to draw cross lines and cutting lines when the manuscript is completed.

By Use of Name Card Malaysia Print Business Card


This is separated by use of the Malaysia Print Business Card. The Malaysia Print Business Card is created primarily for communication. In the past , people have not interacted widely due to underdevelopment in the economy and transportation, and the market for the Malaysia Print Business Card is not high. With the reform and opening up in the Mainland, population movements have accelerated, and people-to-people exchanges have increased. Malaysia Print Business Card has begun to be used increasingly. In recent years, knowledge has begun to evolve, particularly with economic growth, and the Malaysia Print Business Card used for commercial activities has become the mainstream of the market. There are two ways for people to interact, one is communication between friends, the other is communication between workplaces, one is commercial and the other is non-commercial, which becomes the basis for Malaysia Print Business Card classification.



Malaysia Print Business Card:


Malaysia Print Business Card used in business activities for companies or enterprises, most of which are used for profit. The main characteristics of Malaysia Print Business Card are: Malaysia Print Business Card often use logos, registered trademarks, printed with business scope, large companies have a unified Malaysia Print Business Card printing format, use higher-grade paper, Malaysia Print Business Card without private family information, mainly used for business activities.



Public Malaysia Print Business Card:


It is a Malaysia Print Business Card used by the government or social groups in foreign exchanges. The use of Malaysia Print Business Card is not for profit. The main characteristics of public Malaysia Print Business Card are: Malaysia Print Business Card Often use signs, some are printed with an external service scope, there is no unified Malaysia Print Business Card printing format, Malaysia Print Business Card printing aims at simple and applicable printing, pay attention to personal titles and job titles, no private family information is available on the Malaysia Print Business Card, mainly used for foreign exchanges.


Personal Malaysia Print Business Card:


a Malaysia Print Business Card used by friends to exchange feelings and meet new people. The main features of personal Malaysia Print Business Card are: Malaysia Print Business Card does not use logos, custom Malaysia Print Business Card design, free to play, often printed with personal images, hobbies, titles and occupations, use Malaysia Print Business Card paper according to personal preferences, Malaysia Print Business Card contains private family information, mostly used for Friends exchange and advertisement.