Looking for a Malaysia Print Name Card services that can help you customize the printing of your Malaysia Print Name Card? 🙌

Do you not want him or her to walk away with a major first impression when you meet someone who might possibly be a fantastic possibility or connection?


A memorable Malaysia Print Name Card does much more than just pass an email address or telephone number on. Custom Malaysia Print Name Card can largely satisfy personal needs and reflect personality. It's great to meet personal needs and reflect personality for your career.


I don't want to see my brand synonymous with the word cheap when I make a link with my Malaysia Print Name Card. A retail store trying to make a great first impression wouldn't create a sign with a piece of cardboard and a Sharpie in the storefront. When it comes to printing my name cards I have that same mentality.




≛ Type of Name Card Business Card


Name Card Design Business Card Design


By the Color of Malaysia Print Name Card

It is divided according to the color of the printing ink. Every time a color is added to the Malaysia Print Name Card, one more printing is required. The color is also one of the factors that determine the price of the Malaysia Print Name Card. Three colors can form a color, if you want full and realistic colors, you have to use four colors to make a true color. The simple color matching of offset printing Malaysia Print Name Card, as long as printing three times, is also called color Malaysia Print Name Card.




Printing Name Cards of Malaysia Print in one color only. On the front side Modern Malaysia Print Name Card is rarely used, and those who need it are mostly for temporary use. But a large amount of monochrome printing is used on the back of the Malaysia Print Name Card, because it is not the main viewing surface.


only print Malaysia Print Name Card in secondary colors. Because two-color Malaysia Print Name Card can already embody simple logos and the prices of Malaysia Print Name Card are moderate, most modern offset Malaysia Print Name Card use two-color printing.



Offset Malaysia Print Name Card and color computer Malaysia Print Name Card printed three times without or with light-colored pictures. Because using tri-color can make the Malaysia Print Name Card logo play better, most companies that focus on external image use Malaysia Print Name Card tri-colour. Malaysia Print Name Card in three colors is expensive due to its complicated overprinting and large loss. Some three-color Malaysia Print Name Card need to print light-colored pictures, making plate making difficult, and the price is slightly higher than ordinary three-color Malaysia Print Name Card.


True color: 

Offset Malaysia Print Name Card with images, Malaysia Print Name Card production with color laser printers and silk-screen Malaysia Print Name Card more than three times. True color Malaysia Print Name Card is Malaysia Print Name Card's highest grade, making it possible to perfectly represent the entire Malaysia Print Name Card design ideas. If you want to print pictures for offset Malaysia Print Name Card, you have to use film plate making, so that the details of the pattern can be well expressed.


With the popularization of color laser printers in digital Malaysia Print Name Card systems, this classification has become less and less. Because as the most advanced color laser printer, you can make all kinds of Malaysia Print Name Card at will. There is no problem and difficulty in printing in several colors.


Design Concept: Color Design of Malaysia Print Name Card


Color is a complex language. It has expressions of joy and sorrow. Sometimes it makes people's hearts bloom and sometimes makes people thrill. In addition to acting on vision, color also affects the sensory organs.


Like yellow, it makes people think of acid, soft color is tactile, very fragrant color is the smell, all of which can prove how complex and diverse the effect of color on human psychology and physiology is; therefore it is best for Malaysia Print Name Card designers to understand the corporate image of the company. Color is a combined media kind of.

The intensity of color does not depend on the size of the area but on the influence of regular configuration. The adjustment of the color comes from the characteristics of the color, which can also be obtained according to the size and position of the color.



Modern people no longer care about color taboos. Instead, they pursue individual color combinations. As long as they can feel the strong feelings of consumers, they can successfully grasp the application of Malaysia Print Name Card colors; otherwise, if they do not fully utilize the color power generated by colors, Or the wrong color combination, no matter how good the content is, it cannot attract everyone's attention to the content of the Malaysia Print Name Card.

Therefore, when selecting the color of the original color paper label of the Malaysia Print Name Card, you must carefully consider the design creativity, otherwise, the Malaysia Print Name Card spread may cause damage to the personal or corporate image.

Making Process Printing of Malaysia Print Name Card


There are currently three main types of Malaysia Print Name Card, the most simple is laser printing, followed by offset printing, and silkscreen printing is the most complicated. Currently, laser printing and offset printing are widely used, while screen printing is relatively rare.



1. Laser Printing:


It is nowadays the most commonly used method of printing. Offset printing and screen printing are both inseparable from laser printing, and laser printing both contributes to their simple plate creation. Current laser printing can be divided into two types: black and color, and they can make Malaysia Computer Name Cards Print in different grades.

2. Offset Printing:


is the current traditional Malaysia Print Name Card method. Its use is much more complicated than that of computer Malaysia Print Name Card. Firstly, the designed Malaysia Print Name Card template should be printed on the transfer paper or printed into a film (color picture with a network cable), Then you can use the transfer paper or film with the printing machine Print the Malaysian Name Cards Print template on the Malaysian Name Cards Print PS and install the printed PS plate on the Malaysian Name Cards Print offset press for printing.


3. Screen Printing:


Because it is not suitable for printing on paper, it is rarely used in Malaysia Print Name Card. Screen printing is the same as offset printing, you must also print on the transfer paper the designed Malaysia Print Name Card template, or print the film, and then use a special screen printing press to transfer the transfer paper or the Malaysia Print Name Card template to the film. Go to the screen printing plate, and then install the screen printing machine on the screen printing machine to print.

5 Trends Malaysia Print Name Card Design & Printing


For many business experts, your Malaysia Print Name Card is the first (sometimes the only) marketing material that customers see before they decide to follow up or purchase. Therefore, the company strives to make completely different Malaysia Print Name Card and stand out from the competition. 

When you combine distinctive desires with the many options offered by modern technology, you can design and print unique Malaysia Print Name Card. Malaysia Print Name Card, perhaps the most flexible marketing medium, still reflects contemporary trends which will make your brand look fresh and interesting. The following is a detailed introduction to five trends in the design and printing of Malaysia Print Name Card, which you can use to differentiate companies today.

1. Interactive Malaysia Print Name Card

With business experts replacing digital marketing with printing activities, mutual Malaysia Print Name Card are rapidly expanding. QR codes, augmented reality, scannable phone numbers on smartphones, and social media are all examples of ways to make Malaysia Print Name Card interact. 


2. Minimalist Malaysia Print Name Card

Now, the focus is the most important. Therefore, minimalism is an excellent Malaysia Print Name Card design strategy.

3. Printing Malaysia Print Name Card

Printing is constantly evolving and can feature visual impact and trademark tools in your designs. When your layout represents most of the visual elements, your Malaysia Print Name Card will stand out, get attention and be easy to remember.

4. Square Malaysia Print Name Card

Last year, I rigorously printed a square Malaysia Print Name Card for network activity distribution, and the response was amazing-I sent someone to replace the comment, and I received more follow-up calls than previous network activities. My slogan is that my business is different and the square is reinforcing that concept.

5. Unique die-cut Malaysia Print Name Card

Die-cut Malaysia Print Name Card already exist, but the combination of current die-cutting technology and simultaneous die-cut printing prices makes them more popular than before. Die-cutting makes your business unique, something that other design and printing technologies cannot. Mainly because you can create custom die-cut shapes that are relevant to your business and can hardly be ignored.


User Guidance of Malaysia Print Name Card


Instead of delivering Malaysia Print Name Card only when they meet for the first time, they should deliver Malaysia Print Name Card to customers every time they see them.


Deliver Malaysia Print Name Card to everyone in a unit, not just to the boss of the unit.


Deliver two Malaysia Print Name Card instead of just one Malaysia Print Name Card. Ask the recipient to transfer another Malaysia Print Name Card to others.


Put two Malaysia Print Name Card in each letter, birthday card, holiday card and thank you letter.


Put two Malaysia Print Name Card in each media kit.

Creative Malaysia Print Name Card are shared and continue to be marketed for you.


Malaysia Print Name Card are the real objects left by potential customers. Your brand is with them.


If you meet a potential customer and exchange email addresses and phone numbers, then each of you will walk away with another contact on your phone, and it will stop there. Impressed, then the person is likely to change his display to others so that you and your brand in front of more potential customers.