⚡ Making Process Printing Options of Print Name Card

Making Process Printing Options of Print Name Card

If you choose the printing method of Print Name Card, you must also choose the number of times the Print Name Card are printed, which is also the color of the Print Name Card to be printed. The color of the Print Name Card is also one of the important indicators to determine the price of the Print Name Card. At the same time, you also have to choose whether the Print Name Card printing is single-sided or double-sided. The increase in the printing surface means the increase in the number of printing, which also means the increase in color and price.

1. Color selection: The color of Print Name Card can be divided into single color, double color, color and true color to determine different printing times. Because the three primary colors can form a color, the pure color pattern does not bring black, and there is no black color picture. The color is not full. The color pattern we often say is composed of four colors, also known as true color. Although some offset Print Name Card do not carry pictures, they are also composed of three colors, which are also color Print Name Card; in computer digital Print Name Card, such a choice is no longer necessary.

2. Single-sided and double-sided selection: The single-sided and double-sided selection of Print Name Card printing is also the choice of printing times. The printing surface of the Print Name Card is directly related to the price.