⚡ Making Process Post-Processing of Print Name Card

Making Process Post-Processing of Print Name Card

After the printing of offset Print Name Card and special Print Name Card is completed, only boxes are required for delivery. At most, hot stamping operations are required. The post-processing of Print Name Card is mainly computer card paper. Because its large-format and low-thickness paper cannot be used immediately, it has to be post-processed such as plastic, die-cutting, bronzing, and boxing.

1. Plastic Packaging: 

Low-thickness computer card paper should be thickened, and the only way currently is to use plastic packaging. Plastic Print Name Card have been popular in China for many years, and are currently still a major form of Print Name Card production. The Print Name Card need to be cut into Print Name Card after being molded.

2. Cut Card: 

Cut the plastic card paper into Print Name Card. Current computer Print Name Card must be cut into cards before they can be used normally. Print Name Card cutting is an important process in the production of computer Print Name Card.

3. Hot stamping: 

Many computer Print Name Card and offset Print Name Card customers require the logo or company name to be hot stamped. Hot stamping is the last process in Print Name Card printing. Bronzing is to use a special bronzing machine to stamp various colors of anodized aluminum materials on Print Name Card.

4. Drumming: 

At present, the text or graphics on many Print Name Card go through the drumming process to achieve the crystal drumming effect. This process is achieved by melting the resin powder adhered to the text using an embossing machine.

5. Indentation: 

Use an indentation machine to compress the text or graphics on the Print Name Card into protrusions or depressions. This craft Print Name Card is a special craft.

6. Die-cutting: 

The die-cutting process is to use a die-cutting machine to die-cut Print Name Card. Due to the different shapes of the knife die, different-shaped Print Name Card with different shapes are realized.

7. Cartoning: 

After the Print Name Card is made, it is put into a special Print Name Card packaging box to complete the entire process of making the Print Name Card.

With the development of society and the needs of customers, imitation gold Print Name Card appear, which are different from bronzing Print Name Card.