Helping them to print their KL Print Name Card will build up comfortable personal connections with customers. This is because fulfilling a customer's order creates trust, establishes a reputation and communicates a message to potential customers. Also, serious business conducting needs to attract the attention of its target customers.

Looking to create a KL Print Name Card design that can catch people's attention?

We are here to provide you with an attractive and exclusive KL Print Name Card design service to reflect your product picture and we promise that we will deliver the final products in a safe and sound manner to your location.




≛ Type of Name Card Business Card
Name Card Design Business Card Design

Size Specification Drawing Section of KL Print Name Card

1. The thickness of the wireframe should not be less than 0.1 mm, or else when you build or insert line color blocks and other graphics the printed image will be broken or unable to appear.

2. Do double check the draft when "Zoom with Image" is set to the wireframe, otherwise the wireframe can not appear as planned during the output print.

3. Please convert them to bitmap when cropping the layered objects in the frame, since the layered layer does not rotate together when the positioned frame is rotated after grouping with other objects.

4. Do not set the "edge width" for any gradient element, this is because the output machine concept is different, sometimes causing insufficient filling of the edge of the gradient.

Design Concept Colour Block Design of KL Print Name Card

The colour block has an close relationship to the face and shape. For example, a square is drawn. The square in our consciousness has not yet formed the impression, but we automatically imagine the square is in black colour.

At that time, consciousness of a face rises slowly, the development of face-covered consciousness has its own meaning. From this, it is inferred that shape consciousness is formed in the front, face consciousness is developed in the back, and between the two.

Color of KL Print Name Card

This is broken by the printing ink tone. Each time shading is applied to the KL Print Name Card, it takes one even more printing. The shading is also one of the elements which determine the cost of the KL Print Name Card. Three hues can frame a shading, on the off chance that you need full and practical hues, you need to utilize four hues to make a genuine nature. In addition, the straightforward shading coordination of balance KL Print Name Card is called shading KL Print Name Card, insofar as printing is done multiple times.


KL Print Name Card in a single shading as it were. Current KL Print Name Card are once in a while utilized on the front side, and the individuals who need it are for the most part for brief use. Be that as it may, on the rear of the KL Print Name Card, since it isn't the primary review surface, a lot of monochrome printing is utilized 


Just print KL Print Name Card in optional hues. Since two-shading KL Print Name Card would already be able to exemplify straightforward logos and the costs of KL Print Name Card are moderate, most current counterbalance KL Print Name Card utilize two-shading printing. 


Balance printed KL Print Name Card and shading PC KL Print Name Card printed multiple times without or with light-hued pictures. Since the utilization of tri-shading can make the KL Print Name Card logo show signs of improvement play, most organizations that emphasis on outside picture use tri-shading KL Print Name Card. The three-shading KL Print Name Card is costly a result of its confounded overprinting and huge misfortune. Some three-shading KL Print Name Card need to print light-hued pictures, making plate making troublesome, and the cost is somewhat higher than normal three-shading KL Print Name Card. 

Real nature: 

Counterbalance printed KL Print Name Card with pictures, KL Print Name Card yield by shading laser printers and silk-screen KL Print Name Card printed multiple occasions. Real nature KL Print Name Card are the most elevated evaluation of KL Print Name Card, which makes the whole KL Print Name Card structure thoughts can be totally reflected. On the off chance that you need to print pictures for counterbalance KL Print Name Card, you need to utilize film plate making, with the goal that the subtleties of the example can be very much communicated. 

With the advancement of shading laser printers in advanced KL Print Name Card frameworks, this grouping has gotten less and less. Since as the most progressive shading laser printer, you can make a wide range of KL Print Name Card voluntarily. There is no issue and trouble in imprinting in a few hues.

Exchange of KL Print Name Card 

KL Print Name Card is important when it comes to business purpose. It should not be overstated in the column of their position when printing business cards. Printing a variety of different KL Print Name Card is the best idea, and delivers different business cards on different occasions.

Do remember to bring the KL Print Name Card when attending business activities. KL Print Name Card should be put in a special KL Print Name Card holders. It is suitable to put the KL Print Name Card holders in the pockets on the chest of the jacket, and do not put it in the pockets of trousers.

It is best to stand up when exchanging KL Print Name Card and hand it politely to the other party. You should stand up and show respect when the business party is coming over if you are sitting. Greeting to each other before exchanging KL Print Name Card. Keep your KL Print Name Card clean and do not distribute dirty KL Print Name Card.

If you want the other party's KL Print Name Card, but he did not give it to you, you can ask the tone: "If there's nothing inconvenient, please give me a KL Print Name Card."

People who have a lower position or traveling will be the first to give his or her KL Print Name Card. You should first exchange KL Print Name Card with the owner or someone with a higher status if the other party visits more people.

It is wrong if you write or fold the KL Print Name Card on the spot after you receive the KL Print Name Card from others. 

Electronic business cards have become increasingly popular with the rapid development of computer technology, and exchange has become even more convenient. Using mobile business card recognition software can easily identify business cards and convert them into electronic business cards, thereby creating personalized electronic business card display web pages so that business cards are easy to share and exchange.

Design Concept Color Design of KL Print Name Card

Colour is a complicated language. It can express happy and sad emotions. Sometimes it causes people's hearts to flourish and sometimes it makes people excited. In order to have an impact on eyesight, color is also an important element to affect the sensory organs.

Yellow, for example, brings happiness and joy to your sensation. Tactile can be felt in a soft color, the smell can be affected by fragrance color, both of which can show how complex and diverse the psychological and physiological impact of color is. So, it is important for KL Print Name Card designers to know what kind of color is suitable for the company's image as color is a kind of combined media., it can help the company can be easy to recognized and identify among the market.

The intensity of the color doesn't depend on the area size but on the impact of the standard configuration. The color can be adjusted based on the color characteristic, and can also be obtained based on the color size and position.

Colour taboo is not important for people nowadays, they are more prefer to do a combination between colors. As long as consumers feel good, they can grasp the application of KL Print Name Card colors successfully; or else, if they do not use the color wisely, or do the color combination wrongly, even if it is a good the content, it still cannot attract everyone's attention to the content of the KL Print Name Card. 

And when choosing the color of the original color paper mark of the KL Print Name Card you must carefully consider the ingenuity of the design, otherwise, the spread of the KL Print Name Card may damage personal or corporate identity.

Elements of KL Print Name Card 

1. The main components belonging to the forms are:

-Figures (symbolic or decorative patterns)

-Logos (muster-shaped logos or words)

-Name of the product (standard product font, also known as synthetic text or trade-mark text)

-- Frame, shading (highlight the layout, set the theme off)

2. The components which make up the text are:

-- Name of the company (including full name of the company in Chinese and English, as well as business items)

-- Slogan (a short sentence describing the enterprise)

-- Name and title (Chinese and English)

-- Contact details (Chinese and English address, telephone, mobile phone, pager, fax number)

3. Other elements which are relevant:

-Colour (hue, lightness, and saturation matching)

-Arrangement (overall text and pattern arrangements)

Take Your KL Print Name Card Market in Mind

Small Business Center 's ceo, Alfred Poor, a small business consultancy firm, said: "You have to understand the market." "B2B cards are very different from the cards you will be using with customers.

As with every marketing campaign, please ask the following questions before you start designing and ordering your KL Print Name Card:

Were your clients primarily consumers or businesses?

Can you sell goods and services?

How would it take you to attract?

How do you want to feel or think about the person when trying to hold your card?

What measures do you want to encourage KL Print Name Card? Want to visit your website and order products from the 

recipient, call you to make a reservation, visit a store or restaurant to purchase goods or other goods?