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Explanation of KL Name Card Printing 

Basic Explanation

[Access card, telephone card] A small card used for meetings, visits or visits, which is printed with the individual's name, address, job title, telephone number, e-mail address, organization name, occupation, etc.

This is also a way to introduce yourself to the other party.

Citation Explanation

The rectangular cardboard used to visit or contact others has its phone number, name, job title, address, etc.

Qing Yuyue's "Renewal of Tea Fragrance in Tea Fragrance Room and Questions and Answers by Ancient Scholars": "According to this, we know the KL Name Card Printings used by people today, the original name is also the season." Occasionally forget to bring KL Name Card Printings, please forgive me. "Wang Xiyan wrote in "The Melancholy and Disaster of the Ancient City": "He walked very hurriedly. When he heard that you were not at home, he turned around and did not even keep his KL Name Card Printing."

User Guidance of KL Name Card Printing

Persons should give their KL Name Card Printing to the customers’ every time they meet them, not giving the KL Name Card Printing when they encounter for the first time only 

Persons should not just to deliver the KL Name Card Printing to the boss of the unit but also give the KL Name Card Printing to everyone in the unit.

And also, people should deliver two KL Name Card Printing instead of one name card only. Individuals can ask the recipient transfer the KL Name Card Printing to another other.

Lastly, people can put two KL Name Card Printing in each letter, birthday card, holiday card and thank you letter. Last but not least, put two KL Name Card Printing in each media kit is also convenient by deliver to the person when it is necessary.

By the Surface of KL Name Card Printing

By surface

KL Name Card Printing is divided to front and the back. The both sides of each KL Name Card Printing can be printed. The price of the name cards is depends on the printed surfaces.

Single-sided printing

Print on one side of the KL Name Card Printing only. Print one side can fully express the meaning of KL Name Card Printing. At present, name cards in our country are printed on one side.

Double-sided printing

Print on both sides of the KL Name Card Printing. It will be used when single-sided printing cannot fully express the meaning of KL Name Card Printing, KL Name Card Printing which uses double-sided printing can insert more information.


Special Etiquette

Distribute your KL Name Card Printings more generously outside of the United States and Canada, without restriction. Not only do individuals legally exchange KL Name Card Printings in international business, but KL Name Card Printings can also be a valuable document, capturing the people you encounter and becoming the basis for your potential interaction with them.

However, you must clearly realize that certain special labels for exchanging KL Name Card Printings exist in certain cultures (unlike in North America, people can often exchange KL Name Card Printings informally). In Japan, the way KL Name Card Printings are exchanged is as important as the content. The KL Name Card Printing exchange method is like a ballet with well-designed movements. The concrete steps below are:

1. Keep both thumbs and forefinger to the KL Name Card Printing. The front should face the person who accepts the KL Name Card Printing when they hand out a KL Name Card Printing. You have to bend slightly at the same time, that is your head is slightly lowered.

2. The party that accepts the KL Name Card Printing must nod in order to express gratitude, and at the same time hand out their own KL Name Card Printing in the same way, and then carefully read the content on the KL Name Card Printing for some time. The reason is: the KL Name Card Printing is your identity; it shows who you are, what you are doing and who you are working for-your appearance is your KL Name Card Printing.

3. Next, at the appropriate time, in each of these small ceremonies, each person must also hold a KL Name Card Printing on his chest for the other party to recognize.

4. Seek not to render the KL Name Card Printing marks or annotations. You must hand your KL Name Card Printing with your right hand in the Middle East and several Southeast Asian countries, and never with your left hand, even though you are left-handed. The left hand is used to clean the body in these places, and is thus considered to be a "unclean" hand.

Don't in any culture place KL Name Card Printings in your pockets. We found some informal Americans are using KL Name Card Printings as toothpicks! (Your client needs to think around the table: "Oh! That's my name, not your toothpick.")

Bilingual KL Name Card Printing


Some knowledgeable tourists will use a KL Name Card Printing with English on one side and local language on the other when traveling to countries where English isn't widely used. Make sure the quality of both sides of the printed text is the same, so as not to inadvertently suspect that the local language is a language of the second class. 

There are many 24 hour services in this area in many large cities. If you are going to a city like Tokyo or Hong Kong but don't have a bilingual KL Name Card Printing, ask the concierge of the hotel where such service is available.


In any event, you should make sure your title and title are written down. Choosing a title will not only make local people understand but will also be the most accurate reflection of your position. For example, outside of the United States, titles such as "deputy," "associate" or "executive assistant" are easily misunderstood. And the difference between words like "director" and "manager" is difficult for people in many parts of the world to understand. 

Outside the United States, the title of vice president (vice president) is rarely used, but businessmen in other countries know it represents a particular status. Likewise, acronyms such as CEO (CEO), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and COO (Chief Operating Officer) also puzzled people outside of North America.

The "chairman" used by the British in our English-speaking nation of the same name, corresponds to the United States "president." In the United Kingdom, "director" is a high-level position, corresponding to the United States "vice president;" at the same time, this title also implies that this person is a member of the board of directors. 

Two American businesswomen described their Japanese KL Name Card Printing use experiences. One is His company's chairman. In Japan, she is always received by senior Japanese businessmen, no matter where she goes. And another KL Name Card Printing was marked as an international marketing manager (director), but she was treated in a white-eyed way-indifference. 

Both women believe that in the Japanese business community, the status and status in the company is very important. As a result, the director of the international marketing department, with the permission of their company, appoints himself as the president of "Some International" (the name of her own company). 

In reality, this company's name is the official name of a foreign sales group (FSC) being a tax-specialized agency and she's right about her appointment. A few months later, the lady went to Japan again and this time, her warm welcome was given by the renamed "King" title on her KL Name Card Printing.

Caution: Don't construct your own title to make a good impression. Otherwise, if your foreign colleagues realize you 're boasting, you'll lose credibility, which would be detrimental in the long run. 

Special notice: In those countries and regions where men are dominant (eg Latin America, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia), if you are married, you may consider adding “Mrs.” before your name to indicate your identity. The advantage of this is that it can prevent some undesirable love offensives. 

Design Concept Design Performance of KL Name Card Printing

The plan's content, the theme 's meaning, or the product 's focus are expressed as photobooks. The purpose is to explain the text, highlight the original security and have a visual modeling mode that is complete and independent.

In a modern society with regular ads, images of the essence of advertising can be found in almost any printed content. The types and internal structure of illustrations, techniques, etc. have therefore become one of the key points of advertising effects as well.

The pictures are divided into two categories: Truth and Abstraction. Designers must recognize the flexibility or representativeness when designing, in order to use the soul to evaluate the data, pick invisible elements and produce a mixture of artistic skills of form and color; which allows us to absorb the image and identify with the illustration.

Hence, illustration is an important material for character creation to attract vision among the constituent elements of a KL Name Card Printing. Above all, illustrations can directly express the company's structure or industry in order to convey a comprehensible reading effect of the content.

Size Specification Drawing Section of KL Name Card Printing

1. For all input or self-drawn line color blocks and other images the wireframe thickness should not be less than 0.1 mm, otherwise, the printed image will be distorted or unable to show up.

2. Double-check whether the wireframe is set to "Zoom with Image" after the manuscript is finished, or else an irregular wireframe can form during output printing.

3. For precise clipping, please convert the layered objects to a bitmap when they are put in the frame because if the positioned frame is rotated after grouping with other objects, the layered layer direction does not rotate together.

4. The "edge width" can not be set for any gradient object, since the definition of the output machine is different, which often causes insufficient filling of the edge of the gradient.

Size Specification Content Section of KL Name Card Printing

1. The copy layout should be more than 3 mm away from the cutting line, so that the text is not cut during cutting.

2. After confirmation of the manuscript, the text should be translated to curves or outlines to avoid garbled characters, because the font cannot be identified during the plate making production.

3. Please do not set System characters when entering text. When used it will trigger white nodes at the stroke intersection. Please do not set the text as overprint and fill in at the same time.