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KL Name Card Print usually include personal names, business names or logos, and contact details. Persons received multiple contact details to make contact with the receiver easier. You can include the website address, email address , phone number and physical address. Such specifics are essential for social networking, but when it comes to the name card, less is better. It's best to have a simple design which allows the recipient to focus on the most important information.


≛ Type of Name Card Business Card

Name Card Design Business Card Design


According to Layout KL Name Card Print 

KL Name Card Print paper can be divided into standard KL Name Card Print and folding KL Name Card Print based on how they can be folded. standard KL Name Card Print can also be divided into horizontal KL Name Card Print and vertical KL Name Card Print based on different printing reference surfaces.

1. Horizontal KL Name Card Print:
KL Name Card Print method with wide as low side and narrow as high side. Along with its simple nature and inexpensive graphic design, horizontal KL Name Card Print have become the most frequently used KL Name Card Print printing form.

2. Vertical KL Name Card Print: 
Using the KL Name Card Print as the low side and the broad side as the high side, with the narrow hand. Along with its complex layout and few reference design materials, vertical KL Name Card Print are not appropriate for personalized KL Name Card Print design.

3. Folded KL Name Card Print: 
A collapsible KL Name Card Print that has half the storage area of information than a regular KL Name Card Print.

The KL Name Card Print Shows That You Are Ready

If you have ever written the contact details for someone on a paper napkin and brought it into you?

How if somebody's handset runs out of control? That is not the most professional approach.

If you encounter two people, and one person is busy looking for a pen and something to write, and the other person just pulls out a KL Name Card Print, with whom do you want to deal?

Basic Meaning of KL Name Card Print in China

The social system is still underdeveloped, most residents are fixed on the land, and the slaves have no access to education; a small proportion of inherited slaveholders make up a small group of governors. Since this ruling circle has not improved for a long period of time, it is not usual in conjunction with education, there is no requirement for KL Name Card Print formation.

KL Name Card Print appeared first in feudal society. China started to form a totalitarian government during the Warring States period. The financial system has also developed with the use of efficient manufacturing tools like ironware which has led to cultural development. Confucianism represented by Confucius and other educational institutions has formed a scenario of hundreds of schools in conflict. All nations are decided to commit to broadening lands, continuing to support and propagating the culture of the country, and the war has brought forth a large number of new nobility. Especially after Qin Shihuang 's reunification, China undertook a major reform: unifying the global script.


Special Etiquette

When viewed in Western Han Dynasty historical books, the KL Name Card Print is called "Ye." "Shi Ming · Shi Shu Qi" contains: "Ye, Yeyao. The book's name is from the office to the Yizhe." Ye was also called a thorn in the Eastern Han dynasty. The famous assassination begged see people. Found in the excavated Han tomb, this Ye or the famous thorn, tied to the wood, is 22.5 cm long and 7 cm wide. There is the name of the famous killer, and the place of birth, which is identical to the KL Name Card Print of today.

Mu Jian's name was changed to famous paper during the Tang Dynasty. Changan Xinke Jinshi, in the Tang Dynasty, exchanged paper for exchange with red paper. It was called a door and a door during the late Tang Dynasty, which were both a way to access the self-reported door. The famous paper still has the handwriting of the master in the Song Dynasty.He has protected the famous paper written by Huang Tingjian, and Qin Guan sent him the famous paper, similar to today 's New Year's card, according to the Southern Song Zhang Shinan in the "Younan Jiwen." The Beijing Palace Museum also houses the "Calligraphy Message" by Northern Song Dynasty calligrapher Cai Xiang. According to Lu You's research in the "Notes of Lao Xue An", it is similar to "Name Thorn". 

In the Yuan Dynasty the name change stabbing was called "Bai Tie," and in the Ming and Qing Dynasties was also called "Popular Tie" and "Movie." The content was improved too.

He also wrote official positions, in addition to the self-reported name and place of origin. In the Qing Dynasty, "Bamboo Words" has poems as evidence: "It's a small, three inches long and two inches wide new worship post," "red note two inches book name and surname, Zeng Xuhuai half thorny. "As we know from the poem, the famous post of the Qing Dynasty is very small and it's still Meihong paper. The famous post of the Qing Dynasty was written differently from the Tang Dynasty, after textual research. It's written in proper script, embossed with wooden stamps, and printed on Meihong paper, instead. There was later a white paper name post (see Xu Ke's "Clean Barnyard Banknotes and Customs" for more details).

The format of the "name post" is almost the same as that of today's KL Name Card Print, and the married woman's KL Name Card Print also adds the husband's family name. Its size and size also have routines: two inches wide and three inches long. For literati exchanges and visits, usually the master visits a friend and asks the servant or book boy to submit the name post to the other party ’s lord, who then presents it to the owner. TThere is a paragraph in Suzhou's long story, "Description of Golden Phoenix," which writes Suzhou citizen Qian Zhijie went to Beijing to visit the prime minister because of the rain, and the prince asked him to pay 500 two silvers to be notified. According to "Tang Yiyan" by Wang Dingbao, this is in Tang The dynasty had become a routine, and the Tang Dynasty's Liu Lufeng handed him a prominent thorn, which Dian Ye also blocked.Several candidates put up posts to ask for advice in the book "The Wizard of Oz," but the host Yu Bing did not want to see them, so he told his father to say he was not at home, which indicates that famous posts at the time were very common.

The Tang and Song literati went out to pray, as well as taking a pray box containing pen and ink, but which can be handwritten on the spot. Famous name cards have been printed in the Qing dynasty, although there have been less handwritten name notes, unless the owner was a great calligrapher although wanted to show one hand. Baijia's a cultural relic too. The Baijia were made very delicately in the Late Qing and early Republics. The boxes were made of wood or acrylic clay, and on them were drawn landscape scenes. The Baijia collected today at the Palace Museum is beautiful and magnificent, and the importance of the quality is very strong.

The rulers adopted the imperial examination systems of Tang and Song in the Ming Dynasty, and made them civilians. Reading has become the only way average people can better their lives, and the number of literate people has risen accordingly. The likelihood of interaction between people have risen.Once students see teachers, they first have to apply their "name posts" during the Tang and Song Dynasties, that is, the "gate like" Only at this time did the "name post" become embroidered with the word "name." In the Ming Dynasty the "name post" was rectangular, usually seven inches long and three inches wide. The name on the "name post" will be larger if you email a post to an elder or superior, the name on the "name post" should be more courteous, and the name on the "name post" should be considered impolite.

Officially the Qing Dynasty was called "KL Name Card Print." The Qing Dynasty had become the culmination of the patriarchal system in China. Because of the West 's continued invasion, exchanges with the outside world have increased, and business with foreign countries also hastened the popularity of KL Name Card Print.The Qing Dynasty KL Name Card Print, especially in the officialdom, began to develop towards miniaturization. To show modesty, officials used bigger KL Name Card Print, and official universities used smaller KL Name Card Print to display prestige.

Some also use KL Name Card Print of celebrities. Xu Shidong, a person from Yin County, Zhejiang Province, attended a local officials' banquet during the Qing Dynasty. He heard that someone had used his KL Name Card Print for personal favours to go to the government office, but was happily noticed. Other squires and celebrities' KL Name Card Print are almost similar. The explanation is that, because of the huge outflow of KL Name Card Print ("Yanyulou Notes · Volume 5"), these people distribute KL Name Card Print everywhere during the New Year. Earlier, several celebrities on the back of their KL Name Card Print signed the words "not for other reasons," in order to avoid being targeted by clever men.

By color

This is divided according to the printing ink colour. Every when a color is applied to the KL Name Card Print printing, it needs one more print. The color is also one of the factors deciding the Visit Card size. Three colors will shape a color, you have to use four colors to create a true color if you want complete and practical colours.The basic color matching of offset printing KL Name Card Print is often called color KL Name Card Print, so long as they are printed three times.

Simply print KL Name Card Print in one colour. New KL Name Card Print on the front side are seldom used, and those using them are mainly for temporary use. However, since it is not the primary display surface on the back of the KL Name Card Print, a considerable amount of monochrome printing is used.

Printing KL Name Card Print only in secondary colours. Since two-color KL Name Card Print can still represent simple logos, and KL Name Card Print prices are low, two-color printing is used in most conventional offset KL Name Card Print.

Printed KL Name Card Print and color KL Name Card Print printed offset three times without or with light-colored images. Because tri-color use can make the KL Name Card Print logo play even better, most firms that concentrate on external image use tri-color KL Name Card Print. Because of its complex overprinting and significant loss the three-color KL Name Card Print is costly.Some three-color KL Name Card Print have to print light-colored photographs, causing plate difficult, and the price is a bit higher than normal three-color KL Name Card Print.

True color: 
Offset printed KL Name Card Print with images, production of KL Name Card Print by color laser printers, and more than three-fold printed KL Name Card Print with silk screen. True color KL Name Card Print are the highest grade of KL Name Card Print printing which makes it possible to accurately represent the entire KL Name Card Print design concepts. When you want to print pictures for offset KL Name Card Print, you need to make film plate, so that the design specifics can be conveyed well.

This distinction has become less and less, with the popularization of color laser printers in digital KL Name Card Print systems. Since you can render all sorts of KL Name Card Print at will, as the most advanced color laser printer. Printing in many colors is no challenge and difficulty.

What Information Will Your KL Name Card Print Contain?

Great KL Name Card Print before the age of the Internet were like personal calling cards. This contains your name, the name of your company, the work title, the actual address and the phone number. Many cards can incorporate new information by digitally obtaining company communications: websites, email addresses, social network IDs, etc .It is a concern because the less important information people can read and remember the more you put on the sheet.

Here are some rules for including some KL Name Card Print text information:

Make sure you have all the basics: your website, your phone number (if you want to call customers), and your email address.

Only include your street address when you need someone to get to your current location.

Specify your research and/or content clearly. This typically requires the label line to be included on the card under the name of the company, or elsewhere.

By surface

It is divided according to the Visit Card printing front and back. Each KL Name Card Print is printable on either side or on both sides. The important factor in deciding the quality of KL Name Card Print is the number of printed surfaces.

Single-sided printing: 
The KL Name Card Print is written on just one page. Simple KL Name Card Print only have to print one side to convey the purpose of KL Name Card Print in whole. Most domestic KL Name Card Print are usually printed on one side.

Double-sided printing: 
KL Name Card Print on both sides. Even when single-sided printing can not completely convey the purpose of KL Name Card Print has the volume of information increased for KL Name Card Print using double-sided printing.

User's Guidance

-Instead of just providing the KL Name Card Print when they first meet, they can deliver the KL Name Card Print to customers each time they see them.
-Deliver a KL Name Card Print to everyone in a team, not just to the company leader.
-Deliver two KL Name Card Print, rather than just one KL Name Card Print. Ask the receiver to transfer a different KL Name Card Print to others.
-Put two KL Name Card Print in each package, birthday card, vacation card and package of thanks.
-In each media kit put two KL Name Card Print.