KL Print Name Card help to create a comfortable personal connection with customers. This is a communication method for building trust, developing a reputation and communicating a message to potential customers. Moreover, every seriously conducted business must grab the attention of its target customers.

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Fundamental Meaning of KL Print Name Card in China  

KL Print name card previously showed up in primitive society. During the Warring States time frame, China started to shape a brought together state. With the utilization of cutting edge creation apparatuses, for example, ironware, the economy has likewise evolved, which has prompted social turn of events. Confucianism spoke to by Confucius and different schools have shaped a scene of dispute between many schools. All nations are focused on extending an area, supporting and spreading the nation's way of life, and countless new aristocrats have risen in the war. Particularly after the reunification of Qin Shihuang, China started an extraordinary change: binding together the national content.

  KL print name card, the name card is assigned "Ye" when it is found in the chronicled books of the Western Han Dynasty. "Shi Ming · Shi Shu Qi" contains: "Ye, Yeyao. The name of the book is from the working environment to the Yizhe." In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Ye was also called the thorn. The notable passing requests to see people. Found in the uncovered Han internment chamber, this Ye or the mainstream thorn, joined to the wood, is 22.5 cm long and 7 cm wide. There is the name of the famous expert assassin, and the spot of birth, which resembles the present KL print name card. 

In the Tang Dynasty, the name of Mu Jian was changed to eminent paper. In the Tang Dynasty, Changan Xinke Jinshi exchanged paper with red paper for exchange. In the late Tang Dynasty, it was known as a door and a gateway, which were every one of the a strategy for arriving at oneself point by point passage. The commended paper in the Song Dynasty regardless of everything has the expert's handwriting. As showed by the Southern Song Zhang Shinan in the "Younan Jiwen", he has covered the notable paper created by Huang Tingjian, and Qin Guan sent him the praised paper, similar to the present New Year's card. The Palace Museum in Beijing moreover houses the "Calligraphy Post" by the calligrapher Cai Xiang of the Northern Song Dynasty. As demonstrated by Lu You's investigation in the "Notes of Lao Xue An", it resembles "Name Thorn". 

The name change cutting in the Yuan Dynasty was arranged "Bai Tie", and was also called "Acclaimed Tie" and "Film" in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The substance has in like manner been improved, 

Despite self-nitty gritty name and spot of cause, he in like manner made power positions. In the Qing Dynasty, "Bamboo Words" has works as verification: "It is another adoration post that is nearly nothing, three creeps long and two inches wide", "red note two inches book name and last name, Zeng Xuhuai half thorny." As we likely am mindful from the piece, the Qing Dynasty's acclaimed post is close to nothing, and it is still Meihong paper. After scholarly assessment, the Qing Dynasty's notable post has been created remarkably rather than the Tang Dynasty. Or maybe, it is written in typical substance, engraved with wooden stamps, and engraved on Meihong paper. A while later, there was a white paper name post (for nuances, see Xu Ke's "Immaculate Barnyard Banknotes and Customs").

The arrangement of the "name post" is nearly equivalent to that of the present KL print name card, and the wedded lady's KL print name card additionally includes the spouse's family name. Its size and size additionally have schedules: two inches wide and three inches in length. For literati trades and visits, for the most part the ace visits a companion and asks the worker or book kid to present the name post to the next gathering 's master, who at that point presents it to the proprietor. There is a section in Suzhou's long story "Depiction of Golden Phoenix", which composes that Suzhou resident Qian Zhijie went to Beijing to visit the head administrator because of downpour, and the ruler requested that he pay 500 two silvers to be told. As indicated by Wang Dingbao's "Tang Yiyan", this is in Tang The tradition had become a propensity, and Liu Lufeng of the Tang Dynasty gave him a popular thistle, which was additionally hindered by Dian Ye. In the book "The Wizard of Oz", a few competitors set up presents on request exhortation, however the host Yu Bing would not like to see them, so he requested that his dad state he was not at home, which shows that well known posts were extremely famous at that point. 

The Tang and Song literati went out to adore, and moreover want to bring an affection box, which contains pen and ink, anyway can be composed by hand on the spot. In the Qing custom, prestigious KL print name card were less composed by hand name notes, aside from if the owner was a fantastic calligrapher and expected to reveal one hand. Baijia is moreover a social relic. The Baijia in the late Qing and early Republics were painstakingly made. The cartons were made of wood or finish item, and the figures of scenes were painted on them. The Baijia assembled in the Palace Museum today is rich and decision, and the appreciation regard is exceptionally high. 

In the Ming Dynasty, the rulers followed the Tang and Song regal appraisal systems and made them standard individuals. Examining transformed into the primary course for standard people to improve their lives, and the amount of taught people extended in like way. The chances of people's participation have extended. Exactly when understudies see educators, they should at first present their "name posts", that is, the "entryway like" during the Tang and Song Dynasties. It was unmistakably right now that the "name post" got entangled with "name". The "name post" in the Ming Dynasty was rectangular, all things considered seven crawls long and three inches wide. In case you present a post to a senior or chief, the name on the "name post" should be greater, the name on the "name post" should be progressively thoughtful, and the name on the "name post" will be seen as pompous. 

The Qing Dynasty was legitimately called "KL print name card". The Qing Dynasty was the completion of China's crude society. Due to the predictable interruption of the West, exchanges with the outside world extended, and business with remote countries furthermore stimulated the acclaim of KL print name card. The KL print name card of the Qing Dynasty began to make toward downsizing, especially in the officialdom. Specialists used greater KL print name card to show lowliness, and authority universities used humbler KL print name card to show status. 

Sometimes, KL print name card of popular individuals are used by others. During the Qing organization, Xu Shidong, a person from Yin County, Zhejiang Province, went to a dinner of close by specialists. He found that someone had used his KL print name card to go to the organization office for singular favors, yet was fortunately watched. The KL print name card of various colleagues and renowned individuals are probably the proportionate. The clarification is that these people scatter KL print name card any place during the New Year, considering the colossal flood of KL print name card ("Yanyulou Notes · Volume 5"). A short time later, various well known individuals signified the words "not for various purposes" on the back of their KL print name card to go without being used by cunning people. 

What is a KL Print Name Card? 

KL print name card are privately owned business cards that contain information about individuals or associations. They are commonly given on formal occasions, yet can similarly be used in social gatherings. These KL print name card are used to network and sell certain things and organizations. 

These KL print name card can be engraved on different sorts of paper, dependent upon the impact you have to have on the recipient. The idea of the paper used is huge considering the way that it addresses your tendencies. The unassuming paper may make you look less master, which may cause a couple of individuals to be disappointed. Printing methodologies, upgraded representations and costs will in like manner vary according to singular tendency. 

The standard size of KL print name card makes it easy to put them in pockets and handbags. In any case, you can select a progressively drawn size. The size you pick should be extraordinary. Little cards may be lost, while gigantic cards may make trouble storing. 

Pictures are in like manner ordinary on KL print name card, especially for individuals and associations in the creative business. The photos used must be related to the organizations and things gave. It is perfect to oblige the number of pictures included to avoid confusion on the KL print name card. If the recipient can associate the size picture with your business, it may be progressively reasonable. 

Most KL print name card simply gives information on the front side, yet some KL print name card uses all the central nuances on the different sides without leaving the recipient overwhelmed. Falling business cards are a certifiable instance of KL print name card that contains information on the different sides. These KL print name card license you to join more information without using blocked cards.

Characteristics of Different Types of KL Print Name Card 

Standard KL Print Name Card

Able to fit your wallet perfectly

Work better in aspiring entrepreneurship

A classic KL Print Name Card style that fit most of the people’s taste

Spot Varnish KL Print Name Card

Superior quality KL Print Name Card with clear ink spot varnish

Smooth and high quality matte lamination on both side

Easier to let your KL Print Name Card to stand out

Folded KL Print Name Card

High quality KL Print Name Card

Available in a lot of stunning paper types

Work better in forming a good first impression

Recycled KL Print Name Card

Can be made of different recycled type paper

Make your KL Print Name Card looks different

Ideal to form a good first impression

Metal KL Print Name Card

Normally in black color and round corner

Laser engraved

Given a premium look and feel

KL Print Name Card Holder

Able to protect your KL Print Name Card

Light and convenience to bring along

High quality look and feel

Textured KL Print Name Card

Available in linen fibers made paper type

Let your KL Print Name Card stand out

Good to form a nice first impression

Hot Stamped KL Print Name Card

Premium quality KL Print Name Card

Available for gold or silver hot foil stamping

Ideal to form a perfect first impression

6 Steps In Designing A Good KL Print Name Card

1. Select your preference shape

If you’ve already decided on a traditional rectangular KL Print Name Card, you can skip this and go ahead to the second step. However, if you wish to learn more about all the options for the shape of KL Print Name Card, even outside-the-box strategies, keep reading.


We offer different shape design of KL Print Name Card besides of the traditional rectangular KL Print Name Card, such as: round corner Name Card, die-cutting KL Print Name Card, folding KL Print Name Card, spot-UV KL Print Name Card and others. Visit our page to find out more shape of KL Print Name Card!


2. Select your preference size

Your next decision is the size of the KL Print Name Card. This mostly depends on the standard of the country because the trend of size of KL Print Name Card use are different in countries according to their culture. Even if you plan to stand out, you still have to know what everyone else is doing to go against it.

For your information, here’s the standard size of KL Print Name Card in some other countries.

- North American Standard: 3.5 × 2 in. (88.9 × 50.8 mm)

- European Standard: 3.346 × 2.165 in. (85 × 55 mm)

- Oceania Standard:  3.54 × 2.165 in. (90 × 55 mm)


However, no matters which size of KL Print Name Card that you prefer, always be careful in these three areas while designing.

- Bleed area: the outermost part of your KL Print Name Card.

- Trim line: the target line to cut your KL Print Name Card.

- Safety line: anything outside this line is subject to cutting mistakes. So, ensure essential elements like text or logos fall outside this line is very important.

3. Add in your brand logo and other graphics

The next step of designing a KL Print Name Card will be the logo. Most of the time, the brand logo will take the center stage of the KL Print Name Card, but it doesn’t fix.


If you have a two-sided KL Print Name Card, you may include your brand logo in both side of your KL Print Name Card, not necessary to be at the center, you can put it at the side. Or, you could just include your brand logo at one side only and the other side contains your business details. This would work in attracting human eyes as the spacing during design given people a sense of comfortable.


What if the empty space on the KL Print Name Card doesn’t suit your taste? What if you brand logo is just simple designed or contains text only? One-sided KL Print Name Card will be a better choice! You can add more and more graphics on your KL Print Name Card to make it more attractive. For example, you are doing a child-care business, a cute theme would be applied to your KL Print Name Card as cute things always fit the children’s taste. Add in some teddy bears or dolls graphic to generate to interest of children.

4. Add necessary description

Most often, you will be handing out your KL Print Name Card to those who already having interest in your business. This means they have previously encountered your company and already know something about your organization. Therefore, don't include unnecessary details in your KL Print Name Card. If the information doesn’t help in creating value for your Name Card, take it out of the design.

For example, include your company address rather than your personal house address. People would always visit your company rather than visit your house for business purposes.

Here are some details that are encouraged to put on your KL Print Name Card:

a) Your name – Every card needs a name so that people can know how to call you.

b) Company name – Except for personal brands, in which your personal name is same with your company name.

c) Job title – This would helps remind the holder of who you are, what you do, and even how your met.

d) Phone number – This could generate people to contact you.

e) Email – Allow people to discuss more details or find out more information from you.

f) Website URL – Boost your website view and provide information with more detailed for customers.

g) Company address – Necessary for drawing customers into your office or store location.

5. Select your typography and color theme

Choose the size, font type and color theme that best suit to your business field. For example, if you are doing a design company, choose a more artistic font type and be simple in the color used.

This would give people a sense of professional while handing out the KL Print Name Card. Another example, if you are operating a tuition center, it would be better if the font type is formal and font size would be bigger.

6. Finalize your design

Before proceeding to printing step, always double-check with your KL Print Name Card design. Don’t forget to let your designer send you the finished design as a vector file or PDF file. You will need to use vector images in case you need to change the size, and PDFs are readable by practically every printer without any displacement.