Name Card Printing Yong Peng play a significant part in opening up opportunities. They help to boost revenue because of the influence of personal networking. Know your company will create a true brand identity with a strong networking strategy. Name Card Printing Yong Peng help to make a chain of personal relationships important. Get a standard Name Card Printing Yong Peng right at your door, with timely delivery. Here we can design a Name Card Printing Yong Peng to help you create a first impression that's unforgettable. If you need any more assistance please feel free to contact me.






6 Steps In Designing A Good Name Card Printing Yong Peng

1. Select your preference shape

If you have already decided to print a traditional rectangular YongPeng Name Card, you can skip this and go ahead with the second stage. Nonetheless, if you want to know more about all the Name Card Printing Yong Peng shape choices, including outside the box strategies, keep reading.


In addition to conventional rectangular Name Card Printing Yong Peng, we deliver various shape designs such as: round corner Name Card, die-cutting Name Card Printing Yong Peng, folding Name Card Printing Yong Peng, spot-UV Name Card Printing Yong Peng and many more. Visit our page to find out more shape of Name Card Printing Yong Peng!


2. Select your preference size

Your next option is the size of your YongPeng Name Card Print. This also depends on the country's norm because Name Card Printing Yong Peng use pattern size is different in countries depending on their culture. But if you're trying to stand out, you also need to know what someone else is doing to go against it.

For your information, here’s the standard size of Name Card Printing Yong Peng in some other countries.

- North American Standard: 3.5 × 2 in. (88.9 × 50.8 mm)

- European Standard: 3.346 × 2.165 in. (85 × 55 mm)

- Oceania Standard:  3.54 × 2.165 in. (90 × 55 mm)


However, no matters which size of Name Card Printing Yong Peng that you prefer, always be careful in these three areas while designing.

- Bleed area: the outermost part of your Name Card Printing Yong Peng.

- Trim line: the target line to cut your Name Card Printing Yong Peng.

- Safety line: anything outside this line is subject to cutting mistakes. So, ensure essential elements like text or logos fall outside this line is very important.

3. Add in your brand logo and other graphics

The logo will be the next step to designing a YongPeng Name Card Print. The company logo can most of the time take center stage of Name Card Printing Yong Peng, but it doesn't resolve that.


When you have a two-sided Name Card Printing Yong Peng, you can have your Name Card Printing Yong Peng brand logo on both sides of your Name Card Printing Yong Peng, not having to be in the middle, you can place it on the edge. Or, you could just include your brand logo at one side only and the other side contains your business details. This would work in attracting human eyes as the spacing during design given people a sense of comfortable.


What if the empty space on the Name Card Printing Yong Peng doesn’t suit your taste? What if you brand logo is just simple designed or contains text only? One-sided Name Card Printing Yong Peng will be a better choice! You can add more and more graphics on your Name Card Printing Yong Peng to make it more attractive. You 're doing a child-care business , for example, a cute theme should be added to your Name Card Printing Yong Peng as cute items always suit the taste of the children. Add graphic in some teddy bears or dolls to attract children's curiosity. 

4. Add necessary description

Most often, your Name Card Printing Yong Peng will be given out to those who already have an interest in your market. It means they have seen your client before, and they also know all about your organization. Therefore, don't include unnecessary details in your Name Card Printing Yong Peng. If the information doesn’t help in creating value for your Name Card, take it out of the design.

For example, include your company address rather than your personal house address. People would always visit your company rather than visit your house for business purposes.

Here are some details that are encouraged to put on your Name Card Printing Yong Peng:

a) Your name – Every card needs a name so that people can know how to call you.

b) Company name – Except for personal brands, in which your personal name is same with your company name.

c) Job title – This would helps remind the holder of who you are, what you do, and even how your met.

d) Phone number – This could generate people to contact you.

e) Email – Allow people to discuss more details or find out more information from you.

f) Website URL – Boost your website view and provide information with more detailed for customers.

g) Company address – Necessary for drawing customers into your office or store location.

5. Select your typography and color theme

Select the size, font style and color scheme that best suits your area of business. When you're doing a design business, for example, select a more creative font style and be clear in the color used.

When handing out the Name Card Printing Yong Peng this would give people a feeling of professionalism. Another example, if you are operating a tuition center, it would be better if the font type is formal and font size would be bigger.

6. Finalize your design

Always double-check with your Name Card Printing Yong Peng template before you proceed to the printing stage. Let your designer give you the finished design as a vector file or as a PDF file. You will need to use vector images in case you need to change the size, and PDFs are readable by practically every printer without any displacement.

Making Process of Name Card Printing Yong Peng


There are currently three major types of Name Card Printing Yong Peng, the simplest of which is laser printing, followed by offset printing and silkscreen printing is the most complex of these. Laser and offset printing, although screen printing is fairly uncommon, are commonly used today.


1. Laser Name Card Printing Yong Peng:

It is nowadays the most commonly used printing process. In addition, offset printing and screen printing are inseparable from laser printing, and laser printing also contributes to their simple plate making. Current laser printing can be divided into two types: black and color, and computer Name Card Printing Yong Peng of different grades can be produced respectively.

2. Offset Name Card Printing Yong Peng:

Is the new conventional form of Name Card Printing Yong Peng. Its use is much more complicated than computer-generated Name Card Printing Yong Peng. Next, you can print the Name Card Printing Yong Peng image on the transfer paper or scan it into a video. (color picture with a network cable), and only the transfer paper or film should be used for the printer, and install the printed PS plate on the Name Card Printing Yong Peng offset press to print.

3. Screen Name Card Printing Yong Peng:

It is rarely used in Name Card Printing Yong Peng, as it is unfit for paper printing. Screen printing is just like offset printing, you must also print the designed Name Card Printing Yong Peng template on the transfer paper or print the film, or use a special screen printing machine to convert the transfer paper or the Name Card Printing Yong Peng template to the screenplay. Go to the screen printing pad, and then mount the screen printing machine to print. Text Design of Name Card Printing Yong Peng

We all know that text is one of the most important visual media in the everyday life of man and that he is still a communicator of intellectual history. The font design is intended to turn the spirit of the text and reinforce the beauty of the text. Therefore, when the text is used in the design industry, it is not only for conveying messages but also has the decoration/appreciation function and the impression enhancement function.

Due to the exponential growth of advertising and the influence of global design trends, whether advertising agencies or individuals are engaged in design research to communicate business needs or their personal design ideas, as well as developments in font printing. Hand-drawn fonts are unique fonts under the idea of stressing the lightness and artistic pleasure of writing that are entirely different from conventional fonts. And plenty of other assumptions.

When designing Name Card Printing Yong Peng, the manner in which text is rendered is often affected by industry. Soft-pen fonts for example are ideal for use in the Museum of Tea Art. The root of the text design theme is the full name of the company in Chinese and English, Chinese and English initials, text logo ... The font includes Vientiane, a crafted font, a carved seal, a typical font, etc. Finally, we must pay attention to the combination of fonts and writing to create an atmosphere of the layout and shape the brand into another new visual language.

Construction of Name Card Printing Yong Peng


Name Card Printing Yong Peng is printed on some kind of card paper, and its visual effects, printing methods, costs and other details differ according to cultural or organizational norms and personal preferences. The weight each to Name Card Printing Yong Peng varies according to the venue. Typically, Name Card Printing Yong Peng are printed at 350 grams / square meter (density), 45 millimeters (100 pounds) (weight), or 12 pounds (thickness).

These cards were initially considerably lighter in weight, and perforations could be felt at the edges, but enhancements in printer and paper design made it easier to print professional-looking cards.

Spot colors are typically used to print replacement Name Card Printing Yong Peng on a sheet-fed offset press without full-color images. Some businesses also have spot colors on their labels (such as UPS brown, Los Angeles Lakers purple, and Tide orange, for example). If the logo of the Name Card Printing Yong Peng is monochrome and the type is a different color, the process is considered two colors. More spot colors can be applied to match the card 's needs. With the start of digital printing and batch printing, printing Name Card Printing Yong Peng in full color is now cost-effective.

A cheaper process called thermal imaging was created to mimic the effect of gravure plate printing, which uses plastic powder that can be substituted on wet ink. The card will then be rotated to a heating unit, melting the plastic onto the card. The application of UV varnish on the matte sheet substrate may have a similar effect.

Sheet-fed presses also print full-color cards or cards that use multiple colors.  However, they use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) four-color printing process. Color-overprinted screens will produce a wide gamut of colors. The downside of this printing process is that the sifted pigment will reveal tiny spots if you inspect them closely, and in most situations, the spot pigment card will be printed in solid color. Or a simple non-black type card with under 5 points.

Use an additional unit to apply the coating like another ink on a sheet-fed printing press. In other words, UV coatings can also use spot coating which creates additional potential for design. Do not replace UV paint with paint. Before printing, paint should be glazed or semi-glassed.

Name Card Printing Yong Peng A digital copier that uses fused toner on the Name Card Printing Yong Peng surface can also be printed, but many modern printing firms have replaced high-end "digital printers" that can now be used as office copy machines, ranging from lightweight production equipment such as Konica Minolta's Bizhub 5500 to the latest HP Indigo digital printing press and other state-of-the-art equipment.

Although some older office copiers may encounter problems when handling heavy Name Card Printing Yong Peng paper, the latest digital printing presses can print paper with a special quality weighing 407 g / m2 (150 # cover paper), and Can print special substrates, such as polypropylene. In both sheet and web models, many modern digital printers can be used, can simulate Pantone spot colors, can print more than 7 colors at a time, and some even include embedded spectrophotometers and air-assisted paper feed systems.

UV-coatings and other coatings (such as water-based coatings) can be used to accelerate card production. Cards that are not dry will "place" on the back of the next card, that is, the ink on the front of one card will be marked. The film normally has a high shine, but fingerprints are more likely to be created and the water-based coating is not noticeable, so it will prolong replacement. You can use dim water-based paint on uncoated cards and get some very durable uncoated cards, and you can also use UV coating or plastic extrusion technology to thicken thin cards, so they are also more durable.

(Bleeding refers to the portion where the printed lines or colors extend beyond the lines of the paper to be printed on.) This helps to ensure that the paper is cut without white edges because of the small difference in the blade's cutting position. Cards, cards with practically no tailoring are nearly impossible. Only losing hair will trigger white lines and when cutting, the razor itself will tear out the page. The picture can even be shifted on the paper.

Design Concept Frame Shading of  Name Card Printing Yong Peng

Decorative frames and shading are the components of graphic design; they are not the main variables in Name Card Printing Yong Peng design, and most of them are for decorative purposes.

The design of the Name Card Printing Yong Peng must first draw the other party 's attention so that the other party can concentrate on the content of the Name Card Printing Yong Peng; thus, a straight line or shading in the Name Card Printing Yong Peng is often defensive and sometimes difficult.

As far as decorative frames are concerned, the role of decorative frames in the arrangement is to control the width of the other party's field of vision in order to achieve the aim of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too wide, it will appear to stimulate the reader's eyes and attract attention.

Therefore, there should be no pressure applied to the decoration of the Name Card Printing Yong Peng, and it is nicer to use soft lines; and then to induce attention to move towards the internal theme.

The decorative frame and the bottom spinning are primarily for decorative purposes, the color application must be centered on the premise that the text 's effect is not affected; the main partnership and the supplementary relationship should be distinguished in order to obtain a clear Name Card Printing Yong Peng work, otherwise, the text and the decorative frames and shading can be combined together to form an anti-reading effect.