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Johor Bahru name cards play an important role in the opportunities opening up. They help raise sales owing to the power of personal networking. Knowing your business with a strong networking strategy will create a true identity for the brand. Johor Bahru name cards help to establish an integral chain of personal relationships. The prompt delivery of better Johor Bahru name cards right at your doorstep. There are two ways people can communicate with each other: one is contact between friends, the other is contact at the workplace, one is commercial and the other is non-commercial, which is the basis for classifying Johor Bahru name cards.


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How to Do it Right? Design & Printing Your Name Card Johor Bahru name cards

Designing and Printing Johor Bahru name cards: How to Handle Them Properly

Your Johor Bahru name cards is usually your first introduction to potential customers and partners. It is the main marketing tool for many small businesses. Turning this into growth in your marketing and printing needs, it will become important to find printers with outstanding performance. It will help you find the printer that best suits your business needs.

These are some rules for designing and ordering effective Johor Bahru name cards.

1. Consider Your Market

Small Business Center 's leader, Alfred Poor, a small business consultancy company, said: "You have to understand the market." "A B2B card would be very different from the card you are going to use for customers. It will be very different from legal products."

2. What Information Will Your Johor Bahru name cards Contain?

Good Johor Bahru name cards before the era of the Internet were like personal calling cards. It includes your name, the name of your company, the job title, the actual address and the phone number.

3. Do You Need a Double-Sided Card?

Johor Bahru name cards have two aspects. Staying blank is acceptable, especially if your consignee wants space to write notices about you and your business (like a trade show).

4. Design an Effective Logo

Your most important brand identity is your corporate logo and marketing colors. Once people see the emblem, they need to recognize their job and its value immediately.


Global Johor Bahru name cards Differ


The Johor Bahru name cards in Japan are called "Famous Thorn". Usually, the company name is at the top in the largest print size, then the job title, and then the personal name. Such knowledge is written with Japanese characters and is normally reversed with Latin characters. Meishi may also usually use QR codes to provide contact details on a specific type of computer which has not yet become a common practice. Less than 3 percent of Japanese people have printed Meishi with QR codes according to a 2007 survey. 


The Johor Bahru name cards can be placed in the top two corners, face-up and opened, the person holding the master brake can read it, so use both hands to catch it in the two corners at the bottom. It's impolite to put your finger on the name or any other detail. After receiving the "Famous Teacher," people are expected to read the Johor Bahru name cards and assign the individual's name and grade. Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your  Johor Bahru name cards") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. For example, when Meishi is shared between different groups, between the president of the organization and middle managers, it is reasonable that certain combined individuals extend their  Johor Bahru name cards in such a way that they are in a higher role The artificial substitution of Meishi underneath.



Meishi should be put in a smart holster that won't warm up or wear, all of which are considered to be signs of disrespect or negligence. The popular poems that were obtained should not be written on the pocket or in the pocket; if Meishi is placed on the table, it is placed on top of the holster by the receiver before they leave. When several people attend the meeting and one person receives several Meishis, then the person with the highest rank is put on the leather box and another person on the bench. 

The way the receiver views the presenter's Meishi reflects how the receiver will interpret the presenter. Actions such as cutting the Johor Bahru name cards in two, or inserting the presenter 's name into the back pocket are called rude. 


Japanese executives or officials typically have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, and the other is used by foreigners whose names are in Spanish (last name).


Creative Johor Bahru name cards have been shared and will continue to be sold for you.

Johor Bahru name cards are real objects left by potential customers. Your brand is with them.

If you meet a potential customer and exchange email addresses and phone numbers, everyone will walk away from another contact on your phone and will stop here. Impressed that this person is likely to change his display to others so that you and your brand will be displayed in front of more potential customers.

Johor Bahru name cards modification

Model/Size (mm)

Standard: 89mm x 54mm / 86mm x 52mm / 89mm x 50mm / 86mm x 54mm

Custom size: 40mm x 40mm (minimum) / 89mm x 54mm (maximum)

Paper type:

Glossy paper card: 250gsm/310gsm/360gsm exquisite card: bright white 220gsm

Linen: 240gsm Metal ice: 250gsm Synthetic paper: 180 microns (0.18mm) Super white: 250gsm

Suwen: 240 g/m2 kraft paper: 220 g/m2

Print color and print surface:

Standard: 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)

Thin and fat folds: 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)


Gloss/matte lamination/glossy water-based paint

1 side / 2 sides (not applicable to premium cards) (1 side finishing is only applicable for glossy/matte coating)

UV spot

1 side / 2 sides (Mat matte film (two types) and selected quantity are available) (only for 250gsm and 310gsm glossy art cards)


-Diameter 3mm / Diameter 5mm-1 hole in the fixed position on the shorter side (not applicable for thin and thick folds)


-Only 1 side (front or back)-2 sides (both) (only for glossy art cards)

-6 colors are available: gold, silver, green, blue, black and red-maximum. 2 colors


-Radius 6mm-15 options (not applicable to thin and thick folds)

Custom die-cutting

(Not applicable to spot ultraviolet rays, punching, hot stamping and rounded corners)

Indentation/Custom Indentation

(Only applicable to thin and fat folds)

Arrangement Criteria of Johor Bahru name cards 

The principle contrast between early Johor Bahru name cards and present-day Johor Bahru name cards is penmanship as opposed for printing. The use of Johor Bahru name cards is very common in today's society, there are various groupings and there is no tradition that is tied together. The characterizations most widely accepted are as follows:

1. As indicated by the reason for Johor Bahru name cards, Johor Bahru name cards can be isolated into Johor Bahru name cards, open Johor Bahru name cards  and private concern card. 

2. There are three styles of advanced Johor Bahru Name Cards, counterbalance Johor Bahru Name Cards and exceptional Johor Bahru Name Cards, as shown by the Johor Bahru Name Cards materials and printing techniques.

3. There are four kinds as shown by the shading: monochrome, two-shading, shading and genuine design.

4. As indicated by the kind of design, there are three sorts of level Johor Bahru name cards, vertical Johor Bahru name cards, and collapsing Johor Bahru name cards. 

5. There are two types of single-sided printing and double-sided printing, as indicated by the printing surface. We characterize the classes given above as follows.

40 Places to Leave Your Johor Bahru Name Cards

Get new leads to expand your direct sales business and book plenty of permanent parties. One way you might not have contacted to generate new leads is to leave the catalog and/or the Johor Bahru Name Cards anywhere! Waiting rooms, bulletin boards, and any places where you can leave direct  Johor Bahru Name Cards or catalogs should be kept. (Get permission first!)

I used to slide the card into the gas station's credit card reader-though I heard it was illegal in some places, so I stopped until I could further study it.

Here are 40 suggestions on where to keep Johor Bahru Name Cards or catalogs and draw new customers:

The dance school, College campus, deli, coffee shop, grocery store, shore shop, flower shop, park bench, bus stop, train station, airport, hotel room, Final room, poolside, bowling alley, cinema, pool hall, Doctor's office, accounting office, doctor's room, orthodontic room, lawyer's room, court, waiting room for the veterinarian, veterinary waiting room, hair salon, manicure room, tanning room, restaurant, bar, public bath, dressing room, gas pump, library, advisory board, pharmacy, bank, gymnasium, daycare,