Visitor's Print Name Card JB is one of the most essential marketing resources accessible to a company and customers expect you to have one. It is a highly personal marketing form and does exactly what you need it to do. A Print Name Card JB is a very personal marketing form and does exactly what you need it to do. Print Name Card JB serves the most important purpose of marketing your business and making your key contact information into your client’s hands… all in a matter of seconds.





Size Specification Manuscript Section of Print Name Card JB

1. Standard size of Print Name Card JB : 90mm × 54mm 90mm × 50mm 90mm × 45mm.
However, plus 2mm for the upper, lower, left and right sides of the bleeding, the production size must be set to: 94 × 58mm / 94mm × 54mm / 94mm × 49mm.
In addition:
Horizontal version: 90 * 55mm <square corner> 85 * 54mm <round corner>
Vertical version: 50 * 90mm <square corner> 54 * 85mm <round corner>
Square version: 90 * 90mm 95 * 95mm

2. If the size of the finished product exceeds the size of a Print Name Card JB , please indicate the correct size you want. The upper, lower, left, and right sides are also 2mm each.

3. The color mode should be CMYK and the image file should be above 350dpi.

4. There is no need to draw cross lines and cutting lines when the manuscript is completed.

Size Specification of Print Name Card JB

Manuscript Section

1. Standard size of Print Name Card JB: 90mm × 54mm 90mm × 50mm 90mm × 45mm.
However, plus 2mm for the upper, lower, left and right sides of the bleeding, the production size must be set to: 94 × 58mm / 94mm × 54mm / 94mm × 49mm. MORE➜

Content Section

The layout of the copy should be more than 3mm away from the cutting line to avoid cutting the text during cutting. MORE➜

Color Part

The printing color of the finished product cannot be requested by the color of the screen or the print. The file creation must be based on the percentage of the CMYK color swatch to determine the production coloring. MORE➜

Drawing Section

For all input or self-drawn line color blocks and other graphics, the thickness of the wire frame should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed product will be broken or unable to appear. MORE➜

Other Parts

The most commonly used is the price of 250 grams of matte paper. Commonly used optional papers are 200g, 250g and other special art paper printing. MORE➜

Other Parts

1. The most commonly used is the price of 250 grams of matte paper. Commonly used optional papers are 200g, 250g and other special art paper printing.

2. Double-sided, double-folded Print Name Card JB are marked with fold lines and front and back sides, and special sizes are also the same.

After the above precautions are completed, you must do the final check. Click "Text Information" in the options of the CorelDRAW file to display all the data in the image file. If all the text has been turned into curves, the text statistics items will display: This There are no text objects in the document. 

The bitmap object should be CMYK-32-bit, whether the color filling and the outer frame are completely CMYK color mode, and whether the outer frame is still set to "scale with image" for a large number of beautiful templates, and is constantly updated to cover Various industries. 

It is designed to enable people who do not understand any image processing technology and design skills to make a beautiful Print Name Card JB in a few minutes through powerful functions and simple operation methods.

Special Etiquette of Print Name Card JB

Distribute your Print Name Card JB more generously and without restrictions outside the United States and Canada. In international business, not only can people officially exchange Print Name Card JB , but Print Name Card JB can also be a valuable record, recording the people you meet, and also the basis for your future contact with them.

However, you must clearly realize that in certain cultures, there are certain special etiquettes for exchanging Print Name Card JB (unlike in North America, people can often exchange Print Name Card JB informally). In Japan, the form of exchanging Print Name Card JB is as important as the substance. The process of exchanging Print Name Card JB is like a ballet with well-designed movements. The following are the specific steps:

1. Hold the Print Name Card JB with both thumbs and forefinger. When handing a Print Name Card JB , the front should face the person who accepts the Print Name Card JB. At the same time, you have to bow slightly, that is, your head is slightly lowered.

2. The party that accepts the Print Name Card JB must nod to express gratitude, and at the same time hand out its own Print Name Card JB in the same way, and then spend some time reading the content on the Print Name Card JB carefully. The reason is: the Print Name Card JB is your identity; it shows who you are, what you do, and who you work for-the Print Name Card JB is your appearance.

3. Next, at the appropriate time, in each of these small ceremonies, each person must also hold a Print Name Card JB on his chest for the other party to recognize.

4. Try not to make marks or annotations on Print Name Card JB.In the Middle East and many Southeast Asian countries, you must hand your Print Name Card JB with your right hand and never with your left hand, even if you are left-handed. In these areas, the left hand is used to clean the body and is therefore considered to be "unclean" hand.

Do not put Print Name Card JB in your pockets in any culture. We have noticed that a few informal Americans use Print Name Card JB as toothpicks! (Across the table, your client must be thinking: "Hey! That is my identity, not your toothpick.")

Bilingual Print Name Card JB

When traveling in countries where English is not widely used, some knowledgeable tourists will use a Print Name Card JB with English on one side and the local language on the other. Make sure that the quality of the printed text on both sides is the same, so as not to inadvertently suspect that the local language is a second-class language. In many large cities, there are many 24-hour services in this area. If you go to a city like Tokyo or Hong Kong, but do not have a bilingual Print Name Card JB, then ask the hotel's concierge where such service is available.

In any case, you should make sure to write down your title and title. Choosing a title will not only make the local people understand but also reflect your position most accurately. For example, titles like "deputy", "associate" or "executive assistant" are easily confused outside the United States. And the difference between words like "director" and "manager" is difficult for people in many parts of the world to understand. The title of vice president (vice president) is rarely used outside the United States, but businessmen in other countries know that it represents a special status. Similarly, acronyms like CEO (CEO), CFO (chief financial officer) and COO (chief operating officer) have also puzzled people outside North America.

In our English-speaking country of the same family, the "chairman" used by the British corresponds to the "president" of the United States. In the UK, "director" is a high-level position, corresponding to the "vice president" in the United States; at the same time, this title also implies that this person is a member of the board of directors.

Two American business women described their experiences in using Print Name Card JB in Japan. One is the president of his company. In Japan, no matter where she goes, she is always received by senior Japanese businessmen. And another Print Name Card JB marked as an international marketing manager (director), but she was treated in the opposite way-indifference and white-eyed. Both women believe that in the Japanese business community, the status and status in the company is very important. As a result, the director of the international marketing department, with the permission of their company, appoints himself as the president of "Some International" (the name of her own company). In fact, the name of this company is the official name of a foreign sales group (FSC) is a department specializing in taxation, and she is right about her appointment. A few months later, the lady went to Japan again, and this time, the renamed "President" title on her Print Name Card JB brought her a warm reception.

Warning: Don't make up your own title in order to make a good impression. Otherwise, once your international counterparts discover that you are bragging, you will lose credibility, which is harmful in the long run.

Special reminder: In those countries and regions where men are dominant (eg Latin America, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia), if you are married, you may consider adding “Mrs.” before your name to indicate your identity . The advantage of this is that it can prevent some undesirable love offensives.

Global Variations of Print Name Card JB

The Print Name Card JB in Japan is called "Famous Thorn". Usually, in the largest printing size, the company name is at the top, then the job title, and then the personal name. This information is written with Japanese characters, and the reverse side is usually Latin characters. Usually, Meishi may also include QR codes to provide contact information in a precise form of the machine, has not yet become a common practice. According to a 2007 survey, less than 3% of Japanese people have meishi printed with QR codes.

The card should be placed on the top two corners, face up and flipped, the person who receives the master brake can read it, and then use both hands to grasp it at the bottom two corners. It is impolite to put your finger on the name or other information. After receiving the "Famous Teacher", people are expected to read the card and designate the person's name and grade. Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your Print Name Card JB") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. When exchanging meishi between different parties, for example, between the company ’s president and middle managers, it is appropriate for some merged persons to expand their Print Name Card JB in such a way that they are in a higher position The artificial replacement of meishi below or below.

Meishi should be placed in a smart holster that will not warm or wear, both of which are considered signs of disrespect or carelessness. The received famous poems should not be written on the pocket or in the pocket; if meishi is placed on the table, the recipient puts it on the top of the holster until they leave the table. If there are several people attending the meeting, and one person receives several meishis, the person with the highest rank will be placed on the leather box, and another person will be placed on the table.

The way the receiver treats the presenter's meishi indicates how the receiver will treat the presenter. Acts such as folding the card in half or putting the presenter's name in the back pocket are considered insults.

Japanese executives or officials usually have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, in the order of Japanese names (surname first), and the other is used by foreigners, whose names are in Spanish (last name) .