1. Where is your company located❓
        Our Sales Office located at Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.
        We Provided Whole Malaysia Name Card Printing Service. 

      2. Minimum Quantity❓
        Name Card Printing MOQ is 100pcs.

      3. How many pcs Name Card in 1 Box❓
        100pcs in 1 Box

      4. I do not have a design, can design for me❓
        Yes. We have provided FREE Design Service

      5. What type of material name card❓
        There will have several types of material for name card.
        The most preferable material will be 250gsm art card / 310gsm art card + matt lam (d)

      6. Name Card Printing needs how many day❓
        4-5 working days (not included weekend & public holiday)

      7. How many days can I collect my name card❓
        Design for artwork 1-2 working days, printing duration 4-5 working days 

      8. Does your Company provide an instant printing name card❓
        Sorry...we didn't provide instant printing name card service.

      9. Can I have a design first before making a payment❓
        As our company procedure. We will proceed with the design/artwork editing once payment has been made

      10. I do not have an idea for my company logo, can design for me❓
        You may search your concept name card you want

      11. How about the shipping cost❓
        The shipping charge is included with the printing price

      12. Did you provide mockup for approval❓
        No. We didn't provide mockup for approve but we will show you the artwork before we proceed to print.

      13. I want to order a few name cards, but i want print 1 name 1st, so the price can follow bulk order price❓
        Sorry to inform you that If you proceed 1 person, we will be charged for 1 person.

      14. Templete for name card design that i can choose❓
        Please click below links to view for name card sample