⚡ Exchange of Print Name Card

Exchange of Print Name Card

Business activities require the printing of personal Print Name Card. When printing Print Name Card, it should not be exaggerated in the column of their position. It is best to print a variety of different Print Name Card and give different Print Name Card on different occasions.

During business activities, don't forget to carry Print Name Card. Print Name Card should be stored in special Print Name Card holders. Print Name Card holders are best placed in the pockets on the chest of the jacket, not in the pockets of trousers.

When exchanging Print Name Card, it is best to stand and hand it to the other party politely. If you are sitting, you should stand up and show respect when you come over. Greeting each other before exchanging Print Name Card with the other party. Keep your Print Name Card clean, and do n’t hand out dirty Print Name Card.

If you want to get the Print Name Card of the other party, and he did not give it to you, you can ask the tone: "If there is nothing inconvenient, please give me a Print Name Card."

People with lower status or lower positions or visiting people should hand out Print Name Card first. If the other party visits more people, you should first exchange Print Name Card with the owner or someone with a higher status.

Do not write or fold the Print Name Card on the spot after receiving the Print Name Card of the other party.

With the rapid development of computer technology, electronic Print Name Card have become more and more popular, and exchange has become more and more convenient. Use mobile phone Print Name Card recognition software to quickly recognize Print Name Card and convert them into electronic Print Name Card, and at the same time generate personalized electronic Print Name Card display web pages, so that Print Name Card can be quickly shared and exchanged. Multiple meanings.